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How fast things change. Seems like only a few years back that the internet was here and people were learning to master email. Now you can do all sorts of things like blog, tweet, bank and shop online ….and of course, bet online on the Melbourne Cup!

At, we’ve created what we think is the best online betting website for punters. Why? Because as we say, is for people who like to bet on the net – you!

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Online betting is big business. With just about every household connected to the internet via a PC or mobile phone, betting on the net is growing in participation every year. Online betting caters for both sports experts as well as people who want to place a bet on a game because it helps make watching the match a little more entertaining. is designed to provide you with information on everything that is the world of sports betting. This includes how to open an account, the different betting options you have, the risk and reward, and basically help you make an informed decision when placing your sports bet. And above all else, have some fun!

The betting options available to online sports betting customers are both numerous and varied. Any day of the week, 24 hours a day, punters can place single bets – head-to-head, pick the score, line and margin bets to name but a few. Given you’re placing bets on the World Wide Web, it makes sense that you can place bets on sports across the world. Yes, you can bet on international sports matches, competitions and tournaments from all parts of the globe. This is especially handy for people travelling or on holidays.

Online Betting Guide

Online betting can be viewed from two sides of the coin. One in the sports betting punter. The second is the online bookmaker.

Sports betting is vastly different to gaming and lotteries. Rather than mindlessly watching barrels roll whilst hoping the random-number machine decides on matching symbols, the sporting punter must study each event and player(s) and weigh up the probability of a win. This means pouring through stats, keeping close tabs on injuries and checking out previous. Potentially a lot of work for the keen punter, but at the same time, generally quite a bit of fun too.

The role of the online bookmaker is to provide prices which attract bets from the punter, but also allow some chance of making a profit over time. Both the punter and the bookmaker apply thought and experience to reduce the risk of losing money, making online sports betting a truly intellectual pursuit!


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