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Sportsbet pays out early on Coalition to win 2013 Election

Tony Abbott Coalition Election Early Payout Sportsbet

That’s it! Sorry Sky News, apologies to the ABC, don’t bother We’re calling it first.

Sportsbet has declared the federal election a one-horse race and we’re paying out all bets on the Coalition nine days before Australia goes to the polls.

We’re so confident of a landslide Coalition victory for Tony Abbott and his team, we’ve paid out more than $1.5 million in bets to our members – a first in Australian federal election history.

Following last night’s third and final debate between the two leaders, the Coalition is at Black Caviar-like odds ($1.03) to claim government. (We paid out on the wonder mare as well!)

Australian Election Betting Odds

Kevin Rudd and Labor is $11.50 to win the election – their highest price since betting markets opened immediately following the 2010 federal election.

As it stands in Sportsbet’s electorate markets:

• The Coaltion are favourites in 90 electorates

• Labor are favourites in 56 electorates

• Katter’s Australian Party is favourite in 1 electorate (Kennedy – QLD)

• Independents are favourite in 1 electorate (Denison – TAS)

• 2 electorates are currently too close to call (Lyons – TAS, and Lingiari – NT)

The Coalition are favoured to win 34 more seats than Labor.

Of the 150 electorate in the 2010 federal election, 147 Sportsbet favourites went on to win the seat.

As with all our early payouts, the market remains open, meaning punters can spend their cash at the sausage sizzle next Saturday, or reinvest in the Coalition should they please.

The payout applies to all single bets placed before 9.30am on Thursday, 29 August, on the Coalition to win the 2013 Federal Election.

- Check our more of our Early Payouts

- Common Misconceptions about our Early Election Payout

- Federal Election Betting

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  • John

    What the hell does the gambling regulations have to do with sportsbet choosing to pay out a bet ealry? Stop crying ALP supporters, you had 3 years too long and stuffed everything up, time to take your medicine for another 12 years until we are back in surpluss then you can waste our taxes again.

  • sceptic

    Why not offer 100/1. Make things interesting.

  • Neil P

    I am already getting used to “Phoney Maggot, PM” tag. Scary but unfortunately true.

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  • Chrisso

    Now we can all see where the social media worms are plugging their sumliminal messsages supprting Rudd and his clowns. Really only emplyed Rudd campaigners would be getting specific policy remarks into this forum. How desperate are these loosers.

    • TROY


      • Steve

        ^ You are a liar and a goose.

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  • Alan

    Good thinking Sportsbet, the free publicity you got would have cost a fortune and the risk you took paying out early is zero. All betting people know the true odds of Labor willing this election are a million to one.

    • TROY


  • Matt Richardson

    Sports bet will lose more money if people keep backing the coalition to win so this is a very smart idea on their behalf and going by there statistics on how many people are backing the coalition is clearly showing that they will win the election, use your brain people.

  • robert

    abbott and that moronic smile, man its putred

    • Anna Lauren

      Robert, if you are going to leave comments for all the world to see, you should at least learn the correct spelling of words. It is putRID, not putRED.

      • TROY


  • chris

    Is this a legal way of rigging an election?

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  • Daniel

    I will be PMSL if Labor wins now. I’m sure you won’t be very happy Sportsbet if you give away this money for nothing and then have to pay out on Labor hahaha!

    • Chris

      50 to 1 on chance is pretty safe

      • Chris

        Now 100 to 1 on!!!

  • Matt Wilson

    I was already voting Labor. This has just made me want to vote for them more.

    • Denise

      No brains.

      • Outback Pete


    • Vin

      Me too

      • bolo

        Abbott will be PM for seven years plus. ALP will never govern in its own right ever again. After Abbot the rise of the full on left. Australia loses next Saturday and post Abbott. Ha hahaha.

    • Trevor Rowe

      Then put your money where your mouth is !

  • Manny B

    Is this legal?

  • Jason D

    Hope they have fun trying to explain this one to the Gambling and Racing Comission, not to mention the other regulators who aren’t going to be very happy.

  • Blake

    There goes my business.

    • Chris

      What do you do….. hug trees?

      • Elliot

        Any business to do with the internet doesn’t want Abbott in. His NBN plan is terrible.

        • Andrew

          But the labor government and their many attempts to censor the media and internet is dirt under the rug? I would say any business that is on the internet should be more concerned about labor winning then Abbott’s NBN plan.

          Not to mention the NBN will not actually affect most businesses for years having always been run on private lines which will not see the NBN until every private home is completed, there are actually a rather large number of reasons why a business could prefer the liberals strategy….

  • solenopsis

    I’m all for a refund instead.

  • brett mckee

    hello tony as I am on the dsp what are you going to do for me brett mckee

    • Inky

      Why are you asking TA questions on a betting website?Are all Labor supporters really that stupid?But thanks all the same.Every now and then you see something that makes you wonder what the hell this person on and I’m having one of them moments now.So now that you have seen the odds and your heart is broken,go and write a letter to KRudd on Reddit and ask him what he will be doing for a job next week.Giggles

      • Daniel

        You know, that is a very good question. He has $75,000 for those who don’t need it. He has $200 for new married couples, he has $5000 for the baby bonus, he has a bonus for those who get back into the workforce which isn’t needed. Yet he doesn’t have the $800 for the School Kids Bonus which replaced the Education Tax Refund. What has he got for pensioners?

        • Andrew

          You know… Superannuation so that people can actually afford to retire instead of the government fighting the impossible battle of affording the baby boomer generation

  • Shayne O

    Disgusting and bordering on Fraud.
    I hope you find yourself having a very very awkward conversation with the gambling regulators on the tenth.

