With Bernie Sanders bowing out of the Democratic Presidential race, it will be Joe Biden winning the Democratic nomination, unless something extraordinary happens. Of course, in these current times, that’s a distinct possibility.

Sanders’ concession earlier this week means it will more than likely be a Biden v Donald Trump battle in November. The traders have Trump the slight favourite to be re-elected at $1.91, while Biden is currently priced at $2.00.

Biden’s next move, however, will be to pick a running mate and he’s already gone on record saying he will select a woman. Who are the candidates?

The top two favourites – Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar – both ran for the Democratic nomination, while the others are a combination of high-profile longshots and not-so-well known senators and representatives.

Democratic President + VP Nominee Ticket

$2.88 – Kamala Harris: The impressive 55-year old senator from California ticks a number of boxes for Biden. Harris has plenty of political experience, both as a senator and as California attorney general, and through her connections, has the ability to raise plenty of funds for the campaign. She also has a unique heritage, with her economics professor father originally from Jamaica and her doctor mother hailing from India.

$5.00 – Amy Klobuchar: Minnesota senator performed reasonably well in a few primaries given her relatively low national profile. She has common sense, middle-ground politics and her Midwestern roots could help in a few swing states.

$6.00 – Catherine Cortez Masto: Nevada senator who isn’t as well known as the others but is said to be high on Biden’s list and has the support of former Senate Majority Leader and Biden confidant Harry Reid.

$7.00 – Gretchen Whitmer: The Michigan governor’s age (48) and pragmatic political views are a good fit with Biden. Has been in the limelight during the coronavirus crisis with Michigan hard hit by the virus. Was singled out for criticism by Trump recently, but her refusal to engage in a war of words won her plenty of praise.

$9.50 – Val Demings: Florida House member who was the first female police chief of Orlando. A rising star in the Democratic party.

$11.00 – Elizabeth Warren: A longshot because of her age (70), with Biden saying he wants his VP to be from a different generation. Her views are also probably too radical to mesh with Biden’s.

$15.00 Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama: Both highly unlikely choices, but pundits refuse to rule them out.


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Democratic President + VP Nominee Ticket.