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Do you like shootin’ the breeze, sitting around in your jarmies all day, eating toast and drinking tea? You’d probably go a long way on Big Brother. It’s basically an antisport – the person deemed least abrasive by the voting public (pretty much the one who does the least) avoids eviction from the house and wins $250,000. Sounds easy? It ain’t. Take your worst sharehouse experience, multiply it by 100, throw in 24-hour-a-day surveillance and a pot of gold for the last man standing, and you’ve got the basic premise. It’s psychological warfare of Orwellian proportions (hence the show’s name being based on George Orwell’s character in his sci-fi classic 1984). And what makes Big Brother betting so interesting is that the voting public are mad – more often than not they’ll vote to keep the irritating fool that has you air-punching the TV.

Big Brother Australia BBQ Facts

  • Every series of Big Brother Australia usually includes ‘Intruders’, who are new housemates added to the house by the producers to shake things up.
  • In 2006, two male housemates were removed from the house for allegedly sexually assaulting a female housemate. No charges were laid.
  • The show’s theme music was adapted from the original theme used in the Netherlands, where the show was invented.


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Winners of Big Brother Australia

Below is the past winners of the Big Brother Australia. Six males have won, and three females, but which gender will win Big Brother Australia 2015?

Season Year Days House Mates Winner Gender Prize Money
Eleven 2014 80 22 Ryan Ginns Male $200,000
Ten 2013 101 20 Tim Dormer Male $250,000
Nine 2012 87 16 Benjamin Norris Male $250,000 + a Car
Eight 2008 85 20 Terri Munro Female $250,000
Seven 2007 101 21 Aleisha Cowcher Female $450,000
Six 2006 100 23 Jamie Brooksby Male $426,000
Five 2005 100 20 Greg Matthew Male $836,000
Four 2004 86 16 Trevor Butler Male $1,000,000
Three 2003 86 16 Regina Bird Female $250,000
Two 2002 85 15 Peter Corbett Male $250,000
One 2001 85 14 Ben Williams Male $250,000

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