Welcome to the Sportsbet.com.au Olym-picks!

The very best of the OlympicsWelcome to the Sportsbet Olym-picks!

In just a few short days, the Games in London has captured the imagination of the Australian public.

From the lavish opening ceremony to James Brayshaw’s rowing commentary to the cutting of tall poppies, it’s been an interesting few days in London.

The event is very much the People’s Games and we have a great little competition/game to keep YOU interested all the way to the closing ceremony.

What to do?
1) Submit your favourite quote, image, tweet, video or whatever you’ve seen or heard at the games in the comments section. Or even just tell us something funny you have come up with while watching the games.
What’s in it for you?
2) It’s all about $$$!! Our expert judges will award a medal to submissions we think are deserving.
A Gold will get you a $50 Dollar Free Bet.
A Silver a $25 Free Bet.
A Bronze a $10 Free Bet.

So, if you see one of these things that look like medals but aren’t beside your comment, you know you’ve won a Free Bet!

Everyday we’ll post a new blog where you can submit new stuff for us to judge. If you see/hear Gold you could win Gold!!

At the end of the Olympics, we’ll tally up the medal table and the person with most Golds will win $500 in Free Bets.


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Your turn!
Submit your funny quotes, tweets, images or whatever in the comments section and try to win a medal!

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143 Responses to Welcome to the Sportsbet.com.au Olym-picks!

  1. Jeff says:

    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “So lets now head accross to Hockey”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “And now we will take you to the swimming”
    “Lets re-live the swimming just one more time”

    • David says:

      you watching channel 9 too Jeff. I hate seeing the swimming highlights followed by highlights of the highlights of swimming. i think i see 4 events a day (each 3 times) the result is always the same. im sure there are other sports and countries competing but channel nine are rubbish.

  2. Tim says:

    Early in the last quarter of the Opals vs France game on Monday night, Rachel Sporn said that “If the Opals can just get in front and stay there until the end of the game, it will make a big difference to the result.” No arguments there, Rachel.

    • David says:

      Thats gold. Some commentators just have all the lines. i wonder if they ever listen to what they have said and give them selves uppercuts

  3. Tim Rosen says:

    ‎”It’s important to be at one with the horse. It’s ever so important in this sport” #DressageFacts

  4. Tim Rosen says:

    Also…I think someone should check the woman’s weightlifters for testicles…especially that Thai man who is competing! Also, why do the commentators keep telling me how much weight the woman’s Snatch can hold? And how many Jerks she’s performed today?

  5. Matthew Sargent says:

    Was pushing a little too hard

  6. Edmund hunt says:

    Stephs dad said ” she does let the nightlife get in the way of her swimming ” well if she didt party it wouldt need to be said would it!!

  7. Jack says:

    Trying to contact Michael Jackson on a Ouija Board #RejectedOlympicEvents

  8. Ryan Smith says:


    One of the funniest names in sport!!

  9. allan mcaskill says:

    the aussies have one major thing too be thankful for no golf until 2016

  10. Dan oconnor says:

    Leila McKinnon giving us sporting views & commentary. That is all.

  11. Ryan says:

    So I don’t know why my picture didn’t work but I see you tweeted it

  12. Andrew Camilleri says:

    we wouldnt have a single medal so far if it wasnt for swimming.
    come on guys, its the handball where the money is at.

  13. Nick says:

    15 year-old, who trains in Plymouth, has become the first swimmer to win a medal for Lithuania.

  14. Tim says:

    Men’s 62kg Weighlifting Commentator: “That looked really heavy.” Really? #Statingtheobvious #Weightlifting #London2012

  15. morgan eldridge says:


    simply amazing, even though we lost in OT, she deserves a gold medal for that shot, simply amazing.

    P.s thanks to that French girl missing the shot btw !!!!!!!!!!! #winning #waitwelost

  16. RR says:

    NEW OLYMPIC RULE: If you catch another competitor’s javelin with your bare hands, they have to f**k off home and you keep their shoes.

