The Wolf admits that he’s been too busy at Ascot and Dapto to ever watch an episode of Game of Thrones, but his good friend The Dire Wolf has been all over it and will be previewing each episode of Season 8. Here’s his thoughts on Episode 5.

Episode 4 Review

If you use them (dragons) to melt castles and burn cities, you’re not different, you’re just more of the same.” – Jon Snow (as he then was) to Daenerys in Season 7.

Well Aunt Daenerys, you may be a tad worse than the ‘same’. The Queen’s Army had surrendered. Tywin Lannister’s sacking of King’s Landing in ‘Robert’s Rebellion’ was an exercise in brutal savagery by all reports, but this was genocidal gobsmackery.

Whew! After watching and enjoying an epic Episode 5, the Dire Wolf initially thought he would like to gather the GOT writing unit together for a short pow-wow. Perhaps somewhere outdoors where creativity can breathe. “Hey, I just wanted to get you all together and say I’ve enjoyed your writing, I know it’s all been a bit rushed, but I would just like to say…DRACARYS!”

For this Dire Wolf, the character direction taken with Daenerys has felt a little like an epic tale written about thoroughbred ‘Tom Melbourne’ which suddenly instils in him an undeniable will to win.

The AFL Umpires Review Committee has however re-watched Episode 5 and given Daenerys the ‘all clear’.

The cinematography and the action was simply breathtaking and Drogon’s fiery decimation of the Iron Fleet, the Scorpion-laden King’s Landing and the Golden (Fried) Company was exhilarating to watch. Harry Strickland’s 20,000 strong sell-swords went from ‘back story’ to front burner awfully quickly. When swords were dropped and the Bells finally tolled, there was a brief but palpable hope that perhaps we had avoided the complete eruption of Daenerys’ simmering rage. She had finally won over what she had yearned for so deeply, with a capped amount of (mainly military) bloodshed.

But then it became clear Daenerys had fallen over a dark, dark personal precipice and the dracarys-lit destruction of King’s Landing ensued. Oh why did she not just take the ‘straight shot’ and destroy Cersei and her Red Keep?  Poor lovelorn Grey Worm also went a bit ‘tequila worm’ and another sacking of King’s Landing was on like Drogon-Kong!

Cersei remained in the Red Keep hopefully staring out the window after the Keep itself had been breached and all deadly scorpions destroyed, with Drogon perched menacingly on some of the remaining still-intact King’s Landing walls. This felt a bit like a Port Adelaide fan wistfully staying at the MCG at Three Quarter Time in the 2007 AFL Grand Final, 90 points down, to see how the last quarter played out.  “It’s over, My Queen,” Qyburn whispered as they forlornly collected their scarves and hats and headed for the exits.

But there will be no ‘next season’ for Cersei and Jaime fans. They entered the world together and left it together as well, crushed under an imploding/collapsing Red Keep. Not the first ever brother and sister to sneak off and get ‘stoned’ together.

But we did get our CleganeBowl, which lived up to its billing, culminating in a… dead heat as these ‘Bash Brothers’ eventually plummeted together into the inferno. Qyburn was left quickly regretting the VIP front-row seating for the fight as “Frankenstein’ smashed his creator.

The Dire Wolf also liked seeing a wounded Arya happening upon a beautiful white ‘Puissance de Lune’ (or ‘Schillaci’ for older racing fans), legging aboard and riding away from the ash-laden ruins.

The Dire Wolf missed out on his Episode 5 tip, as there was no time to even see Ilyn Payne in the Episode (possibly on long service leave?) let alone for Arya to pick him off. He’s still arguing that Jamie did kill Cersei after leading her to their deaths together, but Drogon (and Daenerys) has been credited with that one. However if you took up the Dire Wolf’s King’s Landing/Flea Bottom Property advice last week, you’ve had an absolute fill-up this week on the markets and are all set for the finale on Monday!

Oh and Euron died.

Episode 6 Predictions

Well this is it folks, the final 80 minutes instalment of an enthralling, epic 73-episode Game of Thrones.

Daenerys is now Queen of Westeros – or ‘Queen of the Ashes’ after the last episode. She has basically given blazing effect to the mad, fiery intentions of her deranged father Aerys and what he threatened to do before Jaime Lannister (king)slayed him and what Daenerys specifically stated she would not do in Westeros.

For this Dire Wolf, the post-GOT blues will be like post-Melbourne Cup and the day after Grand Final day all rolled into one. He thinks he may well have to head off to roam free in the Deep North himself for a while afterwards.

Perhaps he might even bump into Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen up there. He would not be the first ‘Aegon Targaryen’ to turn his back on the Iron Throne and head up to the far north and the Dire Wolf suspects he will be the second of his name to do this. How he gets there could be an epic tale within a tale as there should be some significant repercussions for Daenerys’ unbelievable post-surrender one-dragon apocalypse. Could Cersei’s iconic GOT saying become that “you win and you die” if you play the Game of Thrones?

So the Dire Wolf is predicting Daenerys to perish and for Jon/Aegon to ultimately head back up north. So who does that leave to sit on the metaphorical Iron Throne? The Dire Wolf believes that the actual Iron Throne will not survive the series and could be ceremonially melted and remoulded into a table and chairs set using wildfire. Is this within Gendry’s skillset?

Bran is now the short-priced Throne favourite, but the DireWolf still believes this is not his destiny. The ‘money’ strongly suggests that it is though. He could make an awesome consultant on a council… so long as it meets in the Winterfell Godswood.

The writers foreshadowed a ‘bittersweet’ ending to the whole story. We have certainly loaded up with the ‘bitter’ in Episode 5 (which the Dire Wolf predicts will spill into the Episode 6 finale), so what about the ‘sweet’?

A wedding (or two) would certainly be a ‘sweet’ component amongst the ending of this tale.  Whilst it might simply be Samwell Tarly and Gilly getting married and ending up at Horn Hill making babies and a seventeen storey library (the Dire Wolf would be ‘chips in’ on this wedding), there are other possible love unions abound. Love could blossom in the North for Brienne and Tormund ($4.00 for them to marry), she seems like a dog/direwolf person? This might entirely depend on whether Tormund has left Winterfell yet. A long-distance relationship via raven-note seems unlikely.

However Arya Stark has now chosen life over death-list, thanks to the touching words of guidance from Sandor ‘the Hound’ Clegane (joint winner of the Inaugural ‘CleganeBowl’ – could this now become a spectacular annual event ala the Essendon v Collingwood Anzac Day clash?).

There may still be unfinished business in Westeros that require her skills first though – an unhinged Aunt Daenerys could well see a living Aegon Targaryen as a distinct threat to her Throne.

But once the ash has settled, the DireWolf could easily see Arya heading off to Storm’s End to hook up with Gendry. He may also inquire with BetEasy’s Traders to possibly include her direwolf ‘Nymeria’ returning to her as well in an unlikely family deal.  Now that would be sweet!

Bet: Gendry to Marry Arya Stark = $7.50, Nymeria (Arya’s direwolf) to make an appearance = $1.80

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