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NRL Fans Alert: $300 bonus bet Competition!

bonus bet CompetitionUPDATE! We finally have a winner!

With the Knights getting an easy win over the Sharks, the raffle to decide who won the $300 bonus bet was a big one, but the lucky winner was Terry O, who picked the Knights to win and Gagai to score a try.

Congratulations Terry, and a big thank you to everyone for playing, stay tuned for more fun competitions!


For two weeks in a row, our NRL bonus bet competition has not reaped a winner.

The prize has rolled over to a massive $300 and we’re making it easier for you to win.

This week we want you guess the winner of Newcastle Knights vs Cronulla Sharks and name a player to score at anytime! All winning entrants will be put in a hat and one winner picked at random. We’re not sure what kind of hat yet.

For full list of players and odds, click this link to help you with the selection.
Your turn: Submit who you think will win the match and a try scorer in the comments section!!

NRL Promotion Conditions

Share with your friends – they can’t win if they’re not in!

  • hussan ellaz

    Sharks, bryce gibbs

  • Joe Boy of HeadRed

    Agrilla Uartie

  • Eddie of Baderlaide

    Tyrone Roberts

  • Go Manly

    Newcastle Knights
    Rkilla Uate

  • Lillian of The Worth

    Akilla Uartie

  • greg


  • Raymie of Redhead

    Newcastle Nights
    Rocky Uate

  • Scotty of West Tamworth

    Cronulla Sharks
    Akuila Uate

  • joshie21mac

    Cronulla n stapleton

  • mick

    tyrone roberts

  • Joel Taylor

    Knights- Carney

  • raiderbear

    ricky leutele

  • Petar

    Colin Best

  • Joel

    Sharks to win 1-12
    Uate first try scorer

  • Ryan Smith

    Dane Gagai

  • shane

    Knights/ DaneGagai

  • Arthur


    Dane Gagai

  • Sven

    Kevin Naiqama

  • simon


  • simon

    newcastle to win/boyd first try

  • Anthony Condello


  • Andrew Gill

    Knights to win, Uate to score a try

  • faye

    sharks/carney 1st try

  • Benjamin Louie

    Sharks to win game/ Uate to score a try

  • Paul


  • Daniel Curran

    Knights/ Nathan Stapleton (Shks)

  • RR


  • Ed Tongiatama

    Sharks/Colin Best

  • Drew Hallam

    Knights / Darius Boyd

  • Bree

    Cronulla to win/ Isaac De gois to score a try.

  • Graeme Beckman

    Sharks/Anthony Tupou

  • Nathan Bird

    Sharks / Uate

  • Daniel Large.


  • Cameron

    Knights. Timana Tahu.

  • Mitchell Reardon


  • Spencer Lawson


  • Dean

    Cronulla – Paul Gallen

  • Waran Naidu

    Newcastle Knights / Uate

  • http://facebook Christopher Kingman

    Sharks Andrew Fifita

  • jaschyer56

    Sharks/ Kevin Naiqama

  • mick

    knights by 4 / tahu

  • Tom Kellett

    Newcastle Uate

  • Dave

    Newcastle Knights will win and Darius Boyd will score a try

  • Dean

    Knights win. Dane Gagai try.

  • Cameron Bourke

    Sharks, Paul Gallen

  • hooked

    sharks / tod carney

  • Nick Johnson

    Newcastle knights – Kevin nqaima

  • Geethanjali

    New Castle Knights / Uate

  • Geethanjali

    New Castle United to win and Uate to score a try

  • Chris

    Sharks to win / Uate to score a try!

  • Daniel Mulligan

    Sharks and Ricky Leutele

  • Ajit

    New Castle Knights – Darius Boyd

  • Dean Mcshane

    Sharks to win / T Carney to score a try

  • alex h

    Sharks – Smith

  • Steve Chalmers

    Sharks, Best.

  • Matt

    Sharks / Carney

  • Stuart Heath

    Newcastle / Gagai

  • Luke McDermott

    Newcastle / Naiqama

  • Nathan Pham

    Newcastle and Darius Boyd

  • Chris Behringer

    Sharks win gallen try

  • barry best

    sharks too win/ williams try

  • Jason

    Sharks and Colin Best

  • Dan oconnor

    Sharks. Best

  • michael chambers

    newcastle and uate

  • iceCold


  • Cameron Young

    Knights to win / Uate to score try.