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  • Coby

    This is fantastic! Politics reduced to its rightful place by SB. (i.E totally irrelevant regardless of the result) Has anything changed under either party for the better in living memory? Hardly. Two words to learn for all you gumbies off to the booths and still deluded enough to believe in a Democracy – Hegalian Dialectic. Congratulations slaves- you’re ALL sucked in and living in a police state! KUDOS SB- KEEPING IT REAL.

    • Chris

      Agree. Labor was trying to control our lives. Go to hell!

  • Kyle

    People need to check their history books, you can’t call a landslide victory based on published opinion.

    “In May 1945, the month in which the war in Europe was ended, Churchill’s approval ratings stood at 83%, although the Labour Party had held an 18% lead as of February 1945. Labour won overwhelming support while ‘Churchill… was both surprised and stunned’ by the crushing defeat suffered by the Conservatives.”

    I wouldn’t get to counting just yet guys, you might be trying to recollect that $1.5 mill in 2 week’s time.

    Eggs aren’t chickens, but big business is greedy ;)

    • Kyle

      Remember people, this company is owned by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, the same company that refused to pay out on a 3000/1 betting odd that they originally posted for Shane Lowry to win the Irish Open; Which he did fair and square.

      Sorry Sportsbet, you’ve lost my business, can’t trust you as an objective bookmaker.

  • Raman Goraya

    Loving the discussion everyone. Just a reminder, there is no need to get personal. This is a happy place.


    • Nick

      What did you expect would happen when you proclaim the federal election is a forgone conclusion? Another “first” for Sportsbet… congratulations… so whats next? where do you go from here? where is the limit of your next “first”? Perhaps you can frame a market predicting the number of casualties in the upcoming Syrian conflict, then pay out early when “more than 5 million” looks a certainty.

    • Felicity Brownrigg

      Raman and all out there
      Raman from Sportsbet says “No need to get Personal”
      I hope you read mine at 11:10 It was meant to be personal to Sportsbet.
      I find this pay out for Tony punters promotion, personal to me as a free thinking voting Australian

    • hhh

      hey are we getting to the most comments on a sportsbet blogpost yet?

  • Nick

    Some things are too important to trivialise like this. it’s fine to pay out early on Black Caviar or a Brownlow Medialist, but election results should be treated with a little more respect. Your in effect telling millions of people, before they even vote that their vote doesn’t matter. Doesn’t anybody see how wrong this is in a democracy?

    • Craig Norton

      Let me guess – your a LOSER Rudd supporter??

      • Felicity Brownrigg

        So Rupert strikes again.Not the first time you done this Sports? bet.
        Not very sporty at all. Last time I complained about your rude remarks about a lady Prime Minister all you could do was try to palm me off with a &10 bonus bet.
        This has cost Sportsbet a bit more than that, but who is realy picking up the tab.. Still I’m sure the rewards will be worth it to you. Kind Regards Felicity

    • John

      Can’t agree Nick. First, the election only changes one thing: the rate (or speed) at which the Government interference in the economy adversely affects all working (ie productive) people. Second, if Sportsbet wants to tell people their votes are already largely irrelevant, they’re entitled to their opinion aren’t they? Is it a free country or not? And at least they’ve put their money where their mouth is, right? Don’t take everything so seriously, mate – in a democracy we’re supposed to have freedom of speech. That means some people can make light of what others see as sacred, and those others have to lump it…

      • Nick

        We agree to disagree, sportsbet is a bookmaker, as such it should act like one, not a cheerleader for their preferred side of politics. I wonder if Labour were the 1.03 favourites would Sportsbet have made the same decision to pay out early? I really have my doubts about that.

  • Jane

    Labour are gone for at least a decade. They could even rip themselves to bits over the coming years and never get back to the force they were in the 80′s. Social democratic governments all over the world are going the same way. The money just isnt there for their welfare state any more.

    Gillard and Rudd have been just terrible though. Just one lie after another and utterly incompetent. It is quite fitting that Rudd has now built his whole campaign on lies. Really sums it all up. Game over Labour. Maybe for a decade or more…

    • Chris

      Well said.

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  • dontgamble

    People, IT’S A TRAP!
    Think for a moment why sportsbet would encourage you to bet on a party.
    Would they do it if they thought that party would win?

  • Cammo

    Haha a few depressed Labor supporters posting here. Looks like the Labor scare campaign has really sucked you in. Did you see the governments own treasury and budget department deny rudds black hole statement tonight? Proof that all Rudd has said the whole campaign about cuts and gst increases etc are all bs. i am so sick of this dysfunction, incompetent and desperate labor party and i cant wait to vote them out september 7. The corrupt Labor party must be gone and forgotten!

  • http://ASHESREFUND Forest Gump

    Bring back Hawke or Keating. They at least had brains compared to the idiots we have today on both parties!!

    • http://nil Rog

      Hawke – not bad at drinking and pretty average at cricket – About the same at Governing. Keating – well at least he knew about economics. Rudd – well he has no idea – except with Chinese – maybe he can go there next? Abbot – Wait and see – he hasn’t run a Govt. yet.. The very high Odds are that he would have to be better than Rudd or Gillard – both pathetic!

  • Bulging fritz

    Haha! That is a classic manoeuvre, go sports bet!

    • Bryen Faithfull

      I wonder if Rupert Murdoch owns sports bet

      • hhh

        he doesn’t

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  • kris

    we r doomed, Abbott is religious against gay & lesbian marriage, against divorce and worst of all against NBN… there goes my 100mbit dream.. Religion doesn’t belong in politics.

