The Wolf admits that he’s been too busy at Ascot and Dapto to ever watch an episode of Game of Thrones, but his good friend The Dire Wolf has been all over it and will be previewing each episode over the next six weeks. Here’s his thoughts.

Episode 3 Review

“I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes sealed shut forever. We will meet again.” Melisandre to Arya, back in Season 3.

What an astonishing, pulsating, crazy, emotional, dark old episode that was! Not so much a ‘song’ of Fire and Ice, but rather an 82-minute scream, interspersed with darkness, smoke and eerie suspense-building silences.

It was such a stark contrast (pun intended) with Episodes 1 and 2. Day/night Test cricket fans would well know the feeling, with little doing in the first two ‘sessions’, before darkness descends in the third and the wickets start tumbling!

Let’s do a quick stocktake of the main characters we lost this week, in the biggest ‘death list’ uttered since an Arya Stark Season 6 bedtime – Eddison Tollett, Beric Dondarrion, a ridiculously brave giant-killing Lyanna Mormont, an absolved Theon Greyjoy, The Night King himself (and his 250,000+ Instagram followers), basically the entire Dothraki army and Jorah Mormont (amidst Daenerys’ rivulet of rueful tears).  The ‘Red Woman’ Melisandre also perished, after an arguably ‘best on ground’ performance after coming in as a late substitute.

The cinematographers weren’t the only ones to seemingly ‘shoot the lights out’ in Episode 3, the Dire Wolf did as well! Not only did Theon Greyjoy bravely perish in Bran’s defence, but Eddison Tollett was the first character to die in the battle after being backed right into $3.50. And Arya Stark pulled a sweet move to finally ice the Night King.

Jon Snow will possibly find himself in the GOT stewards’ room on ‘careless riding’ charges after almost running Rhaegal aground and then making heavy contact with Aunt Daenerys aboard Drogon.

Things got all kinds of creepy down in the crypt when dead Starks started to rise, whilst The Hound disengaged like a home-brand dial up modem in the main battle. Thankfully he was stirred back into action by seeing Arya in mortal danger after her own personal ‘Cluedo’ game with the undead – in the library, with the Valyrian steel dagger.

It all looked mighty grim after Drogon’s dragonfire did not singe an eyelid on the Night King. He then smugly strutted into Club Winterfell with his White Walker crew in toe, with a zombie dragon dispensing blue death. But it was Melisandre who identified Arya’s true purpose and sent her Godswood-bound to save the day night and the episode from many more imminent deaths.

Arya’s ending of The Long Night amidst ‘Operation Branbait’ wasn’t executed with the prophesised Lightbringer. This may have been auto-corrected to ‘Littlefinger’ in GOT scripts, as Arya ironically used the Valyrian steel dagger to save Bran that Littlefinger initially sourced to try kill the him back in Series 1.

And so ‘Winterfell’ finally lived up to its name.

Episode 4 Preview

With the snowy ash finally settling at Winterfell as the damage is viewed in the cool light of day, everyone will soon suddenly stop and wonder. “What’s Cersei up to?”

It is a bit like being at home with a three-year old out of your line of sight who goes completely silent. You become seriously worried about what they are up to!

King’s Landing will not be rapt when they receive news that two dragons (and their mother…and cousin?) survived the battle. However the overall numbers have now significantly swung in Cersei’s favour. Will she strike first? Or will she sit and wait in King’s Landing as the incumbent ruler, with the largest army, a Mountainous bodyguard, dragon-slaying weaponry and a commercial quantity of wildfire.

Episode 4 may be largely about taking stock before planning how to take on the might of Cersei and her Golden Army.

And there are more questions about than answers at the moment:

  • Will Arya be presented with the keys to Winterfell (even though at the moment there is no door)?
  • Is Daenerys pregnant?
  • How can Daenerys and her army regroup to take out the might of King’s Landing?
  • Will Cersei ‘cut out the middle man’ and move to favour Golden Company Captain Harry Strickland rather than Euron?
  • Will the Golden Company (originally formed by a Targaryen bastard Aegor Rivers or ‘Bittersteel’) stay faithful to Cersei once they realise there are two Targaryens (with dragons) opposing her reign?
  • Can the Iron Throne, forged together by dragonfire, actually be physically destroyed – or will it just be left out for hard rubbish collection?
  • Will The Hound and The Mountain opt for family counselling first rather than fighting to the death?

Best Bets

The Dire Wolf still believes Euron’s days are seriously numbered. Could it be in Episode 4 that Cersei wipes that smug grin off his face as she looks to forge a stronger relationship with Captain Harry Strickland and his Golden Company? The Dire Wolf thinks that if anyone falls off the GOT payroll in Ep 4, it will be Euron at $5.00.

After holding his breath for him throughout Episode 3, the Dire Wolf believes that Samwell Tarly ($2.50) will now survive right through to the end. He thinks Samwell is ostensibly the one writing the story of ‘A Song of Fire And Ice’. As the narrator/storyteller of this epic tale, the Dire Wolf wants to back Samwell in to be the last to speak in the series. He also wants to back the cheeky dwarf Tyrion ($7.50) in the same market as a ‘saver’, as he does seriously love to have the last word.

One other thing slowly burning in the embers of Episode 3 is the unlikely potentially rekindled relationship between Tyrion “You were the best of them” Lannister and Sansa. Could they marry or remarry after all is slain and done? The Dire Wolf will be keeping an eye on this one!

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