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  • Chris McWilliams

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for entering our Slaterman Kryptonite! Some really good and funny entrants.

    However, there could be only one winner.

    Congratulations to Lenny who wooed us with a puntastic entry. Enjoy your $200 Free Bet!

    There are some honourable mentions for some other entrants. Josh Mac is a lyrical genius who could be on The Voice while Luke rolled out an oldie but a goodie.

    Thanks to everyone for entering and keep visiting the blog for new bonus bet competitions and other cool stuff!

    Chris Mc

  • darryl grundy

    slaters down fall arises from another late tackle can,t win from the bin

  • Nathan Freebody

    Who ended up winning?

  • John

    NEW SOUTH WALES KRYPTONITE. is all we need because it’s an anagram for KEY TO WIN. WHEN U STOP SLATER.
    for all you poor dumb Queenslander’s an anagram is when you rearrange the letters. Go Blues

  • Jon Glanville

    KryptoNate Myles leaving a deposit in his hallway.

  • Leanne

    Slip some caster oil in his stew! Its the only thing that will slow him down!

  • Ross Williams

    Kryptonite is a fictional material synonymous with ones Achilles’ heel —the one weakness of an otherwise invulnerable hero. Billy Slater is anything but fictional! He’s the real deal, a future immortal, he has no Kryptonite!

  • Mitch Jones

    Tony William’s Shoulder

  • andrew nguyen

    getting old….he’s always well known for his kiddy look..i don’t think he like being call billy the old..billy the kid sound better:D

  • Tyson McCarthy

    A Jarryd Hayne headbutt.

  • Danny carroll

    Billy’s kryptonite is the AFL offering him millions to cross over codes makin lots coin, and not playin anymore state of origin!!!

  • Josh Mac

    Yes we all know that Slaterman used to be Gai’s trackwork man
    So the theory “Horses for Courses” doesn’t suit
    Well thats one down, now lets see, does he have a boot?
    He chips, he chases, at fast paces, and still he finds the line
    So now thats two theories down and still he’s doing fine
    The high ball up, I hear you say, has Slaterman done and dusted
    But those bombs are defused quick and easy, Slaterman is not flustered
    Those big boppers from south of the border are supposed to leave him shakin’
    but Slaterman just uses his pace before the ground starts quakin
    So four theories down and Slaterman still stands alone untouchable
    To say he lacks toughness is just totally laughable
    His tackles will stop a breakaway dead in its tracks
    So defense is not something Slaterman lacks
    Thats six theories now Slaterman beats, just so you know
    Now watch him lead Queensland to 7 IN A ROW
    So what Im saying is Slaterman has no Kryptonite
    Meaning that those pesky cockcroaches are in for one helluva night



  • Karlops

    Hypnotism………..convince him that he cant hold the ball

  • Leonie Maynard

    Billy slaters kryptonight is when bulls chase him down in fans like the Spain bill run!

  • Jared


  • Matt

    Being able to grow a beared more than a few mm deep!

  • Matt

    A T-Rex spear should do the trick.

  • Robert Nash

    The AFL – and a possible switch of codes

  • trent

    jarrod hayne

  • Shaun

    Steve matai.

  • conan

    carrying 64kgs, drawn in the carpark, with black caviar carrying 53kgs from gate 1 over 1200m friday night at the valley

  • Sean

    A brick wall!!!! But then again he would probably kick the ball over the wall and run around the other side catch it and still run past the nsw fullback too score the try!!!! Go the maroons!!!

  • Joey Z

    his biggest kryptonite is being forced to move to parramatta after another series of serious melbourne storm salary cap breaches. this in turn means his career goes into tatters like any “big name” player that has previously moved there (hard to remember who they are now, but to name a few- chris sandow, justin poore, timana tahu, carl webb, paul whatuira, willie tonga, ben roberts, mark riddell, brett finch, joe galuvao, wade mckinnon etc etc).

  • Sam Nightingale

    Billy Slater’s Kryptonite is salary cap breaches.

  • John Paul Ngo

    The salary cap.

  • Dean

    Loss of concentration due to laughing too hard at Ben Creagh running away from a fight.

  • Andrew Hastings

    A good woman and a Lygon Street kebab, and a phone call from the GWS…not in any particular order.

  • Martin

    Obviously after 6 years in a row it isn’t anyone in the NSW team, that’s for sure. His only possible kryptonite, which means something that stops him from winning would be The Cheating NSW REFS or Officials.

  • Marek

    Matt Orford hahaha I mean seriously how can u loose dally m
    Medal to Matt Orford. If the blues picked Orford this origin
    Slater would sh!$ himself hahaha

  • joe walton

    I would say it is jaryd hayne steam rolling him from 20 out. They say billy is the best well hayne at his best is his equal. Go the blues

  • Joshua Geering

    His Kryptonite would have to be an injury to JT and Cronk. With out them i think he would not be as good.