    • kris

      oh and for u libs who cant stand a budget deficit, get a glue lmao.. whats a mortgage for most aussies? sustainable debt.. australia can live with some.. if we get a budget surplus watch mortgage interest rates climb…

      • Gary

        Most mortgages require the borrower to agree to a plan to pay back the money in regular instalments. Labor haven’t even got the budget in surplus yet, and I don’t see any items in the budget allocated to paying all this money back. It’s lucky that the financial institutions that lent Australia the cash didn’t take a lien on any property or assets, otherwise this country would be in receivership.

      • Sherro

        Yes mate, debt and deficits are great. That’s why the Greek economy is the envy of the world at the moment.

      • Mike

        You’re brain dead. Getting back to surplus doesn’t mean we have paid off the debt, it just means we have stopped borrowing money. Read a book. Sure debt can be sustainable but at some point you have to stop borrowing.

    • CRZ38L

      Religion doesn’t belong in politics??? So what was your mate Kevin doing back in the day coming out of Church every Sunday to a media throng? Was he only there for the free wine and bread?

    • Garry

      ” Religion doesn’t belong in politics ” …… with your comments maybe we need a bit more religion and moral fibre in politics, just look at the lies and deception we were given at the last election, all for the sake of power. Take a look at the way Australia’s moral standards are falling apart compared to yesteryear, and who says that just calling it a homosexual ” marriage ” is right ? I am not a ranting christian but I can see where we would have been heading under an atheist PM and the lunatic Greens, yeah,right down the drain if we are not already there, and what’s worse is a PM acting like a pious christian, at least with Abbott you can see what you get !

      • daniel

        Oh yeah, because only religious people have morals. It’s totally impossible for someone to control their actions if they aren’t religious. I go round murdering people every day and committing fraud because I don’t believe in Jesus.

      • Ben

        Religion is the antithesis of moral fibre. I have never met a vocal Christian who was not an unethical and shameless hypocrite openly ignoring their own messiah’s word and commandments to hurt those they don’t like.

  • Stanklon Tarbush

    A lot of labore supporters with sandy vaginas here isnt there? LOL!

    • I’m a Winner!

      Losers – all of them.

      In 8 days the nightmare of the past 6 years will be a memory, Labor supporters will be back to actually working for an income instead of living on handouts from others, the NBN will be scrapped, the CO2 and mining taxes will be scrapped, Abbott will initiate a Royal Commission into the AWU and best of all – Australia will be open for business again.

      September 7 may well become a public holiday….

      • Sally Kitevski

        Yes and your kids and pensions will also suffer is that the plan of future Australian liberal plan the rich get richer it’s not over yet hope liberal lossers and shut all of you mouths idiots

        • Sherro

          Sally, it isn’t the Liberal party that has left the workers of tomorrow with $200 billion in debt to pay before they get going, is it?

          • Sally Kitevski

            No labor is still recovering of Howard government remember he was too busy crawling up Americas ass oh don’t get me started and anyway it wasn’t Rudd that did all of this I don’t know much about politics but u do know that I was born here 35 years ago and this country is better off with labour part or at least I am I have worked since I was 12 year old so why should the doll blidfes get an insentive of $6000 dollars go to work anyway ahhhhhh help the people that really need it like the old and people with children

          • Sherro

            Yeah, why should Labor dolly out multi million dollar tennaments to Eddie Obeid?

            If you think Labor governs well, which of Bligh, Kirner, Kenneally or Burke governments would you like to see back in charge?

      • Nino Iaccarino

        I’m a winner! Your name should be “I’m an idiot” Abbott actually has mental problems. How can he run this country apart from into the ground… There has to be someone better than him. The NBN should not be scrapped, and fiber to the home is a must for this country.

        • CRZ38L

          Rudd stated on the ABC the other week that people in Tasmania should have access to high speed internet whether they are in an hotel in Hobart or on top of Cradle Mountain???? I suppose he’s going to wire up Uluru as well! Goes to show you the guy is full of talk.

          • jane

            Yes, how dare the ALP think those unworthy Tasmanians have access to high speed internet, when Malcolm has the cans & string ready to go.

            After all, only people of Malcolm’s superior calibre should be allowed to have this stuff.

            BTW, has anyone seen what people o/s are saying about Fraudband? After they finish laughing, that is.

            Interested to know if they took bets on the US election, called the result with 9 days to go and started coughing up the dividends for a Romney win early. Sure they did.

            I call bullsh!t. Just another Liars scam, like Sloppy’s 14 year memory lapse, Liealot’s travel expenses rorts, Ashbygate, p!ss in boots, utegate, Grechmail……..

            Find me a bookie who EVER paid dividends BEFORE a race was run, I might believe this pathetic story.

      • We’ll see whose the Winner

        heh.. yeh or.. perhaps.. they might cash in on the 11-1 odds on labor when they do get re-elected.. and laugh at you…

        • Kevie

          Instead of waisting all thier money on negative adds maybe they should put the money on themselves at $11 and pay back some of the dedt they got us in

          • Huh?

            are you trying to say that labor supporters are the only people creating debt??… you just went full retard bro..

  • Margie

    It has been known that Roughies have got up and won to beat the favorite. By doing what you doing paying out you could end up paying both ways. Now would that be funny.

  • Lindsay

    This whole election is becoming one big bought joke.
    I only hope that on election day enough people see through all the disguised and very vague economic strategies
    that Mr Abbot is attempting to put over the majority of the people. He is not game to put his polices or answer questions regarding same to the scrutiny of the people. We are in for one hell of a shock if all this is allowed to go the way of the coalition on September the 7th.
    I find it quite incredible that Sports Bet has been sucked into the action they are taking considering the fast majority
    of comments to the contrary.

  • John Ward

    I just expect sports bet to pay me my bet on Labor when THEY ROMP IT IN! Yeah!!!

    • Sherro

      You’re betting already on the 2025 election?