  • Mel

    Sharks to Win! Akuila Uate to score first try.

  • Mitchell Ede

    Sharks to win
    Uate first try

  • Nathan


  • Pat Trimboli

    Knights by 8
    Gagai first try scorer

  • Clinton

    Newcastle Knights / Uate

  • imDman

    Paul Gallen/ Sharks

  • Harmz

    Newcastle Knights / Uate

  • mcconzy

    Newcastle Knights – Darius Boyd

  • Jonathon

    Newcastle Knights – Darius Byd

  • Matt


  • Marten Hewison

    Sharks / Colin Best

  • grant

    sharks uate

  • Sam

    Newcastle – Akuila Uate

  • joel

    Kinghts – Akuila Uate

  • Emmanuel Carlos

    Newcastlee – Akuila Uate

  • Travis

    Sharks – jeremy smith

  • mark norris

    sharks Wright

  • mark norris

    sharks Paul Gallen

  • Brian

    Sharks – Akuila Uate

  • Mick

    Knights, Neville Costigan

  • parthi

    Knights, Uate

  • al

    sharks/john williams

  • Mitchell

    Kinghts – Akuila Uate

  • Michael

    sharks – Colin best

  • Aaron G

    Cronulla Sharks – Colin Best

  • Patrick

    Sharks – Leutele

  • VL

    Sharks – Uate

  • Philip Wood

    Kevin Naiqama

  • Lucy Towey

    Knights, Boyd

  • Disco

    Sharks , Uate

  • Will

    Knights/Akuila Uate

  • Jon Craig

    Sharks / carney

  • Peter

    Knights – Gagai

  • http://Sportsbet Alex Pratt

    Newcastle & Mullins

  • Chris

    Sharks , John Williams

  • Shaun warren

    Sharks uate

  • Ryan

    Knights, Boyd

  • Rebecca Davidson

    Cronulla (Uate)

  • Chris

    Sharks to win, Akuila Uate try.

  • http://sportsbet Springa

    Newcastle and gagai to score

  • Dean

    sharks and gallen

  • Dave

    Sharks Carney

  • mark norris

    sharks & Mcmanus

  • Dave

    Knights to win, Dane Gagai to score try

  • Shane

    Sharks – Gallen

  • fady

    shark to win and darios boyd to score any time

  • Johnny

    Sharks & Akuila Uate to score a try

  • steele

    sharks to win and carney to score a try

  • Robyn lloyd

    Sharks to win Mark Taufua to score try

  • Joshua M

    Newcastle win – Akuila Uate score anytime

  • Marek

    Knights – Tyrone roberts

  • Paul

    Newcastle – Tahu

  • TJ

    Sharks to win and Uate to score

  • Lukas

    Newcastle – Akuila Uate

  • Bernie Dowling

    Sharks to win Uate to score

  • Craig

    Sharks and de gois

  • Anthony F

    Newcastle win – Aquila Uate try

  • forceofwill

    Sharks and John Williams

  • Budge

    Knights to win. Kev Naq to score!

  • Kevin Milton

    Cronulla to win and Best to score a try

  • Tara71

    Cronulla and Carney

  • Wendy Wilson

    Newcastle – Akuila Uate

  • Kraixx

    Sharks and Nathan Stapleton

  • Ethan

    Sharks and Colin Best.