  17. Domenic says:

    “she’s in 3rd because her snatch wasn’t as good as the others” best call of #Olympics2012London so far haha #weightlifting #funnycomments
    I heard this during the women’s clean and jerk competition

  18. Cameron says:

    I’ve heard, “Nice Snatch” and “21st in the snatch”. I’ve heard of sloppy 2nds but geez. #weightlifting

  19. Domenic says:

    Also, Australian cycler cadel Evans pulls out of the games due to fatigue. Ironic considering the Swiss multivitamins campaign that he is apart of. Clearly not taking his pills

  20. Mitchell says:

    Coincidence that the Commonwealth Bank have suddenly stopped playing their ads that have James Magnussen in them after powering them through in the lead up?? I think not. Poor kid can’t catch a break. I’d put money on if he wins the 100m free, the ads will hit the screens again!

  21. Mark Underwood says:

    During the rowing “As we can see wang sneaking up trying to have a go at the last 3 spots”

  22. Ian Beeck says:

    I watched the 10m Ladies shooting and I swear there was a Stormtrooper competing. Did anyone else witness this?

  23. david campbell says:

    hiromi miyakes effort in the womens 48kg weightlifting. her dad would not let her see his bronze from 68 she had to win her own . after 9th in 2004, 6th in 2008 the smile on her face when she got the silver was priceless. i bet shes showing dad now!

  24. Lenny says:

    Olympic things I don’t get #2: the 4x100m team claim they lost because their “race plan” didn’t work. Given that you can’t directly influence other teams, what can be part of a race plan other than “1. dive in pool 2. swim fast 3. tumble turn 4. swim fast again”?

  25. Alex says:

    i reckon all girls should celebrate good performances like this


  26. Mitchell Reardon says:

    The Dennis Cometti parody Twitter account tweeted than ather than be tested for steroids, Ye Shiwen should be tested for the star from Super Mario Bros.

  27. Pat says:

    The rower “Eric the eel” for Niger who received a standing ovation when completing his rowing race… Love a bloke who is willing to have a crack and give his all!

  28. Rowan says:

    Leila Mackinnon and Cam Williams to devastated 4×100 relay swimmer, after he came in just hrs after losing. ‘oh well, at least you still have your abs.’ Very comforting

  29. Pat says:

    “good evening mr. Bond” – the queen, opening ceremony

  30. Steve says:

    Eddie macgiure’s great script reading has been my highlight! Give yourself an uppercut Eddie!!!

  31. Pat says:

    “‘inspire a generation’ is our motto. Not necessarily ‘create a generation’ which is sometimes what they get up to in the Olympic village” – London mayor Boris johnson

  32. Daryl Burrell says:

    watching the swimming on nine commenatators tel viewers that the swimmers times would have been quicker if they could get to the touch on the wall quicker No shit nine great coverage

  33. Pat says:

    The head of the Somali Olympic squad has apologized to officials on behalf of their team after realizing that shooting and sailing were separate events

  34. David says:

    maybe nick darcy should have shown his knock out punch to beat his compitors in his race.

  35. Andrew says:

    Women’s 400m Vacuum

  36. Heath Fidler says:

    If James Magnusson is to win the 100m free then he better pick up the main thing that will slow him down….. His bottom lip …….Because if its as low as it was during the relay it will drag on the bottom of the pool.

    • Chris McWilliams says:

      Obviously we don’t condone drinking irresponsibly….

      But if you’re having fun while doing it then, who are we to object. Nice find.

      Chris Mc

  37. BrotherDodge says:

    Is Emily Seebohm’s last name actually something much more offensive that’s been censored for TV?

  38. Matt says:

    Yes yer majesty

  39. Matt says:


    Hmmm…should have included the image

  40. Matt says:

    Who’s noticed the bikes whizzing along beside the rowers? At the start, are the crews saying, “Damn, I’ve still got my iphone in my pocket. Hey, you! I’ll give you a quid if ya race it up the other end for me!”

  41. Matt says:

    Finally, a nomination for worst decision so far, when time stood still in fencing. (4 attempts in 1 sec)


  42. Ben hills says:

    Very successful olympics so far for the aussies
    Kazakhstan. Gold Medals 2
    Australia. Gold Medals 1
    Enough said??