      • rawnet

        Believe me, it won’t take more than 1 term for people to realise what a huge mistake they’ve made with the gutless wonder, Abbott. Just look at QLD, LNP landslide victory, and now the economy has suffered greatly after his austerity measures have pulled millions out of the economy. Even worse, the privatisation of govt services means we are now even closer to replicating that great country of neo-liberalism, the good old US of A. And look where that got them – the place is an abortion. Hope none of you miss that laid-back Aussie lifestyle we are all fond of, because it won’t exist much longer. Just make sure you have your answers ready when your kids ask you what you did in 2013 while they work weekends without penalty rates, on call 24/7, and with no job security or minimum hours. Your grandkids will love you for it…

        • Sherro

          And yet according to the polls, Saturday week Qld will quite possibly tip out even Kevin Rudd and if Newman went to an election this Saturday, you’d get the same wipeout.

          • hhh

            newspoll? the one clive palmer just said “yeah i’ve bribed them to make it look like i’m winning before”? that showed mitt romney to beat obama? galaxypoll same thing. newspoll only phones landline phones, at the specific time most people would be at work, and doesn’t even manage to get through to every targeted household at an electorate.

          • Sherro

            Bet you I’m right

  • Stopa Daboats

    Great time to bet on Rudd

    • Chris

      You are welcome.

  • moneymike21

    i wasn’t gonna get involved in this political garbage but since people insist on being so uptight about it i thought i’d join in. surplus is terrible for the economy. it takes money out of the economy which causes economy to contract. the alternative is deficit which is a clever word for debt spending. debt spending is how the economy grows.

    the problem is debt carries an interest rate (yes countries pay interest just like you). and just like us when we borrow money to invest the return on the investment needs to be higher than the interest payed to finance. so if deficit spending is spent on reserch, roads, factories or productive means then debt spending is good. but when money that we pay interest for is pissed against the wall as is customary by all goverments but particularly left wing governemnts the result is accumulation of increasingly unpayable debt like americas 17 trillion figure.

    the whole reason why we need surplus is to wipe off the debt (as coalition did) so we can keep the money within the country rather than paying interest for x years into the future to foreigners like america and all of europe. so suprlus will cause pain in short term but more sustainable growth for long term, meanwhile deficits will keep us climbing higher into the clouds until the system carries too much debt to pay back and we crash like america. if anyone thinks continued deficity spending is good give it a try: if you earn 1000 a week, then every week spend 1500 and at the end of the year come to me and we’ll see if we can work out why your broke and living under a bridge.

    • rawnet

      nice example, but simply wrong. our net debt is around 10% of our revenue, so it’s much more like having a $1,000,000 income with a $10,000 debt paying $1,000 p.a – I bet most people reading this would have a higher debt/income ratio than that. That is why 3 ratings agencies have given Australia’s economy 5 stars on 2 separate occasions – unless of course you think they are all lying. the truth is the debt level isn’t that bad unless you are running for govt. besides, screw surpluses – i want our taxes fully spent on making sure services and infrastructure are funded, not saved as some temporary nest egg that just allows dumb politicians to gloat about their *economic record* just like Howard did (incidentally the biggest spending govt in oz history – source = IMF).while people died waiting for surgery, not to mention the sad state of our education. anyone who votes Liberal deserves everything they get. ANYONE but Abbott…

  • rewardspam1

    Wow. Switching betting companies now.

    • Sherro

      Won’t change the election result

  • Mark

    Good to see the bookies are now buying votes and trying to influence the election result.
    I wonder if Murdoch, News Ltd, 2UE, Sportsbet etc and the tobacco companies are in bed with each other?
    I wonder if these large corporations have our best interests at heart??
    If you vote LNP you’re a pawn in the system and dont even know it.

    • John

      In that small paragraph you practically managed to say nothing other than random conjecture and ad hominem, well done.

      • Mark

        Doesn’t look random to me John. Anyone with a bit of common sense and intuition can see whats going on with this election.

        Labor and the Greens are trying to empower the people whereas the LNP and its business buddies are trying to keep the norm so they can continue their stronghold and keep milking the people of Australia.

        • James

          Good call John. What a muppet!

          • Mark

            Obviously 2 employees of Sportsbet. Keep rorting boys, it will come to an end soon enough. ;)

        • Sherro

          Well, if people don’t like News or Sportsbet they can spend their money elsewhere. Trouble is you stay have to pay for Labors media arm, the ABC and you still have to pay your union fees which get spent on Labor, minus whatever Craig Thompson approves.

      • rawnet

        here’s a scoop – how much does anyone want to bet that live betting rules change once the Libs get in? Like that will help people. I’ll put a thousand in but it must be held in escrow with your money so I can get paid. THAT is why SB have made this play, you can take that to the bank…

        • Mark

          Well done. This special Sportsbet deal is all about influencing gambling legislation. They know the green and labor would never allow “live online betting” because they actually care about people.

  • laurence briskey

    Boy, I didn,t know elections made punters this nasty. I,m appalled. , have another bet, and keep the economy mov,n.

    • moneymike

      i said that before and i got laughed at and farted on!

      • hhh

        officially the best comment of the post 2013

    • Mark

      Laurence, elections only make people nasty when they’re being rorted like this one is being. The LNP and its business buddies are an absolutely disgraceful bunch.
      I’m just hoping the people of Australia aren’t that naive come election day.

      • Sherro

        Yes, the LNP should lift its standards. Talk to the HSU and Eddie Obeid about how to conduct oneself. You can also talk to Milton Orkopolous about standards.

  • Wayne

    C,mon Australia, abbot is the biggest joke in history. Hes an idiot. and RUDD was simply so awesome that Rove made traditional jokes of him ;) also, John keys a Muppit.