  • Geoff Berry


  • Andrew

    Chuck Norris!

  • Brendan Quirk

    The Warriors

  • vic bruce

    slaters are hard to exterminate but no cockroach would be foolish enough to give him a spray as it might also be their kryptonite

  • Alex Faulkner

    Slater’s only(!) kryptonite would be a one on one with Chuck Norris running at him…but then again, Norris is everyone’s kryptonite!

  • barry best

    billys only krypinite is bad luck and the end of game siren

  • robert lawson

    nothing can stop him-he is a queenslander playing for the storm-he is a winner

  • http://sportsbet mark frelek

    nsw have had kryptonite for the past 6 years and they will be” krying tonite ” meaning wednesday night . we as QLD just cant wait,for all the lame excuses,,billy the kid will leave them grabbing at thin air and nsw is it own krptonite ,,,,here is a idea nsw wont dont you play a game in russia because you are taking it to where the new king plays his best footy,,grate idea for melbourne first game,,there is your ” krab to nite ” adminastration

  • liam davies

    Billy Slater’s kryptonite is the deadball line

  • Chris

    Here come the nsw blues think 7 in a row wont happen

  • Luke

    Red lights…the only thing he can’t run through and get away with.

  • Mark Pybus

    The Media

  • Stephen

    a $1.5 million+ AFL contract ;)

  • Chris Vellnagel

    Billy Slater’s Kryptonite is the salary cap.

  • Matt James

    I think Slater’s kyrptonite is winning 15 Origin series in a row, we’ll just have to wait awhile to confirm if that’s it, so far so good though

  • Daniel

    Probably the fact his blind in one eye.

  • Bryan Shanks

    The new south wales 1,000kgs+ of muscle eyeballing him.

  • James

    “You’re a wizard billy!”
    Hence his weakness is Voldemort.

  • Adam Train

    the Only thing that is Gonna Stop Billy Slater is an Injury the Bloke is just to good , a few years back they were saying Haynes was better than billy but those people are eating there words now

  • Sean Reid

    If he has a tip going round in dapto!

  • Jeff

    Standard deffinition T.V chopping the ears his swelled head as he dismantles the English language during the man of the match interview.

  • Gary Ward

    The tears of a Gypsy

  • Hadyn Powell

    The kiwis
    Fear in his eyes when he faces the beast

  • dano

    T-rex’s thighs!
    Look out slater trex will be running at you.

  • Glenn Prasser

    Lockjaw from contiually sledging telling ref what to do.

  • Stuart Grimley

    The only thing that can stop Slater playing great rugby is The AFL!

  • Shane

    Billy Slater’s kryptonite is his injury proned shoulders!

  • Stephen

    His only Kryptonite is the whistle at the end of the game. Nothing else can stop him

  • John Selway

    Getting smashed by a Frontrow Forward

  • Jacob smith

    Trying to stop a try from a kick… If he can’t get there he will take ten in the bin to stop them from scoring

  • Billy’s Mum

    Bily’s weakness has always been for jam rolls. the problem is that when he eats them they go straight through him. He used to live on them as a kid…how else would he have kept his weight down…Wednesday he will eat four jam rolls for breakfast, be on the toilet all day and lose enough weight that he can run 10x as fast as anyone should be able to. Remove the jam rolls…remove Billy Slater.

  • Scott

    Sore Balls after having sex the night before

  • http://facebook marcel lattouf

    gang tackling repeatedly as he will have no energy for his brilliant speed

  • Adrian

    An alternate universe where Wendell Sailor wore the sky blue jumper!

  • Al

    Johnathan Thurston’s constant laughter during the match.

  • Alex

    Training because come matchday NOTHING WILL STOP HIM!!

  • Scott

    Trick question he has no kryptonite! He is unstoppable

  • Beau Ruane


  • Cam Kedig


  • daniel

    Mangoes, he loves them.

  • elliot moses

    slaters kryptonite is hes afraid of the dark

  • Glen

    Slaterman is susceptible to a Jarryd Hayne headbutt!

  • Matt

    Slater’s kryptonite is over confidence, when he believes he can do no wrong and goes for one handed pickups and miracle offloads on his own line he starts making costly mistakes.

  • lloyd

    playing within the salary cap.

