1. This will be the most-watched draft in history

The NFL has turned its annual draft into appointment viewing anyway, but the reality of people sitting at home (okay, except for those clowns in Florida) and desperate for some sport will undoubtedly send the ratings through the roof.

2. Roger Goodell will get booed

It’s tradition now for the crowd on to boo the Commish on draft day. You’d think he’d be safe this year, but the marketing geniuses at Bud Light have actually launched a competition that gives you a chance to boo Goodell virtually. PS: the money goes to charity.

3. Someone will have a technical malfunction

It’s bound to happen given the sheer number of participants and the technology involved. I don’t think a glitch will result in Joe Burrow falling to Cleveland at #10, but there will be someone who forgets to turn on a microphone.

4. One move will set off a massive chain reaction

It might be the Giants at #4 taking or passing on Isaiah Simmons. It might be the Dolphins or Chargers trading up to take a quarterback. It might be Arizona – a team with more options than most – taking anyone at #8. But someone is going to make an unexpected move or selection that sets off a chain reaction.

5. Drew Brees will be mentioned

Not because of his record-setting performances or his appearances on Ellen, but because 14 years ago the Dolphins passed on a quarterback because of injury concerns…and it turned out to be Brees. Miami finds itself in a similar situation with Tua Tagovailoa whose rehabbed knee has given him an ‘unknown quantity’ status. Do the Dolphins pick him anyway? Or do they pick Justin Herbert instead? Either way, the name Brees will come up any number of times during the broadcast.

6. This might be the year of the Offensive Tackle

So much discussion has been around Tua or Herbert, when the real talk should probably involve Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills, Mekhi Becton and Andrew Thomas. There are so many good offensive tackles in the draft that three could potentially go in the top 10 and five or more could go in the first round.

7. It’s not the year of the running back

While most experts think Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor will be taken in the first round, there is an outside chance that no running back will go in the first 32 picks.

8. Someone’s Twitter account will be a story

No matter how much social media education players are given, there’s always someone who has a controversial comment or photo somewhere on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or god forbid, maybe even Tik Tok. Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen had to deal with it a few years ago…let’s hope there’s nothing too serious that comes out of this year’s draft.

9. The Rams’ new logo will get shredded on Twitter

Luckily it won’t happen until Day 2, but when L.A.’s selected player puts on the spanking new hat provided by the league, it could set off another firestorm of anti-logo tweets. The rebranding was such a nightmare that Rams ambassador and former superstar Eric Dickerson tried to (unsuccessfully) get it changed.

10. Plenty of eyes on the Patriots

After the first ten or so picks, there might be a bit of attention on New England, especially after the defections of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Plenty of rumours have them trading up to grab quarterback Jordan Love of Utah State, and while Bill Belichick doesn’t give much away, he does love to wheel and deal on draft day. Watch this space.

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