  • Christopher Burke

    This is technically – buying votes, which is incredibly illegal in Australia.
    You are encouraging people to vote a certain way, with monetary reward.
    One thing to bet on an election, another to buy votes.

    • Terry Wogan

      Hey clowncar, you can still bet one way and vote another. If you want to talk about buying votes I guess you’re cool with a $900 hand out from Labor?

      • Lev Lafayette

        IANAL, but I would suggest having a look at the Electoral Act on this one Terry.

        • Terry Wogan

          act schmact lev just because a bunch of clowns legalise this form of electorate bribery doesn’t mean it is not bribery. HEY YOU KILLED SOMEONE yeah yeah but look says here murder is bonza, OH WELL IN THAT CASE I HOPE YOU’VE GOT A BIG CHIN COZ IM GONNA SLAP THIS PARTY HAT ELASTIC ALL NIGHT LONG. ITS A PARTY!!

      • Christopher Burke

        Wasn’t aware that only Labor voters got the hand out.
        I stand, NOT corrected.

        • Youlotarecrazierthangillard

          That’s the idea…. Why buy labour votes?

          I honestly can’t believe Labour supporters in this country still think they have a shot. I wish you luck…. Wait, no I don’t. Can’t even run a party let alone a country. Cheerio Kruddy

  • Chris Rattray

    So if this happened in a sports game, we’d all want to know who fixed or rigged the game, right?

    • Wayne

      hes right, everyone sees odds over bet, days before the election, people will vote one way in the mass, predetermining the win/lose and still winning.

    • solenopsis

      So let me get this right. SB announces a winner and therfore influence the outcome..does this mean all losing bets should ethically be refunded. Seems fair.

  • MikeyMike80

    September 7th… the day when Australia will go from being the envy of the world, to being the joke of the world (if Abbott does in fact win) How embarrassing.

    • JackJack

      so True MikeyMike80 ….(IF Abbott wins)

    • Terry Wogan


      • rawnet

        don’t put yourself down like that – i’m sure you have some good qualities…

    • I’m a Winner!

      Did your dough, Mike? I cleaned up. For every winner, there’s a loser. Same with elections. My team will win that too, and Labor losers can please themselves.

      September 7 will be the greatest day for our nation for quite a few years. Australia has been a laughing stock since 2007 when this clown was first elected, blew the surplus and pissed almost $300 Billion against the wall for absolutely no return. What are Labor’s achievements? Zero!! Absolutely Zero.

      Suck it up!

      • There are no winners.

        You moron, political parties aren’t sports teams. Also, don’t go spouting about how Labor has zero achievements. In fact, how dare you? BOTH parties have made amazingly significant achievements since their formation decades ago.
        I shouldn’t have to make a list. It’s clearly your own incompetence that doesn’t allow you to see truth.

        • hhh

          is that ssj3 gogeta

      • hhh

        mate australia’s a laughing stock in britain because they make fun of tony abbott and one nation party. the same happens in america, and most other countries actually. britain gets a real kick out of how much political infighting there is when our economy’s doing so well

      • Lev Lafayette

        I doubt whether the facts can convince you, but by empirical measures Australian households are vastly better off in 2013 than they were in 2007. To reiterate from another post:

        “Since 2007, the rise in the cost of goods and services has well and truly been outweighed by increases in wages and decreases in income tax…

        … To summarise, the average household is taking home $17,250 a year more in after tax income than in late 2007, paying $6,100 a year less in mortgage repayments and their cost of living has risen by $9,240. Netting this out means a gain of over $14,000 a year.”

        Given the international economic circumstances, this is an excellent result. It surprises me that people are prepared to put this at risk. But then again, extreme political partisanship is a hard thing to shift.

    • Sherro

      I agree, when Abbott wins Australia will be so bad the boats will stop.

  • MikeyMike80

    Abbott to win? Gods help us… just when we were starting to recover from the last useless Liberal Government….

    • CoolGuy

      So you think surplus is a ‘useless’ thing. You are a baboon.

      • MikeyMike80

        ‘Surplus’ may look good on paper, but when you take you head out of the sand, and look at the REAL cost of achieving that goal, it paints a very different picture. Having cash in the bank means very little if you’ve brought the nation to a grinding halt in the process. Liberal voters may like living in a backwards country that goes nowhere, but personally, I prefer to live in a country that is a leader and makes progress, and Liberal voters aren’t probably aware if this, but here, in the real world, progress and advances cost money.

        • I’m a Winner!

          Your economic theory is right up there with Wayne Duck [who, by the way will be out of a job in 8 days].

          It’s Labor morons like yourself who inflicted us with the worst government in history.

          Suck it up sport !!

          • Youlotarecrazierthangillard

            I’m a winner… We’re a winner.

            When you’re $300billion in the red I think it’s time to stop spending.. And stop trying to force unsustainable growth just to make the Libs come in and have to cut all the idiotic spending in order to get the country back to an acceptable financial state, and when we do what needs to be done you’ll slander us for it.

            Good riddance, 8 days time we’ll see a great day in Australian politics the end of one of the poorest led terms of government..

      • John Doe

        You think the surplus isn’t useless? You clearly haven’t studied basic economics.

        • CrazyJohn’s

          I would like you to write out a list of things that the Labor government have achieved in the last 2 terms.

          John, you are the perhaps the biggest ‘baboon’ of them all. You would rather keep borrowing money to spend as opposed to having more money than you know what to do with, and then spend it. Let’s hope John never makes his way into parliament. Surplus isn’t useless, just the Labor government!

          • Happy hippie

            A surplus isn’t having more money than you know what do to with, it’s not spending. Howard sold off assets boasted a surplus but didn’t put in any thing like an NBN it NDIS. Jusy nothing. So crazy John there is a line they mate and what your saying is far from it.

