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Horse Racing


R1 Legends Bar & Bistro Mdn 1000m

To Jump | 13:54

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1. Virgo's Luck (9)
T:T Stubberfield
J:P Knuckey W:58 kg
2. Heez Our Wally (5)
T:J P Cunniffe
J:T Turner W:58 kg
3. Tatoli (16)
T:Ms E Strempel
J:Ms C O'Grady (a2) W:58 kg
4. Fresh Out Of Luck (3)
T:Roy Rogers
J:Ms R Forrest (a2) W:58 kg
5. Master Of The Game (11)
T:J T Warwick
W:58 kg
6. Military Precision (7)
T:Ms J Busslinger
J:J Whiting W:56 kg
7. Simply Toxic (1)
T:N Parker
J:Ms K Yuill W:56 kg
8. Sky Twister (4)
T:D S Pearce
J:Jarrad Noske W:56 kg
9. Final Picture (14)
T:G McTaggart
J:C Haddon W:56 kg
10. Commodoro (15)
T:E L Fagan
J:S Mc Gruddy W:56 kg
11. Scandalous Lady (10)
T:Ms S L Miller
J:S Meeres W:56 kg
12. Stripes (12)
T:Jason Burdon
J:L Camilleri W:56 kg
13. Tribs Magic (2)
T:Holly Locke
J:P Farrell W:56 kg
14. Miss Walpole (13)
T:B R Larsson
W:56 kg
15. Mas'ud (8)
T:Simon Miller
J:Ryan Hill W:56 kg
16. Donasupa (6)
T:Tiarnna Robertson
W:56 kg

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