Just in time for the French Open, we’ve changed the way we handle tennis retirements – and you, the punter, will reap the benefits.

Here’s a quick Q & A to help you out:

Q: How did it used to work?
A: In the past, when a player retired after the completion of the first set, we settled his/her bet as a LOSS, while the advancing player was settled as a WINNER.

Q: How does it work now?
A: We’ve made a change, so when a player retires, your bet will be settled as VOID and you will get your stake back. The advancing player is still paid out as a WINNER.

Q: Can you give me an example?
A: Sure. So let’s say we have Bernard Tomic retire during the 2nd set vs Roger Federer. This is how it will play out under our new rules:

-Tomic: Bet VOIDED – stakes returned to customer.
-Federer: Pay out as WINNER

Q: What about retirements that happen pre-match or during the 1st set?
A: All head to head bets will be voided as per current rules.

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