  • Amanda

    Newcastle & Naiqama

  • Casey Springall

    Sharks for the win – Uate for the 4 points

  • Darren

    Newcastle & Uate

  • Adam Henderson

    Newcastle and Dane Gagai

  • Lou Ongarato

    sharks and colin best

  • Tommy

    Newcastle – Boyd

  • Jonathon

    Sharks to win
    Uate to score

  • Chris Barnes

    Sharks and Carney

  • Justin Sullivan

    Sharks & Uate

  • Alan

    Sharks and Uate to score

  • Lindsay Lovell

    I WiLL Go For The Sharks To Win Easy And Akuila Uate To Score A Try

  • Ryan

    Knights – Uate

  • David

    Knights – Uate

  • Richard Maddern

    Sharks. Kevin Naiqama

  • Robert Boys

    Knights – Akuila Uate

  • Andrew D

    Sharks & Carney

  • Tim

    Sharks and uate

  • Roy Bateman

    Sharks win,

  • Jacob Blowes

    Sharks uate

  • michael

    Newcastle – Uate

  • Mark

    Sharks to win. Uate to score a try

  • Matthew Patrikoiu-smith

    Sharks. Ricky letele

  • Nick

    Newcastle – Uate

  • james

    sharks colin best

  • Stuart McCartney

    Knights – Tahu

  • joe walton

    sharkies and colin best



  • Shane

    Knights – Uate

  • Trav Murrell

    Cronulla Sharks – John Williams

    • Justin Field

      Newcastle – Dane Gagai

  • Steve massie

    Sharks Todd carney


    sharks and darius boyd

  • Brad Barrass

    Newcastle- James McManus

    • Brad Barrass

      He’s not playing so Jarrod Mullen

  • murray

    knights darius boyd

  • Luke

    Knights – uate

  • Ian McNeill

    Sharks – Todd Carney

  • brian


  • Peter

    Sharks, Todd Carney

  • Barney O’Sullivan

    Newcastle – Akuila Uate

  • Darren Durrant

    Cronulla-Colin Best

  • Chun-Lam Samuel Lo

    Newcastle Knights – Timana Tahu

  • carol

    cronulla sharks – john williams

  • stefan

    Cronulla Sharks, John Williams (Shks)

  • Hayden

    Knights – Akuila Uate

  • Jared

    Knights – Kevin Naiqama

  • Matt

    Matthew Wright

  • David

    Newcastle Joel Edwards

  • david

    Knights uate

    • terry mozuras

      sharks to win ,matt wright to score

  • Peter Hardie

    Sharks, Carney to score

  • Steve

    Newcastle to win carney to score try.

  • Dean


  • Jaswop

    Knights to win Best to score

  • Jake

    Newcastle win and Kevin Naiqama score

  • Brent

    Knights to Win / Dane Gagai

  • http://Sportsbet Todd Johnson

    Sharks to win, Colin Best to score

  • Sal ( Manly )

    Knights to win
    Carney to score

  • Sal ( Manly )

    Tyrone Roberts to score
    Newcastle to win

  • Sal Messina ( Manly )

    Newcastle to win.
    Akuila Uate to score

  • nick

    Ricky Leutele

  • Darren Brookes

    Sharks to win and Akuila Uate to score a try

  • Takuma Abe

    sharks to win, Uate to score

  • Dave

    Darius Boyd newcastle

  • Andrew Thomas

    Knights to win Uate to score

  • Liam

    Paul gallen

  • Graeme Nixon

    Todd Carney

  • richard kottek

    knights timana tahu

  • Luke Schultz

    John Williams (Shks)

  • Linda Schultz

    Matthew Wright (Shks)