  • Mick McKay

    His own broad shoulders, keep getting in the way and knocking other players over in the in goal, thus putting him in the bin for 10

  • Catherine

    Billy slater is billy slaters kyriptonite hes mid game brain snaps leg first tackles and late tackles are his weakness nsw only has to sit back and pray cause nothing else will stop the champion

  • Elijah

    A 9 Iron

  • Ben Hollett

    Temptation!!! He is so speedy around the field that sometimes he tackles a player without the ball and ends up getting sinbinned. Temptation is his Kryptonite!

    And also maybe Hayne, because slater is more of a plane than the Hayne plane therefor whenever he tackles hayne he seems to get agressive! On ya slater!!!! Best Player in the world.

  • saad saad

    Craig Bellamy telling him he cant play in the origin because his to important to the storm

  • leigh williams

    Billy slaters weakness is midgets, when they are around he can finally feel like a big man

  • Craig Chamberlain

    His waekness are those stupid suzuki ads he does now and again

  • gopu

    His lack of a neck……has anyone noticed the hunchback from north Qld. This lack of neck length will clearly lead to slaters downfall. When T-rex goes for a hit on slaters neck area his head will be rolled of its neckless perch….due to lack of neck length.

  • Clarkieb

    His pre and post match interviews. Arguably the most repeated and cleche dribble that falls out this cane toads mouth. “Ive still got a lot of improving to do”. Shut up mate we all know you are the best player in the world. Your humbleness is almost as retarded as Ben Creigh getting another run for the blues……

  • Michael

    Blue m&m’s.

  • Peter McKenzie

    im not sure if Billy has a weakness if i had to have a guess id say CHUCK NORRIS because he can stop the world by snapping his fingers

  • Scott McCarthy

    Like superman, Slaterman is often relied upon to defuse income meteors coming in from impossible heights. Not even the mastermind Lux Lewther from the Penrith Panthers can match Slaterman for skill and strength. If Slaterman were to have a weakness, undoubtedly it would be the constant exposure to the silverware that is piling up in his cabinet. Only after he has won everything will Slaterman ever retire.

  • John Taylor

    His kryptonite will be the inability to stop laughing when dives over to score his 4th try , as Qld give the Cockroaches another lesson in how to play rugby league.The laughter will become contageous, and spread throughout the whole QLD side, leading to NSW scoring, and at least getting on thescoreboard, as the Maroons roll around in hysterics at the Cockies pathetic display for the seventh year in a row !!

  • Andrew Xenides

    The starting whistle

  • Brendan MacDonald

    Todd Carney

  • Lee Beckett

    Running for more than 5 minutes!!!

  • Brendan MacDonald

    Billy Slater fears Carney!

  • Daniel Hirsimaki


  • Tom

    Billy’s kryptonite was going on that show “Rexona Australia’s Greatest Athlete” and beating Wendell Sailor. That guy does enough mincing around the place as it is without you giving his big arse a slapping and allowing him brag that he was beaten by the legend that is Billy “Slaterman” Slater!!!!! :)

  • http://Sportsbet Chris Tiley

    His nuts!

  • Andrew Gardiner

    His kryptonite will be sportsbet is offering their punters money back if he scores. He’ll get the yips!!

  • Mark Thierry

    Billy’s kryptonite is his alter ego ‘Bobby’ Slater which comes out every now and then. Like Billy, Bobby also plays fullback for Melbourne, Queensland and Australia, but only reveals this when a howling error is made by the custodian. Bobby’s most famous moments have included the 2008 World Cup final when he tried the miracle pass, beating up Dragons players to cost Billy the Dally M and any error under the high ball.

    Billy as overcome Bobby on many occasions to be “Slaterman”, but occasionally (like The Hulk) Bobby gets loose.

  • lenny

    I know you guys love bad puns so i’m going with lex blue-thor, a man who’s been missing for a while now

  • ed

    a broken leg…

  • Clint Solah

    His weakness is the mighty Cronulla sharks defence line

  • Matthew Reinhard

    Slaterman wasn’t even allowed into the justice league, because he is in a league of his own, but his kryptonite would have to be Nicole Slater in a cat women suite.

  • Kevin Locke from the New Zealand Warriors

    Me, I am the number one fullback in the game

  • Nathan Freebody

    Without attacking the poor bloke like most of the other comments. If you read the attached article ( and goto the part of it where Johns is interviewing him after the test match where he had a brain explosion(like all athletes do whether your the greatest ever or not) and sealed the victory for the kiwis. Short version – In the article johns was almost shocked in billys reaction as he was bubbly and had moved on with his decision and more than likely had learnt from the situation at the time. As johns also pointed out in the article I believe his only
    Kryptonite billy slater himself has is his strengths and he is so confident in his decisions and ability that he may get complacent and therefore work as kryptonite to himself. If you read the article closely, in the quotations marks it will point out that Billy’s strength are more so his weaknesses at times. As pointed out by johns, ‘the great ones have no consequences’.

