US Basketball Betting 2017



It’s the elite basketball competition in the world and with an average salary exceeding $4 million US a year (a couple of dudes have even been signed to $30 million-plus per season), get your kids a ball because it’s the most lucrative sport on the planet. The NBA’s been running since the late 1940s and these days comprises 30 teams, split into two conferences – east and west. Unlike MLB, every NBA team plays everyone else, regardless of conference, at least twice a year. And these dudes work, with every team playing 82 games in the regular season. Which begs the obvious question: what’s $30 million divided by 82?

The NBA started to gain worldwide attention during the 1980s, a decade that was dominated by the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers. Names like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson lead the way before the emmergence of 'His Airness', Michael Jordan, and the all conquering Chicago Bulls of the 90s that sent the popularity of the NBA off the charts. Since then the NBA has consistantly served up plenty of star power, from Shaq and Kobe to LeBron and Curry, plus plenty in between. With every team playing 82 games between October and April, there's plenty of chances to see the big boys go round. Boomshakalaka!

Past Winners of the NBA

Below the previous winners and runners-up over the last 10 years

Season Western Champions Result Eastern Champions
2015/16 Golden State Warriors 3-4 Cleveland Cavaliers
2014/15 Golden State Warriors 4-2 Cleveland Cavaliers
2013/14 San Antonio Spurs 4-1 Miami Heat
2012/13 San Antonio Spurs 3–4 Miami Heat
2011/12 Oklahoma City Thunder 3-4 Miami Heat
2010/11 Dallas Mavericks 4–2 Miami Heat
2009/10 Los Angeles Lakers 4–3 Boston Celtics
2008/09 Los Angeles Lakers 4–1 Orlando Magic
2007/08 Los Angeles Lakers 2–4 Boston Celtics
2006/07 San Antonio Spurs 4–0 Cleveland Cavaliers
2005/06 Dallas Mavericks 2–4 Miami Heat
2004/05 San Antonio Spurs 4–3 Detroit Pistons
2003/04 Los Angeles Lakers 1–4 Detroit Pistons
2002/03 San Antonio Spurs 4–2 New Jersey Nets
2001/02 Los Angeles Lakers 4–0 New Jersey Nets
2000/01 Los Angeles Lakers 4–1 Philadelphia 76ers

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Facts about the NBA

  • The three-pointer was only introduced in 1979.
  • American men over 7 feet tall have a 17% chance of playing in NBA.
  • The creator of NBA Jam hated the Bulls so much, he coded the game so that Bulls players couldn't make last second shots.

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