The Kansas City Chiefs are into their fourth Super Bowl, having lost the very first one ever played, but winning the next two, including last year.

The Chiefs, despite not being an original NFL team are one of the most stable franchises in the league, led by one of the most influential families in American sports history.


The Chiefs are the brainchild of Lamar Hunt (left in photo below) and began play in 1960 in the American Football League (AFL) as the Dallas Texans. When the NFL placed an expansion franchise in Dallas (the Cowboys), the Texans moved to Kansas City and became the Chiefs. After the NFL/AFL merger, the Chiefs played their first game as an NFL team in 1970.


In Dallas, the Texans played in the famous Cotton Bowl stadium, sharing it with the Cowboys.

After the move, the Chiefs played in Kansas City Municipal Stadium from 1963 to 1971. The last game ever played there, a playoff clash between the Chiefs and Miami Dolphins is still the longest NFL game on record.

From 1972 onward, Arrowhead Stadium has been the team’s home, with the facility renovated in 2010. It’s one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL and (in normal times) is famous for its pregame tailgate parties, similar to college football crowds.


  • Lamar Hunt founded the team in 1958 when his efforts to purchase an NFL team failed.
  • Hunt helped found the American Football League and presided over the merger with the NFL in 1970.
  • He became one of the NFL’s most influential owners and is responsible for giving the Super Bowl its name.
  • Lamar Hunt remained an active owner of the team until he passed away in 2006.
  • The Hunt Family still owns the Chiefs, with Lamar’s son Clark now the Hunt family representative at all NFL meetings and events.



The Texans’ original logo was designed by a Dallas cartoonist named Bob Taylor and featured a comical cowboy with a football and a six-shooter. When the team moved to Kansas City in 1963 and became the Chiefs, Taylor tweaked the logo to make the character a Native American. Notice the map of Texas was replaced with Missouri and its bordering states Kansas, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma. In 1972, Lamar Hunt designed the interlocking ‘KC’ logo inside an arrowhead that is still used today. Word is that Hunt was trying to emulate the ‘SF’ lettering that the 49ers use.

Super Bowls

The Chiefs have played in three Super Bowls, losing their first and winning the next two, including last year’s win over the 49ers.

1967 (I): Lost to Green Bay 35-10

1970 (IV): Beat Minnesota 23-7

2020 (LIV): Beat San Francisco 31-20