With almost all local and international sport brought to a standstill, Sportsbet has moved to extend its betting range to include Classic Matches.

In a deal with partners Fox Sports, Kayo and Channel 7, the online bookmaker will offer odds on replays of past AFL and NRL matches to give customers some semblance of excitement during this tough time.

“With the lack of live sport, networks have been great with their attitude to broadcasting memorable matches and we figured there was an opportunity to offer odds on these events,” said Sportsbet’s Rich Hummerston.

“Like many businesses we are trying to maintain an element of momentum and thinking laterally to find solutions.

“Obviously, we will be asking customers to only wager on matches they do not already know the result of.”

Sportsbet says they are also working on a deal with ESPN’s YouTube channel to land the rights to famous NBA matches, while negotiations with Cricket Australia unfortunately broke down.