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Welcome to the Olym-picks!

The very best of the OlympicsWelcome to the Sportsbet Olym-picks!

In just a few short days, the Games in London has captured the imagination of the Australian public.

From the lavish opening ceremony to James Brayshaw’s rowing commentary to the cutting of tall poppies, it’s been an interesting few days in London.

The event is very much the People’s Games and we have a great little competition/game to keep YOU interested all the way to the closing ceremony.

What to do?
1) Submit your favourite quote, image, tweet, video or whatever you’ve seen or heard at the games in the comments section. Or even just tell us something funny you have come up with while watching the games.
What’s in it for you?
2) It’s all about $$$!! Our expert judges will award a medal to submissions we think are deserving.
A Gold will get you a $50 Dollar bonus bet.
A Silver a $25 bonus bet.
A Bronze a $10 bonus bet.

So, if you see one of these things that look like medals but aren’t beside your comment, you know you’ve won a bonus bet!

Everyday we’ll post a new blog where you can submit new stuff for us to judge. If you see/hear Gold you could win Gold!!

At the end of the Olympics, we’ll tally up the medal table and the person with most Golds will win $500 in bonus bets.


Click for a funny tweet

Click for a funny image

Click for a funny Quote

Your turn!
Submit your funny quotes, tweets, images or whatever in the comments section and try to win a medal!

If you’re going to take part everyday, be sure to use the same name and email address