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Wimbledon Competition Winner!

New balls please!

We have a winner

We had such a huge response to this week’s Wimbledon competition that we’ve spent the most of Friday working really hard to pick a winner. It’s been a long time since we had to do that.
Anyway, with over 150 entrants, our boss cracked open the beers in the office at 1 o’clock as a reward for getting so many of our punters to enter *hiccup* [picture attached right].

He thinks we’re cool but as we’re a little intoxicated we’ve said f*** it, we’ve decided to hand more bonus bets than we said we would. Sssh, hopefully, he’ll never notice.

First up, though, is our main winner Andrew. He gets a $100 bonus bet and a $35 bonus for the number of ‘likes’ on the page.

Our special $25 ‘Beer O’Clock bonus bet winners’ are below….