The Wolf admits that he’s been too busy at Ascot and Dapto to ever watch an episode of Game of Thrones, but his good friend The Dire Wolf has been all over it and will be previewing each episode of Season 8. Here’s his thoughts on Episode 5.

Episode 4 Review

Burn them all!

The Dire Wolf senses these might well have been the volcanic inner thoughts of an increasingly isolated and downright fuming Daenerys by Episode 4’s end, as she strode purposefully away as Missandei’s head fell lifelessly to the ground below King’s Landing.

“Dracarys”, Missandei uttered as her final word, which means ‘dragonfire’. The scene is certainly now set for an ultra-fiery Episode 5.

Once again, just when you thought you may have sussed out the Thrones ending, this storm-in-a-coffee-cup final series hits you with explosive surprises and surprising explosions. Alas poor Rhaegal, we knew you (superficially) well. Jon Snow might have been secretly relieved he decided to head to King’s Landing by horseback now.

We left Winterfell after a poignant tribute to the fallen from the Great War and few touching post-battle scenes and celebrations.  Speaking of ‘touching’, wasn’t it fantastic to see Jaime branching out from his own family tree for a love interest? Fans need not worry that he is going back to join Cersei, he knows she is positively evil now and he is most likely headed back to King’s Landing to formally terminate their relationship.  A brotherly text probably would not cover off this one!

Things got interesting for Daenerys and the artist formerly known as ‘Jon Snow’. Her greatest fears about the knowledge of his true ancestry undermining her claims to the Iron Throne have started to be realised.

Was Jon revealing his true identity to his family the ‘betrayal for love’ that had been foreshadowed for Daenerys way back in the House of the Undying back in Season 2? Or was that Sansa then spilling the beans to Tyrion, to try and further Jon’s Iron Throne credentials? Sansa has transformed from sweet, to rather sassy, to downright scandalously treasonous in Season 8 and seems determined to undermine Daenerys wherever possible.

And human chameleon Varys, who has changed teams more often than Dale Kickett in his day, has seemingly switched to team Jon/Aegon without too much prompting at all. Varys has seen more ‘rulers’ than Officeworks in his time!

The Dire Wolf loved the heartfelt farewells from Winterfell from Tormond Giantsbane and Samwell and Gilly. Although he was slightly miffed canine associate ‘Ghost’ (who is heading north) did not get as much as a ‘good boy’ or a pat from Jon before he left!

But as one ‘hound’ soon heads off north, another is now heading south to King’s Landing for some unfinished CleganeBowl-ness.  And Arya ‘the Finisher’ Stark is keeping him company, which is quite exciting for anti-Cersei fans.

Episode 4 left us on the precipice of war. Will Daenerys go ‘full Mad Queen’ on King’s Landing? She has always been ruthless when dealing with tyranny, however she has also always cared about the innocent.  Has Cersei (and Euron) pushed her too far?

One final question arising from Episode 4 – how in God’s Westeros did Tyrion survive? The Dragonstone surprise attack nearly saw his demise, but when he decided to walk up to the gates of King’s Landing to treat with Cersei directly, the Dire Wolf felt almost certain Cersei and her archers were going to turn him into a human sprinkler.

The fact that she did not, and let him speak to her (revealing his knowledge of her baby, for Euron to also hear) was startling. Did Cersei let him live as she still holds out hopes of Jamie returning to her and their baby?

Episode 4 Preview

Between a white-hot angry Daenerys and the ‘Wildfire Queen’ Cersei, this episode will literally be ‘fully lit’.

The Dire Wolf would counsel everyone holding off buying any real estate in or around Flea Bottom or the Red Keep for the next few weeks!

Attempting to ‘treat’ with Cersei at the end of Episode 4 was akin to trying to house-train a cobra, the Dire Wolf is unsure what the point of it was, but a bloodless resolution was never going to happen. The remaining 160 minutes of people sitting around a table completing paperwork for a peaceful transition would not have made for pulsating television.