  43. joshie21mac says:

    Micronesian weightlifter after underperforming: i thought id do better but the weights were too heavy.

    Also is anyone else watching the blokes on the bikes behind the rowers? Would be funny to see what would happen if the lead bike crashed…

  44. Peter says:

    Tickets to see the rowing $120.
    5 hours spent waiting to get the perfect spot in the front row.
    It finally starts and your view is blocked by a train of cyclists… PRICELESS.

  45. Peter says:

    Emily Seebohm – winning silver isn’t a disappointment to your parents.
    Having a party when you’re 15 at your parents place while they’re away and drunk kids vomit all over your parents bed. Now that’s a disappointment.

  46. David Stratford says:

    Sokolov,Todorov,Skrimov Saparov,Yosifov,Bratopov, Dimirtiov, ov course bulgaria will win the mens volley ball. If they don’t I will be pissed ov.

  47. Jesse says:

    i watched the mens 56kgs weightlifting on sunday night…that poor bloke from belgium, his coach/wife, well i think wife always slaps him on the back before he lifts…but the funny thing is shes 3 times the size of him

  48. Dan Henkel says:

    Watching the show jumping tonight the Queens granddaughter came out for her turn, as she came in to make her first jump her horse decided it was time to take a dump, which i think gave the horse a boost over the first but then was a bit embarrassed and knocked over the second.

  49. Tim Neill says:

    I was watching the women’s weightlifting with a friend a while ago and he leaned over after a bit of close inspection and asked me “Who do you think is the snatch of the day?”

    • STEVO says:


      • michael says:

        I can’t say i’m all that keen on the Olympics so they need events that will capture my attention, such as slaloom tree lopping with chainsaws! atheletes would compete on grass ski’s over huge jumps and cut and collect as many branches with chainsaw, so its a race and for every branch cut = a 2 second bonus on the time u ran, now that I would watch!!!!!!!!! And chicks in bikinis of course ; )

  50. Moose says:

    “The Olympics is when America learns about world geography from sports announcers and morning show hosts.” @RobLathan

  51. Sam Leverenz says:

    This basketball fan has gone all out at the games tonight…

  52. joseph says:

    olympics are cool

  53. Dean says:

    The missile the Australian swimmer talking himself up that much before the race and then when he races he finishes nowhere! Made himself look pretty sill I reckon

  54. Aaron says:

    Norwegian male shooter at the Olympics!!! Give him the Gold now incase he snaps!!!

  55. darren stevens says:

    as rod stewart once said “wake up maggie ,i think i got something to say to you’ a message to the missile after he misfires!!!

  56. darren stevens says:

    Try and watch the swimming with the volume turned down, boring as, then watch it with the volume cranked up, ray rabbits warren is the best!!!

  57. Wade Matheson says:

    Heard on radio the swimmer Satomi Suzuki was sponsored by Honda

  58. STEVO says:


  59. STEVO says:


  60. Chris says:

    Tunisia players getting autographs after playing Team USA

  61. Chris says:

    Tunisia players getting autographs after playing Team USA

  62. don briggs says:

    chinese train harder you ask their chemist

  63. Shane says:

    Here’s a fast forward…I mean Forehand

  64. Cameron says:

    It was her Destinee to be a Hooker #volleyball http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/502/img1194c.jpg/

  65. david hills says:

    Ray Hadley(worst Olympic commentator of all time…actually he wins the gold for the worst!) on Phelps in the 200m butterfly…” and Phelps hits the wall to win his 15th gold medal…all time record..no,hang on…the South African,le Clos has won! how did he do that?” Well done Ray….you blew it again!

  66. david says:

    Gold overnight to the Aussie female weightlifter…..hairiest arm-pits of ALL time….pure gold! And what about her snatch…no,no,let’s not go there!