          • Lev Lafayette

            “I would like you to write out a list of things that the Labor government have achieved in the last 2 terms. ”

            With pleasure.

            National Broadband Network
            Disability Care
            Better Schools
            Carbon Pricing + compensation + falling emissions
            Record increase to Pensions
            Tax-free threshold up from $6,000 to $18,200
            School kids bonus
            Record Infrastructure spend
            $10b Green Energy fund
            7000 more GP’s than 2007
            More doctors, more surgeons, more nurses and more beds
            Better Aged Care
            Better Mental Health
            Flexible Child Care
            Fair Work Commission
            Equal pay for Community Workers
            Record spending on Education
            My School
            National curriculum
            World’s largest marine parks
            First Murray Darling water plan in a hundred years
            Paid parental leave
            Plain Paper Packaging
            CSG environmental protection
            National Sorry Day
            National Apology to The Stolen Generations
            National Apology for Forced Adoptions
            Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse
            Seat at the UN
            Superannuation to 12%
            Support for Manufacturing
            Lower interest rates saving the average household $6000 pa
            Among the lowest debt in OECD
            Low unemployment
            Increased productivity
            Wealthiest country per capita in the world
            Amongst the world leaders in low sovereign risk
            21 years of sustained national growth
            11 successive years of wages growth greater than inflation
            14% national growth since the GFC
            3 AAA credit ratings for the first time.
            Lower tax to GDP than Howard
            Record investment
            Record terms of trade
            over 900,000 jobs created

          • custard

            @Lev Lafayette

            National Broadband Network – Incomplete over budget way behind
            Disability Care- not completely funded, starts into the never never
            Better Schools – prove it
            Carbon Pricing + compensation + falling emissions – you cant be serious
            Record increase to Pensions- with borrowings
            Tax-free threshold up from $6,000 to $18,200- better to have a job
            School kids bonus- again on borrowed money
            Record Infrastructure spend- see above
            $10b Green Energy fund- huge waste of money
            7000 more GP’s than 2007- normal increase
            More doctors, more surgeons, more nurses and more beds Better Aged Care Better Mental Health – BS
            and the rest of your post is just pure left wing waffle.

            Admit it mate your mob is going to lose because all the things you list are a load of crap, not wanted, a waste of money or just more debt.


          • Chris K

            I just can not believe that there are still so many brain dead people still singing Labors praises, it would not matter if all our schools were gold plated and each student had a personal teacher these people praising Labor in this blog could NEVER learn anything as they are totally BRAIN DEAD.

        • Bob Sky

          Actually you don’t want to run a surplus in a growing economy it is better to have a percentage of GDP as debt as this improves your borrowing power. And in our case hold us our AAA+ credit rating is the best we can have. If we were to have a surplus this rating would drop. Maybe it is you who needs to read up on basic economics.

          • JackJack

            Finally someone who writes something that makes sense.

          • John

            “We better stay in debt so that the big bankers don’t disapprove of us!”

          • Sherro

            Look at it this way, would you rather owe nothing to anyone or have a AMEX Gold card and a balance owing of $25,000 on it?

        • Lev Lafayette


          I have studied economics at the postgraduate level, you know, as part of an MBA.

          A surplus is no good if its achieved by stripping productive assets. A “fire sale” may generate a paper surplus with longer-term negative consequences.

          A surplus is no good if it means on missing out on net beneficial investment decisions. You may wish to think about the NBN in this context.

          In a nutshell, a surplus is no good if the on-paper gains cause greater losses in capital and productivity than the savings, real or imagined.

          I hope that provides some food for thought.

          • Terry Wogan

            National Broadband Network WRONG
            Disability Care CHECKMATE
            Better Schools DEFINE BETTER
            Record increase to Pensions INFLATION
            Record Infrastructure spend $10b DEBT
            Green Energy fund FAILURE
            7000 more GP’s than 2007 LAST THING WE NEED IS MORE BIG PHARMA TROLLS
            More doctors, more surgeons, more nurses and more beds
            Better Aged Care DEFINE BETTER
            Better Mental Health DEFINE BETTER
            Flexible Child Care DEFINE MORE FLEXIBLE
            Fair Work Commission WORK CHOICES
            Equal pay for Community Workers CHECKMATE
            Record spending on Education RECORD WASTE
            World’s largest marine parks WOW BIG DEAL
            First Murray Darling water plan in a hundred years CHECKMATE
            Paid parental leave ALREADY IN PLACE
            Plain Paper Packaging NOT A SMOKE BUT THIS IS STILL A JOKE
            CSG environmental protection CHECKMATE
            National Apology to The Stolen Generations HOW MUCH DID THIS COST US IN “ADMISSION OF GUILT” HAND OUTS
            Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse Seat at the UN CHECKMATE. BUT TO WHAT AVAIL?
            Support for Manufacturing DEFINE SUPPORT
            Lower interest rates saving the average household $6000 pa LOL DIRECT RESULT OF GFC
            Low unemployment LOL. WHAT IS CONSIDERED “EMPLOYED” IS A JOKE
            Increased productivity HOW
            Wealthiest country per capita in the world NOT COMPARED TO LIVING COSTS
            Amongst the world leaders in low sovereign risk 21 years of sustained national growth DOING BETTER THAN THE PIIGS IS NOT WORTHY OF A TROPHY
            11 successive years of wages growth greater than inflation 14% national growth since the GFC WHY DO YOU THINK JOBS ARE GOING OFFSHORE NOBODY CAN AFFORD TO EMPLOY ANYONE AT THIS RATE
            3 AAA credit ratings for the first time. RATING STANDARDS REDUCED
            Lower tax to GDP than Howard MINING BOOM NOT LABOR’S EFFORT
            Record investment IN WHAT
            Record terms of trade over 900,000 jobs created MINING BOOM NOT LABOR’S EFFORT

            Sorry if I missed any

          • hhh

            terry why would anyone explain things that seem obvious to them for you when you won’t explain beyond “national broadband network WRONG”, especially when the liberal plan for internet is a complete travesty.

