The Wolf admits that he’s been too busy at Ascot and Dapto to ever watch an episode of Game of Thrones, but his good friend The Dire Wolf has been all over the final series of the hit show. Here’s his thoughts on Episode 6, plus a wrap of the series.

Episode 8 Review

That is the wheel our Queen wanted to break.” Tyrion to a lovelorn, war-torn Greyworm standing before a council of the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

True that, Tyrion…though it certainly was a round-about way (pun intended) we eventually got there!

It was a ‘leaky’ 73rd and final episode of Game of Thrones, both in terms of previously revealed and tear-jerking storylines, which were all brought together in a bittersweet conclusion after eight epic series.

We saw Aunt Danaerys emphatically attempting to break that ‘wheel’ in the penultimate episode. A dismayed Tyrion, Jon and Davos were then seen surveying the visible ‘skid marks’ she left behind in her fury. A heartbroken Jon/Aegon (in a kooky variant of the ‘Azor Ahai’ prophesy) then plunged a dagger into the chest of the only other living Targaryen to protect his (Stark) family as well as the kingdoms of Westeros. Queenslayer! Actress Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) revealed post-series her character’s arc was based on the infamous main character in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.

And then what better way to try fix the Seven Kingdoms again than with ‘Bran the Broken‘ bobbing up like a cork in Blackwater Bay. Breaking the wheel on two wheels!

The Dire Wolf liked the touch of Brienne as Lady Commander of the Kingsguard etching the end to Jamie Lannister’s story and he enjoyed the composition of the King’s small council, including the seemingly fortunate, Castle-gaining Bronn and the new Master of Ships & Grammar, Ser Davos Seaworth.

There were ‘Stark’ differences in the endings for each of our Winterfellian subjects. However you were left with the distinct feeling each of them ended up where they ultimately wanted to be.

Bran the Broken’ after several seasons as the Three-eyed Raven and narrowly avoiding becoming ‘Meals on Wheels’ for the undead in Episode 3, surprisingly fully embraced and even anticipated his council election as new King of Westeros and lord of the seven six kingdoms. The writers may well have also been setting him up for a new spinoff movie, ‘How to Find and Train Your Dragon’.

Arya did end up with a dire wolf, not the one this Dire Wolf had tipped, but one on a billowing sail and at the head of a longship heading into unchartered waters west of Westeros. The Dire Wolf will be adding Village People’s ‘Go West’ to his GOT playlist.

Sansa successfully seceded from the seven kingdoms (whilst selling seashells by the sea shore) and was sworn in, swords aloft and steins full as the ‘Queen of the North’. With all of Jon/Aegon’s preferences heading her way, it a landslide victory in the end.

And Jon/Aegon, crestfallen and heartbroken after having to kill Daenerys, at least got to essentially keep his black, northern, woolly wardrobe intact. For that reason alone it is unlikely he’ll send his sentence for review by the GOT tribunal.  “Love is the death of duty”, Jon/Aegon said to Tyrion, quoting fellow Targaryen Aemon from a past life. In the end it was love, then death (at his hand) then duty for old Jon back at Castle Black. But at least he got to lovingly pat Ghost again. And that was solid enough an ending for this DireWolf.

Season 8 Punting Summary

The Dire Wolf’s Iron Throne Dream Team ‘quinella’ of Tyrion & Bran landed in the end, just not in the order he originally predicted. The Dire Wolf’s little guy Tyrion hit the line strongly, helping the king’s new small council plan for the building of brothels and ships (the order of which was still a point of discussion).

Bran to win the Iron Throne (be King of Westeros) was backed right into $1.08 at one stage with BetEasy and that paid off for punters. There was a surge of money for Bran to rule after he had drifted out to $7.00 at one stage mid-series as punters rallied around Sansa (including before the final Episode 6) to rule Westeros. But punters largely got it right when Bran was backed in and then lobbed as the King of Westeros.

The Iron Throne itself was physically destroyed by Drogon before checking out and heading east with Daenerys clasped gently within his talons, which was a very popular outcome for punters.

There were 75+ Build-A-Bet markets that piqued punters interests throughout the series, including ‘All Starks to survive’ (at $2.20), which was popular. Two that landed for their happy backers were ‘The Night King to be killed with the Valyrian Dagger used in the murder attempt in Season 1’ ($3.40) and ‘Bran Stark to Rule & Jon Snow to kill Daenerys’ (at $4.00, later in the series).

One of the Dire Wolf’s long term selections – Tyrion to speak last – came home at $7.50, with his yet again unfinished story/joke – “I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel…”  The Dire Wolf also pegged Samwell Tarly’s involvement with the completion of the GOT story, ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ which he presented to Tyrion.

There are still some GOT Futures markets still available on line and one the Dire Wolf is now very keen come to fruition is ‘The Winds of Winter’ (next book) to be Released by 1 May 2020, which is currently offering $2.50. Let’s get cracking George RR Martin, you have some work to do!

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