As Sportsbet and the NRL embark on Try July, we thought they might need a little bit of inspiration, so we scoured YouTube for some of the best celebrations from the NRL, NFL, AFL and world soccer.

Plenty didn’t make the cut but the ones we found are pretty damned good.

We already know the NRL guys are creative because we’ve seen some real beauties in the past.


Try July is all about the NRL, so let’s start there. We’ve got two super-creative celebrations and one super-athletic celebration.

Mark Riddell Claps Himself: Celebration? Tick. Fan engagement? Tick. Creativity? Tick. An iconic celebration from one of the game’s biggest characters.

Bryan Fletcher Lobs A Grenade: He’s now a media superstar, but Fletch was a hell of a player and the mastermind behind this creative team effort.

Blake Ferguson Flip: If we try (no pun intended) this we’re in hospital for a month.


AFL players tend to downplay their post-goal parties but that’s partly because they score at a much higher rate. Still we found a couple of memorable ones for you.

James Hird Into The Front Row: Given the current social distancing, it’s remarkable to see Hird hugging a fan after his game-winner.

Jason Akermanis 2 goals in 2 minutes: As Aker holds his hand over his mouth after the second goal, Dennis Cometti says, “ A minute ago he knew he was good, now he knows he’s better.”


Let’s be honest, these guys set the gold standard for celebrations. Brash? Yes. Ego-driven? Sure. Entertaining? Hell yeah.

The Ickey Shuffle: Elbert “Ickey” Woods, who only played four seasons because of injuries, remarkably scored a touchdown every 12 times he carried the ball. He was more famous, however, for his quirky, goofy touchdown dance known as the ‘Ickey Shuffle.’

AB Into The Post: Antonio Brown is a loose unit as you can tell from this celebration. Bonus: an appearance by current social media sensation Pat McAfee, who was the punter.

Zeke’s Salvation Show: Five days before Christmas, Dallas Cowboys’ running back Ezekiel Elliott scored a touchdown and celebrated by jumping into a giant Salvation Army bucket. The charity said it received nearly $200,000 in donations in the 24 hours afterward.


From the t-shirt over the head to the caterpillar dance to all sorts of ‘look at me’ poses, soccer players are up there with the best. We’ve picked three off-the-wall celebrations for you.

Jimmy Bullard Lecture: Hull City is currently in turmoil, but 10 or so years ago, there was plenty of laughter thanks to cult hero Jimmy Bullard who did a ‘mock lecture’ celebration mimicking head coach Phil Brown who had publicly ripped his players in the same way.

Peter Crouch, I Robot: The gangly, awkward Peter Crouch was a fine striker who was famous for doing the ‘robot’ dance after scoring. While the quality of the video is a bit dodgy, there was nothing wrong with his celebrations.

Crouch also has a brilliant sense of humour which he still displays on Twitter.

So if that’s not inspiration enough, how about the fact that we’ll be donating $5000 to the Men of League Foundation for all creative NRL post-try celebrations. And if they really make us laugh we’ll up it to $10,000!