Team Cersei now has a considerable ‘home ground’ advantage. King’s Landing is now seriously kitted out with state-of-the-art gargantuan scorpion arrows/ballistas on the perimeter walls and as poor Rhaegal found out, these weapons are highly effective against dragons. And ships. And everything else! Team Daenerys now faces a Mountainous task to remove and destroy the incumbent Queen, who has seized the balance of power and surrounded herself with weapons. And thousands of innocent people.

With The Hound, Arya Stark and now Jaime Lannister also headed to King’s Landing, together with Jon/Aegon and the remaining army and possibly even Yara Greyjoy and fleet and Gentry’s Garrison, viewers will again not know where to look out for their favourite characters. At least the battle lighting should be considerably better, particularly if Cersei also ‘lights up’ Flea Bottom, the Dragon Pit and/or the Red Keep itself with wildfire.

CleganeBowl will finally come to fruition, although The Hound might need some assistance in this one from his new sidekick. And as he is the last dragon, the Dire Wolf thinks it would be a most fabulous idea to kit Drogon out in some kind of body armour!


The Dire Wolf predicts scorching fires and tempers – and Euron Greyjoy to be toasted. And not in the good way!

Several fans (and one Dire Wolf) were very surprised when Daenerys and Drogon did not immediately circle around and fly up directly behind Euron and his Iron Fleet to blast the absolute kraken out of them. This would have both gotten the Dire Wolf’s E4 tip up as well as keeping Missandei whole!

She did not start the fire (Daenerys) but she will now end it as far as Euron’s fleet is concerned. We do learn from our failures (unless you are Stannis) and Daenerys will certainly learn from hers in Episode 5.

With Arya and The Hound heading to King’s Landing together, the Dire Wolf is highly confident that Arya will take up the opportunity to bump off Ilyn Payne, the man who callously lopped her father’s head off way back in Season 1.

And with Jaime Lannister on his way back to King’s Landing, he is the ‘valonquar’ (younger brother) who is prophesised to ultimately kill Cersei. The same Cersei who did not flay Tyrion in E4, will allow Jaime close enough to her for this to happen as well. They came into the world together these two and unfortunately they may also go out of the world together as Cersei might well see through Jamie’s intentions. There could be a (literally) bittersweet ending for them both. #kissofdeath

As a longer shot, at some stage it is suspected Jon/Aegon heads inside the Red Keep, possibly to engage in discussion with Cersei. The loveable Davos Seaworth will be inside with him at that time and the Dire Wolf fears they may not both make it back out alive. The peeling of this ‘Onion’ would certainly reduce many to tears.

Apart from the wildfire situated underneath Flea Bottom, there is also a large cache of wildfire underneath the Red Keep itself.  The Dire Wolf suspects that wildfire will form part of the ‘ironic’ plans that Cersei and her rat-like accomplice Qyburn has for Drogon and Daenerys, most likely underneath the Dragon Pit (a perfectly natural parking space for your dragon), which is situated a little bit away from the Red Keep.

But if things go awry for the home team, then it is also highly possible that the wildfire at the Red Keep could be set off either by Cersei or Qyburn. If this happens, wildfire can melt steel, which could spell the end for the Iron Throne itself.

The Dire Wolf suspects the Iron Throne will otherwise be symbolically ‘melted’ (destroyed) before Season 8 ends and $1.30 is perhaps a bit short for this to occur in Episode 5 itself.

The Dire Wolf is ‘sticking fat’ with Tyrion Lannister as his tip to ultimately end up on the (most likely, metaphorical) Iron Throne.  Apart from being George R.R.Martin’s favourite character and the one he said he most wants to be, Tyrion would bring ‘balance’ to the Seven Kingdoms, in a way that power-driven and sometimes quite impetuous Daenerys might not.

Bran Stark?  He is more likely to be found enmeshed within a weirwood in a Godswood before wheeling himself into the Red Keep as King anytime soon.  Though he would make a pretty funky ‘Hand’ if Tyrion could recruit him onto his mini-Dream Team! The Dire Wolf would like Varys to form part of this outfit as well, however he strongly suspects he is not long destined for that world.

Jon Snow / Aegon Targaryan?  I think that apart from having zero interest in ruling the realm, he like his direwolf ‘Ghost’, yearns for and truly belongs in the deep north. And Jon, pat the bloody thing next time you see Ghost!

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