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  68. BrotherDodge says:

    So the swimming isn’t going so well, just lucky we’re such a powerhouse of track and field…

  69. Pat says:

    If the Olympics has taught me anything its that China may have a population of over 1 billion…But they only have two hair styles…

  70. BrotherDodge says:

    It’s a shame Damien Hooper isn’t allowed to wear his flag shirt anymore. I guess Aboriginal Australia can’t afford to be an Official Games Sponsor

  71. Daniel says:

    I think they createtd a new event called, the “synchronised foot”

  72. Daniel says:

    I think they created a new event, called “the Synchronised foot”


  73. Chris McWilliams says:

    Hey folks,

    Entrants on this post for day one are now closed. Keep an eye on the SPBLOG for updates. Day two is open for submissions here

    I am looking forward to seeing what you guys find!! Some Gold already in there.

    Chris Mc

  74. Chris.B says:

    Check out these set of olympic illustrations by Sakiroo Choi from South Korea!


    Amazing Stuff

  75. Andrew says:

    He was winning ..until the crowd started chanting his name!

  76. Drew says:

    Really? On the volleyball court… C’Mon

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  78. matt says:

    i hear the aussie swim team is being chased by klennex tissuse as a major sponser to help with the tears

  79. Steve Gough says:

    Favourite part of the Olympics so far has been that I think Dizzy Rascal is commentating the boxing.

  80. Julian Holsman says:

    Nine MSN headline

    Ugliest injury of the GamesWeightlifter rolls on floor screaming after snatch fails.

  81. Dylan Costelloe says:

    found this picture! Thought it was a cracker!
    definitely worth a look and a gold!

  82. David says:

    So what I get drunk? So what I smoke weed? I’m just having fun and I’m still gettin it done. Living young wild and free

  83. David says:

    So what I get drunk? So what I smoke weed? I’m just having fun and still getting it done. Living young wild and free

  84. David says:

    Not Olympic related but thought this was pretty funny. Rapper snoop dogg changes his name to snoop lion

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  86. Ned says:

    Was watching the canoe slalom last night and a commentator said
    ” they couldn’t release their bow until it was too late”
    While talking through one of the runs

  87. Nick says:

    Watching Equestrian & I must say that Sarah Jessica Parker (horse) is the best Actor/Olympic Athlete since Johnny Weissmuller

  88. Nick says:

    Ladies: who is up for a game of Badminton this weekend?? I’ll bring the ShuttleCOCK

  89. Mark Joseph says:

    The swimming medal presentations seem to be more “colourful”. Myth busted.

  90. Volleyball’s ‘picks’ too sexy for the Olym-picks!

  91. Digs, sets, spikes and picks! Why Beach Volleyball is men’s top pick.

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  94. CHRIS NUGENT says:

    Reckon the security must be pretty tight in the Olympic swimming pool. Watched loads of swimmers over the last week and not seen one athlete come from behind the screens with their locker key on their wrist attached to an elastic band.

  95. CHRIS NUGENT says:

    New Aussie Olympic beer released,……….. XXXX Silver!

  96. marko says:

    no wonder people dislike ray hadley as rugby league commentator,his swimming commentry is just as bad.

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  98. Australian Steve Solomon is going to be a blast to watch at 6.30am AEST. Going to wake up early to catch him in action in the 400m sprint. He has a similar style to straight-back great runner Michael Johnson. Aussie Aussie Aussie http://egglets.com/news/2012/08/06/id-56086/2012-london-olympics-australian-steve-solomon-qualifies-for-mens-400m-final/

  99. Who else can’t get enough of Usain Bolt? He is one great sprinter. Jamaicans are having a ball at the Olympics. I predict a sub 9 second run within the next 10 years. Australia needs to focus more on the track and field and not just the swimming. The A-team wasn’t up to scratch in the swimming this year. Oh well, better luck in Brazil.

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  102. Jordan MacLeod says:

    “Its not the time that’s important, its whoever comes first”

  103. Jordan MacLeod says:

    ” I seem to run well until i get to the hurdle, its like they get in my way and break my stride “

  104. Justin says:

    mens100 meter sprint! A representative from 1 major sponsor of the olympic games got his bottled product some massive exposure! How often do u c proud sponsors throw an athlete a drink. Marketing genius..

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  106. Adam saab says:

    Looks like the odds of him winning will be high LOL

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