      • Darkgrace

        You do know that a surplus means the government is holding on to taxpayer’s money….
        You do know that the Coalition has just said they’ll deliver a surplus around the same time as Labor…after 3 years of telling us how important it is to get back to a surplus.
        Running a country is not the same as running a business….
        Still in business you borrow money to invest in the business.
        You borrow money to buy a home.
        The government borrows money to invest in a better country.
        This country is in fine shape. Don’t be an Abbott sheep.

        • JackJack

          well said

      • Steve Griffin

        Would you sell off your house just to pay off your mortgage and then pay higher rent than your house repayments? Because, that’s what happens when the Coalition gets into power. They sell off everything in a fire-sale to pay off debt (airports, gold Telstra.. etc) which doesn’t have to be paid in a rush. This is because they, and their masters, always benefit from this scam. Howard wasted over 300 billion dollars from the initial phases of the Mining Boom on middle-class welfare and pork-barreling to win elections and didn’t build a single major piece of infrastructure apart from a dud railway from Alice Springs to Darwin. That money will never come again and it was squandered. The Australian economy is valued at $1.7 Trillion and the NET debt at under 200 billion… like someone on $100,000 having a $10,000 loan. And it’s not like we’re going to go broke or lose out “job” either..

    • GossyBoy

      You call the last 6 years a recovery???? And you are from which planet????

      • Lev Lafayette

        This one.

        “Since 2007, the rise in the cost of goods and services has well and truly been outweighed by increases in wages and decreases in income tax…

        … To summarise, the average household is taking home $17,250 a year more in after tax income than in late 2007, paying $6,100 a year less in mortgage repayments and their cost of living has risen by $9,240. Netting this out means a gain of over $14,000 a year.”

    • K Howie

      You have got to be joking?! Abbott will be mopping up the mess left behind by another useless Labor Government.

      • MikeyMike80

        Abbott is an idiot, he’d struggle to mop a floor

        • Gary

          MikeyMike80 struggles going to the toilet without assistance.

    • phil hughes

      Hey MikeyMike80 – you’re a serious knob..!

      • Darkgrace

        Hey Phil. Look in the mirror.

    • Sherro

      The only context that makes sense in your recovery statement would be of you’re a people smuggler or building industry thug.

    • don

      its great to see all of the Labor supporters on one page.

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  • moneymike

    to be fair, sportsbet payed out chris judd in 2011 brownlow and lost, they have paid out gary ablett his year and they look to be in slight danger. so nothing guarenteed in this world. why the fuck are there so much political debate here. what the fuck is wrong with everyone? this is a betting site, not your local current affairs poltical station. spring carnival is about to start, i’d think we’d all be focused on that. besides electing a leader in a 2 party government system is like inmates choosing between the lethal injection or the electric chair.

    • Raman Goraya

      Thanks for reminding us about Juddy, mate.


    • Ruth tao

      Ha Ha !! I wanna Fart………. on your comment

    • Josey Law

      To be fair, although this may be a betting site, the attitude of people like you, who care more about your gambling & sports, than your politics, is why we have the “politicians we deserve” !!

      • moneymike

        your delusional if you think your opinion on politics matters. whether kevid rudd or tony abbot is PM, they still take their orders from the same corporate interests. they may have few differences in policy boats, gay marriage etc but it’s rearranging the deck chairs of the titanic. the sooner you accept that all politicians will screw you the happier your life will be.

        • John

          “The sooner you become a cynical defeatist the happier your life will be”

        • hhh

          we have preferential voting – unlike america, it’s not a waste of our vote to vote 1 for a third party

  • Disgusted

    You are all a bunch of whingers, I hope that the right wing soul harvesters take you for all your worth, you’ll start by whinging about what they have done, and you’ll beg for labor to be back again, but the damage will already have been done. Labor wont have any major players to vote for next time the federal election is due and will lose again, and you same idiots who voted LNP will be crying for a serious practical government.

    • Mitch

      Butt-hurt Labor supporter detected!

    • phil hughes

      Looks like Rodney Rude is testing some new material..!

    • MikeyMike80

      No point in trying to make Liberal voters see reason or logic, they all suffer from cranium-rectal-implant syndrome

      • John

        Ad hominem, ad hominem everywhere from Labor supporters. Apparently nobody can actually come up with anything better than name calling to justify the saddest excuse of a government in decades.

        • hhh

          not labor supporter but i’ve got quite a few paragraphs if you scroll down mate

      • Lev Lafayette

        I suppose that is where one would find the suppository of all wisdom.

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  • Bev

    Bit silly doing this – It will make more vote for Labor!!!!!

  • Ben

    Encouraging a large number of people to bet on the Coalition at high risk for little reward? Well played Sportsbet, well played.

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  • Mr T

    Democracy, you say?
    Uh huh .. tell me please .. when was the last time a betting agency something we had to vote on?

  • Chris

    Great. Consign this incompetent Government to the dustbin of History. Worst Government ever!

    • hhh

      wasn’t really interested in getting into debates on the comments but i’ve gotta say it’s always a mystery when people say “worst government ever” when we’ve had plenty of other governments that most people don’t really know anything about, and it looks like the liberals agree with about, 98% of the alp policies?

      like in april tony abbot said “gonski reforms are unnecessary”, in july he said he’d dump them, and then in august he says he wants to keep them?

      and they agree on “let’s stop the boats”, and on indigineous affiairs, and that there needs to be an update to the internet network (although maclolm turnbull wants to just update the copper network? that’s cheaper, but the copper network’s absolutely had it)

      i feel like liberal party members have been just been talking about “chaos” and “confusion” in the labor party but whenever i look at the labor party i can’t see any of it.