  • Peter Blakeney

    Billy’s kryptonite is the fact he cant do it for NSW, he only has these super powers in a Melbourne or Queensland jumper.

  • Stuart Grey

    Tatts, he is only bloke who dosent have them, why?

  • Bryan Sweeney

    Billy’s weakness is Duck Fat, on roast spuds,
    feed him that for a week he won’t jump for Carney’s high ball.

  • Joe Rossetti

    Salary Cap scandal

  • Joe Rossetti


  • Andrew Kent

    Wont be able to handle the extreme pressure from hundreds of punters who take advantage of Sportsbet’s once in a lifetime offer

  • Jason Zwarts

    Gang tackle every time, 300kg on u every time will break u no problem

  • http://sportsbet Mani Mehra

    He has a magic

  • Matthew Johnson

    Sometimes he finds himself sweeping around the back moving very lateral and pushes the pass. If he straightens up and finds an in runner look out. But other than that there are none ;)

  • Mitchell Ede

    The Queensland team

  • Robert Bita

    Billy’s kryptonite is obviously playing on a early Saturday afternoon as it limits his ability to bet all afternoon on the horses and backing his old boss Gai Waterhouse’s winning rides!!!

  • Aaron Williams

    Peas, plain ole green peas. Get him near them and he play like Leon Davis on Geand Final day. Carrots are fine though.

  • roslyn ledger

    the salary cap

  • Leon

    Thinking he’s too good and taking risky plays just like he did in the 08 World Cup Final when he gifted New Zealand that crucial try.

  • Cameron

    Half time

  • mark ledger

    johnny raper it would take the best to stop the best

  • Christopher Khoo

    His mum

  • Jarryd

    His age that will be the only thing to ever stop him, won’t be for awhile either!

  • Dale

    The sin bin

  • Ben

    Consumption of 1000 big macs!!!

  • Matt Tuck

    Surely his kryptonite is the salary cap. Nothing hurts a Storm superstar like playing by the same rules as everyone else.

  • warren bailey

    Kryptonite is obviously Billy Slaters kryptonite as he obviously is the real SUPERMAN!!!

  • Kurt

    It is the kick into touch that’s the only way of stopping slater from his great returns

  • Craig Warburton

    This is easy, Billy the kid slater has one weakness and it is blue powerade, if he has blue powerade before or during a match he looses his ability to run fast, catch a bomb, get the ball back to the 20 metre line and slide into the line when on attack, blue powerade makes him cross eyed, we must make sure we put this in one of drink bottles next wednesday night, go the blues.

  • Chris

    His EGO

  • Johnny

    the sideline kick to the corners cramp him for room cut down decision making time tackle hard,also in the testmatch and last week against the sharks got binned for professional foul.

  • Yousef khalil

    Mario fenech dressed as a cockroach

  • Tom

    Billy’s Kryptonite?

    Brett Stewart
    Jarryd Hayne
    Michael Jennings
    Josh Morris
    Akuila Uate
    Todd Carney
    Mitchell Pearce
    Paul Gallen
    Robbie Farah
    James Tamou
    Glenn Stewart
    Luke Lewis
    Greg Bird
    Trent Merrin
    Jamie Buhrer
    Ben Creagh

    Enough said…..

  • Joshua Micallef

    i believe his ill disciplined, sent to the bin for a professional foul in the test match then again on the weekend, not to mention his firey exchanges with one jarryd hayne. but apart from his discipline him and joey johns are the best 2 footballers i have ever witnessed

  • Anthony

    Todd Carntonite

  • Alex

    No consequences

  • Joseph N

    the clock at fulltime

  • John Ledwidge

    Slaters kryptonite has to be a grubber kick into his in goal area…cos he knows if he bends down to pick up that ball ,….he could end up in hospital with his head up his ass ,…and a dislocated shoulder

  • Chay

    A giant pay cheque from the afl

  • Chris

    A good-looking guy in the crowd

  • Mahesha

    10 in the bin. Its the only sure fire way.

  • Theresa

    passing or returning a ball

  • Edmund hunt

    His magic feet

  • Shaun mckenny

    His wife, only thing that can stop him!!

  • David McManus

    Yellow for spellow
    Plenty of height…
    Totals for quotals
    One of a kind
    Never gives up
    Ignited with fires
    Tell the world
    E-man da slater is here!

    • Peter Rice

      He just love jelly babies and chocolate Frogs

  • Craig Sheppard

    Billy Slater’s kryptonite is the side line!

  • Nick

    catching a high ball

    • muzza

      his shoe laces

    • Allen Cruddas

      Jarrod Hayne