  • Heath Ramsden

    Jarrod Mullen

  • Chloe Ramsden

    Timana Tahu

  • Brenda Ramsden

    Dane Gagai

  • Bill Ramsden

    Kevin Naiqama

  • Ryan

    sharks to win Darius boyd to score a try

  • Michele Ramsden

    Darius Boyd

  • Mark Ramsden

    Knights Darius Boyd

  • Mark Ramsden

    Knights – Uate

  • bgar

    knights to win gaigai 1st score

  • denis moloney

    newcastle knights uate

  • haydn quinn

    Sharks to win …. akuila uate to score

  • Michael Hubbard

    newcastle and jarred mullen

  • Cody A

    Knights to win, Carney to score

  • Pete S

    Sharks win, Isaac De Gois

  • Troy

    Newcastle Knights, Alex McKinnon

  • Sky

    Sharks Matthew Wright

  • Aaron

    Knights – Buderus

  • J Single

    Sharks to win, Todd carney to score

  • Hakki Yalcinkaya

    Knights – Darius Boyd

  • Tim Baker

    Sharks – Todd Carney

  • Joe

    Knights – Darius Boyd

  • Nathan Thibault

    Sharks Stapleton

  • Rachael

    Knights – Uate

  • Fabian Smith

    knights, gallen

  • Mark D

    Sharks – Paul Gallen

  • Luke

    Sharks/Jeff Robson

  • M. Julius

    Knights Uate

  • Josh M

    Sharks and Todd Carney

  • Conan

    Sharks. Wade Graham

  • Chris

    Sharks taufua

  • Brendan M

    Newcastle win and Chris Houston try

  • Paul


  • Josh N

    Newcastle Knights and Tyrone Roberts

  • Jacob sheffield

    Knights, uate

  • Clayton

    Sharks carney

  • Cameron

    Sharks, Ricky Leutele

  • Kelly

    Newcastle, Uate

  • Brodie

    Sharks – Matthew Wright

  • daniel

    Knights, Uate

  • tas

    newcastle to win and akuila uate to score a try

  • mark

    SHARKS to win, UATE to score

  • Ben

    Sharks and Jeremy Smith

  • Justin

    Knights – Akuila Uate

  • Rachel

    knights and tahu

  • Anne

    Knights win and Jarrod Mullen



  • Frances

    Knights win, Kevin Naiqama

  • Pat

    Buderus and new castle

  • Daniel

    Sharks – Colin Best

  • Jade

    Knights win, Dane Gaigai try scorer

  • Michael

    Sharks Nathan Stapleton

  • Morgan

    Sharks win John Williams

  • Clare Sweeney

    sharks, carney



  • paul

    Knights to win , Uate to score twice !

  • Paul

    Knights Uate

  • matt kirley

    Knights to win, Tahu to score a try.

  • P Gibson

    Sharks – Matthew wright

  • Leon

    knights uate

  • Craig Snodgrass

    Sharks to win
    carney for a try

  • Goome

    Newy to win & uate try

  • http://sportsbet david sawyer

    knights and uate

  • Shaun mckenny

    Sharks by 16, de gois to score try

    • tracy

      cronulla to win uate to score a try

  • James Daley

    Sharks win – J.Mullen try

  • Dennis

    Knights uate

  • parthi

    Sharks – Uate

  • M Green

    Sharks Win/ Leutele

  • Chris

    Sharks/ Nathan Stapleton

  • Jackson

    Sharks to win / Uate to score

  • Craig Warburton

    Sharks, Carney

  • Steve

    Newcastle to win and Naiqama to score

  • Katherine

    Sharks – Colin Best

  • kurt

    knights, uate

  • Narender

    Sharks win /Mark Taufua score

  • http://sportsbet jodie white

    sharks akuila uate

  • Jo

    Sharks to win/ Colin Best

  • Danny

    Cronulla, Timana Tahu

  • tim more

    Sharks to win, J. williams to score

  • N Rawat

    MarkTaufua (Sharks)

  • deno

    shark’s to win just.
    colin best

  • http://sportsbet wayne

    newcastle ,willie mason

  • kris fuller

    Colin Best…… Cronulla to win 1/12

  • Steve O’shea

    Shaks win by 7 points with a Uate try in the corner just before half time

  • Leanne Milton

    Newcastle to win and Uate to score

  • John Laino

    Cronulla, Gallen

  • Ricky Davis

    Newcastle Knights – Uate

  • Russell Milton

    Newcastle to win and Uate to score

  • Muz

    Knights Win – Uate score

  • Matt Williams

    Newcastle Knights – Uate

  • Michael Cossey

    Sharks win – Nathan Stapleton try anytime

  • Paul

    Newcastle to win. Uate to score a try.

  • Rocky V

    Newcastle Win, Gagai

  • Daniel Walton

    Sharks to win, uate first try

  • Michael McLean

    Cronulla Sharks to win with Akuila Uate scoring

  • Mike P

    Sharks, Carney

  • Warwick hutchinson

    Newcastle to win Darius Boyd to score a try

  • Hocings

    Sharks and Uate

  • scott reinke

    sharks to win john williams to score

  • Vanessa

    Sharks and Kevin Naiqama

  • Kyle Roberts

    Sharks to win, Uate to score a try

  • Graham Leddy

    Newcastle – Kevin Naigama

  • garry hill

    sharks to win ben ross

  • Thuy

    Sharks and Kevin Naiqama

  • Alex

    sharks to win and colin best to score

  • Jason dal corobbo

    Sharks to win carney to score

  • brad ,

    sharks. uate to score

  • jamie dresser

    Sharks and Carney

  • Gary M

    Newcastle Knights,Akuila Uate

  • alex


  • Steven lee

    Matthew Wright to score and Sharks to win

  • Chris

    newcastle, carney

  • Geoff O

    Sharks to win, Colin Best to score a try

  • cam

    knights, uate

  • Sam L

    Knights, Uate

  • Rebecca

    Sharks to win and Carney to score a try..

