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2014 AFL Footy Tipping & 2014 NRL Footy Tipping win $10000 cash every round!

Win $10,000 cash every round of AFL & NRLGet excited! 2014 NRL & AFL footy tipsters get a free crack at winning $10,000 cash every round.  Err, make it $20,000 cash every round for tipsters playing both NRL & AFL comps… it pays to play both comps in 2014!

Win $10,000 cash tipping every round!

Tip the most winners and score the best margin on the final game in any round of AFL and/or NRL and you could win $10,000 cash. Simple and exciting!

P.S. There’s also $100,000 cash each for the overall NRL & AFL end of season winners.

2013 Footy Tipping Winner stats!

- Six NRL tipsters & two AFL tipsters pocketed an entire $10,000 cash prize in 2013.
- Ten AFL tipsters & six NRL tipsters pocketed a $5,000 cash prize each in 2013.
- Over 4,500 NRL tipsters & over 3,000 AFL tipsters won a prize in 2013.
- A Roosters supporter won the NRL $100,000 cash on the final game of the final round!
- A Bombers supporter won the AFL $100,000 cash after coming from 75th in Rd 19!

2014 $10,000 cash footy tipping strategies:

Plan your tactics for 2014 footy tipping and get ready to cheer your tips right up to the end of the final game every round. Ladders are updated game by game!

Strategy Tactics
Tip to win $10,000 cash every round Go the outsiders in as many matches as possible, predict a wild winning margin and hope to hit the bounty at least once during the season!! You may not be ranked high up the ladder come the end of season, but could win a ‘whopper’. Sorry, we mean win a whopping $10,000 cash as best tipster of the round!
Tip to win the end of season $100,000 cash Aim to score consistently whilst the $10,000 cash chasers reduce their chances to win end of season prizes. Focusing on your weekly progress whilst tipping some upsets and many favourites will ensure you will be closer to the Top 1,000 tipsters and the $100,000 cash. Maybe along the way you’ll also pick up $10,000!
The “I Hate” strategy Tip against Collingwood or Carlton every round and predict blow-out winning margins on their margin match to catch the heart-in-sleeve supporters of the most popular clubs by surprise. It could win you ten grand cash!
The “Chics Dig it” strategy The lovely ladies have an intuition thing blokes don’t have, and they’re damn canny footy tippers! Get the missus or gals from the office to pick you at least one random winner each week. Geez, it’ll cost a pair of shoes, a dinner or at worst a day doing the household chores whilst she visits the day spa… but you could pocket ten grand (less agreed expenses)!
Screw the Odds strategy Bookmakers are genuine copy-cats with prices and many are too scared to roll-out a price or pull in a price for fear of being smashed by smart punters. If you know your footy and don’t agree with the odds, then ignore the odds and let your footy nous do the talking. It could walk you into ten grand! (At least 5 times every year some teams will win head to head at odds of $5.00 or more).
Buy an octopus “Paul the Octopus” tipped many winners during the Soccer World Cup. Placing team colours in your octopus tank could be worth the investment if your little fella can win you $10,000!
Take on a Trader
NEW TO 2014! This year you can take on a Sportsbet expert AFL & NRL trader to win a $500 bonus bet EVERY round! View their tips and decide whether they are due a whipping.
Granny Tipping
Grandma’s, like ol’ Gladys, will tell you when you’re stupid! Run your tips past your Grandma and hopefully you’ll be going to the Granny with your prize winnings!

Answers to two questions you may have:
The $10,000 cash will be won every round. If two or more people tip the same best score, the prize is equally split fair ‘n’ square.

2). AFL & NRL Tipping will open in January 2014 with the first NRL match due to start Thurs 6th March. AFL kicks off on Fri 14th March.

Add your strategies or thoughts below and get ready for the most exciting season in the history of footy tipping. Bring it on!

Contact with any questions. Have a great pre-season and best of luck in 2014!

  • craig

    Tip against the Eeels and Cronulla every round

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    Looking forward to season for AFL in 2014

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  • Jared

    Will there be fantasy NRL & AFL Competitions for 2014?

    • Mathew Stewart

      Sure will Jared! Planning some extra fun prizes too!