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Wimbledon Spot the ball Competition Winner!!

You came in your droves to enter our Wimbledon Spot the Ball competition, but unfortunately there can only be one winner.

So don’t go all Andy Murray and start crying because you didn’t win.

Amazingly, out of over 700 entrants, only four, yes just FOUR people got it right.

So all of them get a bonus bet but only one could win the main prize of a $100 bonus bet….
….and that went to Joel from WA.

Edmund, Adrian and Wah also all selected the correct grid position

For the cheeky buggers that chose G8, we threw all your names in a hat to win the last remaining $25 and Alex was the lucky winner!

Now we’re off the find more pictures of Sharapova playing with balls for the next competition.
Check back on Thursday for this week’s Blog Competition.

Spot the Ball Competion Winners!

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