At this point it appears that everyone except a few hardcore Trumpers and the man himself has recognised Joe Biden as the winner of the U.S. Presidential election.

It’s unlikely that any lawsuits or re-counts will alter that course, although it is 2020, so you never know.

But with Aussies glued to TV coverage of this incredibly close battle for four or five days, unlikely heroes would emerge, including a landscaping firm, two election experts and a US state much smaller than Tasmania.

Here are five other winners, besides Joseph R. Biden Jr…

1. John King & Steve Kornacki

Australians got a good look at how US election coverage works and for the most part they seemed to like what they saw. Anchors and analysts stayed on for longer than usual shifts, biased commentators tried to hold back their glee or their sadness and two men – John King and Steve Kornacki – emerged as unlikely superstars.

Call it Revenge of the Nerds if you want but these two guys dominated the Election coverage like nobody else. Depending on whether you were watching CNN (King) or MSNBC (Kornacki), odds are you were blown away by the depth of their knowledge, the clarity of their explanations and of course, the deft way in which they manipulated the touch screens live in front of millions.

2. Four Seasons Total Landscaping

An obscure Philadelphia family-owned company suddenly became as famous as anyone bar Biden and Trump thanks to a bizarre decision – or mixup – to host Rudy Giuliani’s press conference. Was it supposed to be at the Four Seasons Hotel? Not sure we’ll ever find out, but what we do know is that it launched a range of merchandise…and a million memes…

3. Australian knowledge of US states

Australians in general are well-travelled folks, certainly more than the average American. But before this election it’s unlikely that your next door neighbour knew too much about Georgia, Pennsylvania or the demographic makeup of Arizona’s Maricopa County. After five long days, the importance and focus on key states and counties made names like DeKalb County roll off the tongue like any Aussie suburb.

4. Delaware and Scranton

Delaware, the home state of President Elect Biden is tiny geographically (about 9 times smaller than Tasmania) with a population of less than a million people. Delaware isn’t really famous for too much other than petrochemicals, being an easy state to incorporate your business in and a few celebs like actors Aubrey Plaza, Elisabeth Shue and Ryan Phillippe, as well as musician George Thorogood.

The other ‘obscure’ geographical reference that kept coming up was Scranton, Pennsylvania, the town where Biden was born and spent his early years. A city once famous for coal mining, Scranton is however, known to many Aussies as the home of the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper company in the comedy series The Office.

5. Public Servants

While Trump tweeted about election fraud and questions were raised about late-arriving mailed-in envelopes and provisional ballots, the people doing most of the hard work were unpaid volunteers or civil servants. Occasionally these folks would find themselves in the spotlight, attempting to help the rest of the world understand the process of ballot counting and become online centres of attention like Fulton County (Georgia) election director Richard Barron.

Honourable Mention: Mason Cox

Collingwood forward Mason Cox, who entertained Biden when he visited the MCG for an AFL match in 2016, shared a voicemail message the then Vice President left for Cox’s mum after they met in Melbourne.