Gather around folks, the time to be immortalised is now. 

As Sportsbet punters far and wide continue to nail amazing multis, we give birth to the #SBMulti Hall of Fame – where those that conquer the bet slip will be etched into the history books forever.

Better yet, each Hall of Fame inductee will receive a unique numbered #SBMulti cap, and word is it’s more precious than a Baggy Green.

Here’s how to land yourself the ultimate bragging rights:

  1. Land a whopping Sportsbet multi/SGM/racing Multi. 
  2. Wait via the phone for the good news.

What’s a whopping multi?

Inductees will be determined via ‘highest odds landed’ criteria. For example, a multi jagged at odds of $1,000 with a stake of $10 paying out $10,000 will be deemed more desirable than a multi paying $100 with a stake of $100 paying out $10,000. There will be a few admissions to the hall a month – if the price is right. 

When’s this starting?

The #SBMulti Hall of Fame will be open for business on Monday the 1st of March 2021. Will you be the first name in there?

Where can I find this?

You can keep tabs on the #SBMulti Hall of Fame housed right here on the Sportsbet Blog.

Good luck, find some legs, multi up and gamble responsibly.