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UFC 148 Betting Preview – Silva vs Sonnen: the rematch

Guest Post by ‘Jezza’
Sportsbet employee & Resident UFC Expert Anderson Silva v Chael Sonnen - UFC 148 Betting

Being a long time MMA fan, I haven’t been this excited about a fight since the Mrs came into bed wearing four ounce gloves on our wedding night!!

Anderson Silva (37) defeated Chael Sonnen (35) with just 90 seconds left in the fight, but Sonnen had utterly destroyed the UFC Middleweight champ for four and half rounds with relentless Ground N Pound. Since that fight in 2010, Sonnen has sledged the living daylights out of the Brazilian to finally get this rematch.

To put into context how good a sledger Sonnen is I have picked my top 3:

1. “I will go into the Octagon and bitch slap Silva and walk out with his belt, then I will slap Silva’s wife on the ass if she doesn’t cook my steak the way I like it!” (Needless to say Silva didn’t take that one too well)

2. About Brazilians- “Brazilians don’t bow for courtesy- You bow in Brazil they’ll hit you over the head and take your wallet out of your pocket”. (Silva is a proud Brazilian, he didn’t like this one too much either!)

3. “This will be a one sided dance. He may be a mixed martial artist, so what! I am a cage fighter. I will stomp him!” (Anderson has won 14 straight and is considered the pound for pound best fighter in the world)

Who wins and how?

Since that insane fight two years ago between these two, both have been undefeated against quality opponents. The question really is can Sonnen implement the same type of game plan as their last fight or will Silva learn from that and strike and sprawl better?

I say Anderson Silva is going to finish this fight with an exclamation point! In all my years of watching UFC, I have never seen Silva so fired up to hurt someone, even promising to break every one of Sonnen’s limbs… Silva would have learnt from the last fight and on Sunday the 8th of July we will see this amazing fighter at his destructive best.

Prediction: Silva via KO (violent ko!) 2nd round.

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