In a lovely display of sporting democracy, Cricket Australia has asked fans to vote for their favourite ODI kit of yesteryear.

With nostalgia running through the veins, sentimental fans have voted in their droves, with the winning design set to be worn during next summer’s ODIs.

The Lightning Bolt and ’99 World Cup jerseys are cause for celebration. Two brilliant kits that conjure memories of happier times in Australian cricket. But while these remain the par excellence of Australian sport, there’s also been some questionable numbers over the years.

Below, let’s have a look.

7. Kangaroos, 2016

This relatively unknown kit was an Australia Day special in 2016. Unfortunately, it was seemingly designed by a year nine graphic design student.

6. Socceroos, 1993

No list is complete without reference to the ‘spew kit’ of 1993. It’s a shame the Socceroos didn’t qualify for the 1994 World Cup, to really send it global. What it can’t be criticised for is being drab; it’s an ambitious and pioneering number. But it’s also just a bit shit.

5. 2000 Olympics

Keeping in mind, the Sydney Olympics was and is the biggest international event this country has ever hosted. That’s probably why designers felt kitting out our athletes in maroon jackets and baggy green cargo pants would really make a mark. A bold, bold move.

4. Wallabies, 1997

Peter FitzSimmons, a Wallabies player at the time, called it ‘volcano vomit on a rag’ in his regular newspaper column. Not a ringing endorsement.

3. T20 kit, 2006

When T20 cricket hit the scene in the early 2000s, everything was new and innovative. Here was a blank canvass for new ideas in an otherwise conservative game. Some, however, took it too far. Like the marketing genius who thought decades of green and gold kits needed a re-think, and pitched Australia’s first grey number. #Neveragain.

2. 2008 Olympics

Failing to heed the advice and stick with green and gold, two years later the Olympic team were kitted out in a horrific blue-to-white colour gradient. While the colour scheme would have made the cut in any high school power point presentation, sadly it didn’t cut it with the nation.

1. 2002 Winter Olympics

Alisa Camplin and Steven Bradbury gave Australia its first ever gold medals at a Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately for them and teammates, the AOC decided to dress them up for a game of Quidditch.

There’s your 7 most questionable – but what’s actually ‘best’?

Designing a national kit, admittedly, is no easy task. So what should designers look for? What Aussie kit, over the years, stands above all others as number one and is my opinion as the best?

Socceroos, 1988.

An Adidas kit mixing minimalism, class and perfect colour schemes. The classic three-striped Adidas top, green shorts, and white socks was a masterful combination. The combo was brought back for the 2014 World Cup campaign, albeit in a lessor form.