After back to back years of runaway winners of the Triple J Hottest 100 in Confidence (Ocean Alley) & Humble (Kendrick Lamar), the 2019 countdown looks to be a genuine three song race between Dance Monkey, Bulls on Parade (Like A Version) and Bad Guy.

Outright Winner

Unlike previous years, we have a genuine race on our hands to take the top spot in the countdown with three very strong candidates in Dance Monkey by Tones and I, Bulls on Parade (Like A Version) by Denzel Curry and Bad Guy by Billie Eilish. The market is very competitive with all three at backable odds over even money. A win by either one will be historic as a solo female artist or Like a Version has never topped the poll. Tones and I is your prototypical Triple J success story coming from Triple J unearthed to superstardom in less than 12 months. But her recent popularity could become an issue for her here as voters don’t like to be too mainstream (despite voting Thrift Shop one year…).

When you have a competitive race like this, often the best strategy is to take the biggest price and that is Billie Eilish’s smash hit Bad Guy at the $3.50. Eilish is unique in that she is hugely popular across just about every age bracket and has seemed to escaped the “mainstream” label despite her incredible success. Eilish had three songs inside the top 50 last year including “When the Party’s Over” finishing in 8th spot.

Recommended Bet: Bad Guy – Billie Eilish ($3.50)

Top 5

Flume has a tremendous track record with Triple J audiences, topping the poll in 2016 with “Never Be Like You” and has had a song poll in the Top 100 in six of the last seven years including multiple top ten appearances. Rushing Back is a fantastic collaboration with another beloved Triple J star in Vera Blue. Rushing Back is currently projected to finish 4th & 7th in two of the most accurate prediction websites. The $1.50 here for Top 5 is a great price and it’s a smoky chance to crack the top 3 as well.

Recommended Bet: Rushing Back – Flume ft. Vera Blue ($1.50)

Top 20

Triple J fans would be very aware of Lorde’s success on many a Hottest 100 countdown so why not go back to the Kiwi Wunderkind well here in BENEE. The 19 year old has been crushing it over the last few months with many songs rising up the ARIA & global charts after her song “Glitter” went viral on Tiktok. The Wolf overheard a few Triple J listeners chatting by the office water cooler yesterday and they both agreed Find an Island is a “tuuuuune.”

Recommended Bet: Find an Island – BENEE ($2.00)


Who doesn’t love hitting a trifecta?

Recommended Bet: 1st – Bad Guy, 2nd – Dance Monkey, 3rd – Bulls on Parade ($4.50)

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