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Sportsbet’s New Android App Has Arrived

Android users. The kind of people that look at the tech in an iPhone, then at the price tag, then do this…

And how are Android users paid back for their discerning taste in tech? With apps that crash for fun and look like they were designed by a fingerpainting chimp.

Enter Sportsbet’s new Android app. It’s better-er. It’s faster-er. It’s easier-er. Put simply, it’s the Winx of betting apps on Android. And it’s available now!


What’s new?

Everything. We’ve completely redesigned the app from the ground up to deliver the best betting experience in the game.

The app now has a dedicated racing and sports homepage – so you can get your bets on faster by getting on straight from the homepage.

You can also bet race to race and track to track with our new and improved racing navigation.

android app

You ripper, how do I download it?

The new Android app requires Android 4.4 or above to run, So make sure your Android version is up to date.

If you’re reading this on an Android device now, you can download the app here. If not, you will need to be on an Android device to download the app via this link.

If you receive the ‘install blocked’ message while trying to install, just follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Download the Android app by clicking the link above.

Step 2 – Go to ‘Settings’ settings

Step 3 – Find ‘Security’android security

Step 4 – Scroll to ‘Unknown Sources’ and make sure that the box has a tick, then close settings.

android unknown sources


Step 5 – Open ‘Downloads’ from your top or view your ‘Downloads’ folder.

Step 6 – Tap the ‘SportsbetApp.apk’ file and the app will download automatically.


Why can’t I find the Sportsbet Android App in the Google Play Store?

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow any gambling apps in the Google Play Store. This means you need to download our Android app directly from Sportsbet.

But don’t worry, our Android app is secure and is built to Sportsbet’s and Google’s same high standards.



  • Clay Looker

    nice work bagging out Android phones didnt realize my betting company cant think for itself and just folllow the masses of sheep and purchase apple things for sure if your going to throw stones at least ensure your bloody link works…..

  • Robert Alan Wigley

    hi anyone home?