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Refer a Friend to Sportsbet and earn yourself a $100 Bonus Bet for every friend who signs-up, deposits $50 or more and starts placing wagers. (Bonus Bets not available Vic, NSW, WA & SA residents)

How to refer a friend?

    1. STEP 1: Log into your Sportsbet account and go to the ‘My Account’ Section


    1. STEP 2: Enter your friends details in the space provided, and we’ll send them an email inviting them to join


    1. STEP 3: When your friend starts betting, your Bonus Bet will be activated in your account


    1. STEP 4: Refer more friends for more Bonus Bets!


Refer a Friend E-Letter

Email your friend an invitation to Join Sportsbet. Your friend will be given a special Double Bonus Bet offer & they can earn Two Bonus Bets up to $150 to encourage them to deposit so you can earn your bonus $100 Bonus Bet. (Bonus Bets not available to Vic, NSW, WA & SA residents)

You must be logged-into the Sportsbet website to allow the E-Letter feature to merge your account details to notify your friend so they can register your ‘Refer a Friend’ reference number to earn you a $100 Bonus Bet.

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How do you qualify?

As long as your friend is not already a Sportsbet member you can earn a $100 Bonus Bet for every friend you refer. When your friend joins Sportsbet and deposits $50 or more and starts wagering, your Sportsbet account will be automatically credited with your $100 Refer a Friend Bonus Bet.

*Full terms and conditions for Refer a Friend Promotion