The Wolf admits that he’s been too busy at Ascot and Dapto to ever watch an episode of Game of Thrones, but his good friend The Dire Wolf has been all over it and will be previewing each episode over the next six weeks. Here’s his thoughts.

Episode 2 Review

There were some truly delightful moments and reunions in S8 E2, none more so than the knighting of Brienne by Jaime ‘The Things we do for Love’ Lannister.

And we finally learned that the Night King is coming hard for Bran, aka the ‘Three Eyed Crow’ and that he has a simple end game – he wants the ‘Endless Night’. Westeros is now just one big Othello board for him and he wants to turn all living tiles over into dead ones. As the Artist formerly known as Bran said, “He wants to erase this world, and I am it’s memory“.

The Dire Wolf was in the money again with Jaime continuing along his path of redemption by apologising to Bran. Surprisingly though, there was not a single audible reference to ‘Kingslayer’ in the Episode, with Tormund Giantsbane’s reference of ‘King Killer’ (amidst some kooky milk-drinking stories) being as close as we got.

Once Jaime survived the wrath of Daenerys and gained an absolution of sorts from Bran, he revelled in the rest of the Episode, catching up for drinks and a laugh with his little brother Tyrion and capping it off with a good old-fashioned knighting.

After fearing the entire GOT CGI budget had been blown on dragons, it was fantastic to finally catch a fleeting glimpse of Jon’s direwolf ‘Ghost’ this series. Viewers also saw a glimpse of Ayra and Gendry in the union social media has dubbed ‘Gendra’. The Dire Wolf prefers to reference this union as ‘Arry’, a ‘nod’ to the name Arya used whilst masquerading as a boy when she and Gendry took flight from King’s Landing back in Season 1.

And just before the battle horn was blown, Jon revealed to (Aunt) Daenerys that, whilst he is still a Stark, he is perhaps not the Stark either of them thought or wished he was.

Episode 3 Preview

Jenny’s Song – “High in the halls of the kings who are gone, Jenny would dance with her ghosts…”

Strap yourself into your favourite chair with snacks and tissues – this promises to be a pulsating 82 minutes of wall-to-wall-to-weirwood war at Winterfell.

It is inevitable that we will say ‘goodbye’ to some of our beloved main characters in what will be a perilous fight to the death – with the already dead. Hodor!

Characters such as Jaime Lannister and Theon Greyjoy may experience the ‘perils of self-betterment’ this episode. And has Samwell Tarly presented Ser Jorah Mormont with a death wish as well as his ancestral Valyrian sword ‘Heartsbane’ when he told him he’ll see him after the battle?

Here’s a scary thought – if the Night King and/or any of the White Walkers manage to penetrate the crypts of Winterfell (“Hold the Door” indeed), not only is dead Ned Stark buried down there, but amongst several other ex-Starks, Jon’s mother Lyanna Stark is buried there too. Add into the mix that Uncle Benjen Stark is most likely now a part of the Night King’s Army and this could well be the spookiest family reunion since the Addams family.

Tactically, ‘Operation Branbait’ and the luring of the Night King to the Winterfell Godswood to Bran seems to be the best opportunity to kill the Night King. Most of the Army of the Dead will fall if this happens. There will be dragons, a newly armed Arya Stark, Bran and the all-conquering Night King all within close quarters on the same battlefield. And Theon Greyjoy.

Best Bets

All of Eddison Tollett + Beric Dondarrion + Tormund Giantsbane to die in the Battle of Winterfell – $2.50

Theon Greyjoy to die in the Battle of Winterfell – $1.37

Arya to kill the Night King in S8 E3 – $1.70

First Character to Die – Eddison Tollett – $3.50

Bran Stark to die in the Battle of Winterfell = $6.50

With basically an action-laden ‘Survivor’ episode in store, the Dire Wolf has decided to stretch the paws out and get involved in a number of markets.

It is said that ‘Jenny’s Song’ a song sung by Rhaegar Targaryen (and heard by Lyanna Stark) and referenced again in S8 E2, is a song sung about those doomed to die and those who will live to remember them.

The Dire Wolf suspects that Theon Greyjoy’s character and story arc, which has brought him back to Winterfell and into Sansa’s arms, will tragically end on the battlefield fighting to defend the castle he seized seasons earlier.

It is admirable how Nights Watchman Eddison Tollett has survived into Episode 3. However the Dire Wolf suspects he will perish early in the carnage and a few of his good mates will unfortunately soon join him.

And as a ‘best roughie’ for Episode 3, the Direwolf is seriously worried for Bran Stark being used as bait for the ice dragon-riding Night King. The sheer firepower around the wheelchair-bound little bloke will be immense.

The Dire Wolf also feels that Arya Stark and her new dragonglass spear will stay close to Bran. She will be ready to pounce once the Night King is drawn into the Godswood and is a great tip to be the one who possibly ends the Night King’s wintery reign of terror.

There are so many other questions arising – Will we see undead Hodor and a direwolf in the Night King’s Army? Will any of the Dragons survive the battle? Is there a place for Podrick on ‘The Voice’ (Westeros edition) if he survives?

Fans and punters alike will need to take a collective breath and take stock of what remains after such an intense Episode 3.

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