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Tiger vs Jack – Who is the greatest golfer ever? [Infographic]

In 2012, Tiger Woods has been performing like the Tiger of old. Finally.

Certain pundits and fans are starting to believe he could surpass Jack Nicklaus’ Major record in his career.

With the final Major of the year on the horizon, we ask who is the greatest golfer ever?

Designer ~ Simon Langford
Words & Research ~ Olivia Oh & Greg Jennings

  • Andrew Porter

    Looking at the numbers in your graphic against each major …
    – Jack is on 20 (6+4+5+5)
    – Tiger is on 16 (4+3+4+5)
    Think the British Open wins should be 3 each.

    • Chris McWilliams

      Hi Andrew,

      You are spot on mate. We’ve just brought the people responsible outside and flogged them.

      They’ve also been sacked and given terrible references.

      I hope you are pleased with this course of action. The graphic has been updated.

      Chris Mc

      • Andrew Porter

        I hear Tiger is pissed to lose 2 the way he’s going.
        And, Stevie Williams thought HE might have had another 2 majors!

      • Nathan

        I love your disciplinary system, how do I implement it for my staff?

  • Muzza

    Jack first……………..daylight second.
    The key stat for me is the “Golfer of the Year”. Jack only won it 5 times because the quality of his opposition was far greater than the hacks that Tiger has to compete against. How many majors have been won in the last 10 years by guys who rarely challenge again (one tournement wonders!). It is also reflected in the number of 2nd’s and 3rd’s that Jack achieved. Golden Bear forever.

  • Brett Little

    Tiger Woods is better in ” Putting it in with more holes in one ” than Jack

  • Nathan

    Jack is obviously better, Technology in 50 years has completely changed the game. I’d like to see tiger play with Jack’s old clubs and balls from the same era, then see if Tiger can hit it “sweet”. Go the Gentleman Jack.

    • Chris McWilliams

      Very true Nathan.

      Even on records alone – especially PGA data – Jack is more successful, and you could argue, the better player. Add into that your point about how much the game has changed, I think we know the answer. Still, it is a good debate to have.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Chris Mc

    • Andy

      I don’t see how technology should affect the records. All of Tiger’s competitors have access to the same technology he has. They are both great golfers and great men. Still my favourite golfer is Bobby Jones, it’s astonishing what he accomplished without ever turning pro but what was even more incredible was his integrity and appreciation of the game.

  • http://sportsbet Rohan Patterson

    Tiger is clearly the best cos tiger manages to put it into multiple holes without trying even when not on the course
    Go Tiger …… in the hole