Gather ’round folks…

We’re proud to announce a brand new three-year agreement with the newly elected NSW Government to be the official naming rights sponsor of the iconic Sydney Opera House. GET IN THERE!

The multi-million dollar agreement will see the world famous sails turn Sportsbet blue once the sun sets each day. Innovative technology sourced from overseas will also allow Sportsbet to rotate messaging at the press of a button. Fancy, eh.

Sportsbet carried out numerous test runs using UV lighting (invisible to the naked eye) on the famous landmark and we are pleased with results ahead of the live display this evening.

Watch Sportsbet’s advertising promo which will be hitting our screens shortly  here.

We’re stoked with this, but we’re hopeful of signing more iconic advertising deals with other State Governments – The Twelve Apostles (VIC), Story Bridge (QLD) and Uluru (NT) currently being explored as potential future collaborations.

The Sydney Opera House and ourselves are two of the leading entertainment brands in Australia so it was really a no brainer to partner up together.

We think it will be really well received by the public.