  • Ian

    Sharks and Colin Best

  • Andrew

    Sharks to win, but Mullen to score a try to try and prevent it from happening.

  • Tom

    Knights. Uate.

  • Andrew

    Newcastle Knights-Akuila Uate

  • Matt McAlpine

    newcastle, carney

  • Hugh Catterall

    Sharks, carney

  • Matthew

    Sharks, Best

  • Chris

    Sharks to win and Todd Carney to score

  • Colin barker

    Sharks , Colin Best

  • Jason H

    Sharks to win, Stapleton to score any time

  • Jeff Grant

    Sharks, John Williams

  • Hayden

    Cronulla to win, Uate to score

  • Ricky ainsworth

    Newcastle and timana tahu

  • shane

    sharks to win gagai to score

  • Steven

    Newcastle, Uate

  • Tri

    Newcastle and Boyd

  • marty

    Cronulla, Boyd

  • allen

    Newcastle Knights/ Uate

  • Shane

    Cronulla, Uate

  • Dave Catanzaro

    Newcastle, Ikillayou Uate

  • Patrick

    Cronulla uate to score

  • Michael Dowdle

    Newcastle Knights to win Jarrod Mullen to score

  • Shehan Ramanayake

    Uayte, cronulla

  • Glen Hope

    Newcastle Knights, Uate to score

  • Tyson

    Knights / D. Boyd

  • whitey

    uate – sharks

  • Heath Bailey

    Cronulla & Stapleton.

  • mike

    Newcastle, Uate

  • Aaron Meadows

    Newcastle Knights to win. Jarrod Mullen for a try, just for something different

  • Jarrad

    Cronulla to win Kevin naiqama to score a try

  • Edmund hunt

    Knights/ d boyd

  • Xavier

    Knights to win, Uate to score

  • Matthew Barnden


  • Vivienne

    Cronulla Sharks. Colin Best

  • Glen

    Knights / Tahu

  • Jack

    Sharks, John Williams

  • Andrew purves

    Newcastle to win and darius boyd to score

  • Mark Rice

    Knights to win, Uate to score

  • Lenny

    newcastle uate

  • colin

    Sharks,Paul Gallen.

  • Matt

    Sharks & Uate

  • Terry O

    Knights to win, Gagai to score

  • Tim K

    Sharks to win with J. Smith to score

  • Allie

    newcastle knights, uate

  • Anthony Harris

    Sharks and Uate

  • craig


  • Wayne

    Uate to score anytime, Sharks to win

  • Andrew Camilleri

    Uate to score and Sharks to win

  • Dan

    Sharks to win / Timana Tahu to score a try anytime.

  • Tristy

    Newcastle to score 1st try through K Naiqama then fall to pieces & lay down for a sharks victory.

    Go Broncos!

  • darren jarrett

    knights 2 win kevin naiqama 2 score

  • eug

    Cronulla Sharks Carney

  • Jesse

    Cronulla Carney

  • Cameron

    Sharks – Uate anytime

  • Ned

    Newcastle knights and uate to score

  • andrew roy

    uate for the try but cronulla for the win!!!

  • andrew roy

    uate for try but cronulla for the win

  • Rowan D

    Cronulla, Colin Best

  • Steve S

    Sharks, John Williams

  • Aaron Meara

    Cronulla to win and Jeff Robson

  • Alex F

    Newcastle Knights, Uate to score

  • Jason

    Knights Uate

  • Dave

    Cronulla, Carney

  • Kathy L

    Newcastle, Uate

    • George Paleodimos

      Darius Boyd (Newc)