NRL Fans Alert: New $100 Free Bet Competition!

Know your NRL? Want to win a $100 Free Bet?

This week’s blog Competition is very simple.

Tell us in the comments section who will score the first AND last try in the Cowboys v Wests Tigers match on Monday night.

All correct entries will go into the draw to win the $100 free bet.

BONUS PRIZE – For every Retweet the below tweet gets, we’ll add $1 to the prize pool!



Your turn:
Submit your first and last scorer choices in the comments section!!

- Customers must be over the age of 18 and you must have a account to enter.
- There is one $100 Free Bet up for grabs.
- One entry per customer.
- The competition closes at 7pm on Monday July 23rd.
- The prize winner will be notified on Tuesday July 24th at 3pm.
- decision is final and any whingers will be forced to watch the same episode of The Shire 100 times.

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78 Responses to NRL Fans Alert: New $100 Free Bet Competition!

  1. STEVO says:


  2. ajportbury says:

    First: Dallas Johnson.
    Last: Johnathon Thurston.

  3. michael says:

    First: gavin cooper
    Last: robbie farah
    btw conditions say that the comp closes 11 hours after game has finished. You might want to fix that

  4. Justin says:

    1st: Brent Tate, Last: Robbie Farah

  5. papatbone says:

    Dallas Johnston 1st Benji Marshall last

  6. Dennis says:

    Ashley graham 1st Robbie Farrah last

  7. Brendan Stock says:

    Beau Ryan 1st and Brent Tate last

  8. Tavis says:

    Chris Lawrence first try
    Beau Ryan last try

  9. Jonathan Wood says:

    1st try scorer Chris Laurence
    Last try scorer Kane Linnett

  10. Shane says:

    Brent Tate 1st & last

  11. Paul says:

    Kane Linnett 1st – Liam Fulton Last

  12. NICK says:

    Kalifa Faifai Loa (1st) — Beau Ryan (last)

  13. Jake Ball says:

    Kalifa Faifai Loa 1st try, Tim Moltzen last

  14. Dave Clarke says:

    Chris Lawrence 1st try, Matthew Bowen last try.

  15. Joe Nguyen says:

    Antonio Winterstein first try; Chris Lawrence last try

  16. adam says:

    gavin cooper 1st and kane linnett last.

  17. James says:

    beau ryan 1st and matt bowen last

  18. Matthew says:

    Utai first, Fai Fai Loa last

  19. Michael Harkins says:

    chris lawrence first and jonathan thurston last

  20. Brent says:

    1st – Tim Moltzen. Last – Brent Tate

  21. Pat says:

    Chris Judd first, Stephanie Rice last

  22. Joshua says:

    1st try scorer – faifai loa
    last try scorer – robbie farah

  23. Kyle Roberts says:

    Matt Bowen first, Fai Fai Loa last

  24. Ronald says:

    First – Linnett
    Last – Bowen

  25. Jason says:

    First Try – Kane Linnett
    Last Try – Kalifa Faifai Loa

  26. Wayne Stacker says:

    Ash Graham
    Ash Graham

  27. Jon P says:

    First: ash graham
    last: beau ryan

  28. justin kearney says:

    kane linnett
    gavin cooper

  29. GARY CROWE says:


  30. Benjamin says:

    Brent Tate will score the first try and Matthew Bowen the last try.

  31. troy de tenon says:

    chris lawrence
    mat bowen

  32. jodie white says:

    first try cowboys kane linnett last try tigers chris lawrance

  33. Conan says:

    kane linnet then matty bowen

  34. Heath Fidler says:

    Gavin Cooper and Robbie Farrah

  35. brad says:

    matt bowen robbie farrah

  36. Ashneel Sharma says:

    1st Fai Fai Loa
    Last Beau Ryan.

  37. Dan says:

    1st try – brent tate
    2nd try – matthew bowen

  38. harry charalambous says:

    1st try m utai west tigers , 2nd b tate cowboys

  39. Chris Brown says:

    Frist – beau ryan
    last -winterstein

  40. ben says:

    1kane linnet 2beau ryan

  41. Leanne Milton says:

    Thurston first try and Bowen last try.

  42. Russell says:

    Faifai Loa first and Lawrence last

  43. Daniel Curran says:

    Chris Lawrence First and Matt Bowen Last

  44. Chris says:

    matthew bowen first, gavin cooper last.

  45. scott says:


  46. David says:

    Benji Marshall first try and Thurston last try

  47. Mark Rice says:

    Beau Ryan first try and Gavin Cooper last try

  48. Kevin Milton says:

    1st try – Winterstein (Cowboys) & Last try – Lawrence (Wests Tigers)

  49. marcus says:

    i think ashley graham will score the first try in the game the last try i think will be a tiger robbie farah

  50. marcus n says:

    first try linnet last try robbie farah

  51. allen says:

    THURSTON to score both 1ST & LAST tries.

  52. Gai Flynn says:

    Matt Bowen fist try and Beau Ryan last try.

  53. David says:

    Thurston first try and last try robbie farah

  54. adam zappia says:

    1st try – A. Winterstein
    Last try M. Bowen

  55. andrew nguyen says:

    first try scorer- matt bowen…last try scorer–beau ryan

  56. Brendan Dumbrell says:

    First Try: Beau Ryan, Last Try: Gavin Cooper

  57. Alan Lubcke says:

    1st try Chris Lawrence
    Last try Gareth Ellis

  58. Chris says:

    First Try – Matthew Bowen
    Last Try – Beau Ryan

  59. Dean says:

    Tim Moltzen 1st & last

  60. Lachlan says:

    First try Brent Tate
    Last try Matt Bowen

  61. Diamond says:

    First try: Chris Lawrence
    Last try: Tim Moltzen

  62. alex says:

    1st: Matt Utai
    2nd: Antonio Winterstein

  63. aqiuzah2012 says:

    1st – Beau Ryan – last – matt bowen

  64. Bryce says:

    First Try – Fai Fai Loa
    Last Try – Brent Tate

  65. Anthony says:

    First Try – Matt Bowen
    Last Try – Matt Bowen

  66. ben says:

    Ashley Graham
    Ashley Graham

  67. Andrew says:

    1st try scorer Chris Lawrence
    Last try scorer Beau Ryan

  68. Caleb says:

    Ist Beau Ryan
    Last Matt Bowen

  69. Wendy Wilson says:

    brent Tate; Matt Bowen

  70. Deanna says:

    Matt Bowen first try
    Beau Ryan last try

  71. Matt says:

    1st – Kane Linett
    Last – Brent Tate

  72. will says:

    first: chris lawrence
    last: matt bowen

  73. brad says:

    First – Winterstein
    Last – Tate

  74. TIM says:

    first BOWEN
    last FAI FAI LOA

  75. Anthony - sportsbetcomau says:

    Thanks for entering the comp guys! Unfortunately not one person picked Glenn Hall to score the 1st try into Gavin Cooper to score the last try.

    The good news is that the prize will jackpot to a $200 free bet in an NRL match this weekend! Stay tuned for further details