      • Tucker

        Are you blind?

        • hhh

          if you think i’m blind, help me to see. try to think of it from the point of view of an undecided voter who’s not really satisfied with either party.

          • Tucker

            You’re kidding no-one if you think anyone will believe that you are an undecided voter. One phrase for you: 2 sitting Prime Ministers sacked by their own party.
            If you can’t see that’s chaos then nothing will convince you.

          • hhh

            i’m undecided – but there’s one party that’s making a consistently worse impression to me.

            the sacking of rudd just came out of nowhere yeah – and the takeaway from that is nobody outside of the party really knows what’s going on inside a party since they’ll tell you what they need to get in. coalition went through a bit of a turmoil too, going from brendan nelson, to malcolm turnbull, and then turning down turnbull over tony abbott (which i think was over some sort of climate change thing?), and while they weren’t prime ministers, they certainly could have been after a bit of time. how do we know that there’s not still a bit of chaos going on in the liberal party? i’m not seriously convinced that malcolm turnbull is gonna be happy to be broadband man (i’m also not convinced he wants to usurp abbott – that’d be an absolute disaster on his part. look what happened last time a prime minister got usurped – and this, after making a big deal out of “in the liberal party we respect leadership”). i’m not saying that a vote for abbott is really a vote for julie bishop or something. i’m saying that parties could be in chaos and we have no idea unless something leaks or something big happens.

            there’s obviously a bit of factionizing going on in the labor party, that much can’t be avoided. do i think that’s good? hell no. is that the same as chaos? it’d only really be chaos for me if the economy was in tatters, crime was up, ministers kept contradicting each other and sneaking insults to their co-workers on 7:30 report or sweating under a leigh sales interview. what’s going in labor is petty power gaming – it’s crap for sure, but it’s not chaos

            in any other election i’d be right to vote against the party full of petty power gaming, but the liberal party is so unimpressive this time around. they keep going on about the government being the worst in history – a government that’s delivered the first AAA credit rating in australia’s history? unemployment at a low 5.7%? gonski reforms that abbott later got on board for? meanwhile, abbott wants to buy a bunch of leaky boats to discourage people smugglers – i dunno, i wouldn’t be discouraged from putting people on a leaky boat at the dock if i knew that australia would look over and send me a million dollars. he had that leigh sales interview in 2012 where he just sort of melted. and there was that other time with kerry o brien where he admitted he lied sometimes.

            neither party’s satisfactory (i may have glowed a bit about labour at the moment but sending asylum seekers to papua new guinea? really? you sure they wouldn’t be eager to get out of there too, given their economy’s not a huge amount stronger (maybe weaker) than where they’re running away from? and to be honest, rudd’s a bit unlikable), but so far one’s looking a whole lot less satsifactory to me

            if malcolm turnbull was in it’d be a much easier choice

        • hhh

          if you’re gonna cite the carbon tax by the way, that’s not gonna convince me. for regular households, it was what, an extra 10 dollars a week? back in 2012 there were solar companies playing up the hype by saying that electricity prices would by raising by 20 percent and got the consumer watchdog brought down on them, and that false claim of 20 percent had come from a group made specifically to fight the carbon tax made up of mining dudes putting ads in the paper.

          not to mention that abbott said pre-gillard election “if you want to reduce carbon, why not put a simple tax on it”, hyped forever how when it came in it was gonna be “cobra strike” and then suddenly changed tack to “python squeeze”, and i’ve not met one person who’s said they’d been affected by it, and most of them had forgotten about it.

      • Chris

        I lived through Whitlam which I previously considered the worst.Its all about growing the economy and global competitiveness to create jobs not spending money recklessly while favouring minorities.

        • hhh

          can you give me a bit more info on what you mean by favouring minorities? this is the first i’ve heard of it.

          spending money recklessly isn’t really something i’m seeing a lot of from the current government (but holding onto the money and hoarding it – the austerity sort of way which has inspired the coalition policies and is wreaking havoc on europe and greece – completely doesn’t work.) the most i’d say about their current spending is that it’s mildly keynesian? which is what you want, really. in fact, under the rudd government, we rode out the financial crisis while everywhere else was having a recession. the people i know in america are having incredibly trouble finding jobs. one of them told me they were thinking of taking up a full time window cleaner position which would be a little less safe but would pay $10.50 an hour, more than their current job. and i just thought – kids at kfc make more than that. they’ve got a college degree – not a useless no-future one like sociology – there’s just no jobs where they live and they can’t raise the money to move.

          that situation in america was the result of the more hayek-ish economics from the bush government. and we rode it out with rudd’s less hayek more keynes policies. it looks like a good idea to me to vote for the people with more keynes and less hayek as having the better policies. and that’s the labor party at the moment.

          • Alec

            hhh can you please start a political party? with Tony Windsor? I’d vote for you guys.

          • Chris

            pink batts,school halls,carbon tax,tree huggers,greens party,left wing loonies ,etc,etc.Need I go on. Result $300 billion deficit

          • hhh

            pink batts was a real tragedy. i have no debate with you there.

            school halls didn’t work very well either. damn shame. no debate there.

            the carbon tax? already addressed that in one of my comments above (bit weird citing something that generates revenue as a deficit maker).

            tree huggers? believe me, i’ve got some full on left wing friends – they couldn’t be more dissatisfied with kevin rudd’s environment policies unless he was tony abbott. they don’t think he’s doing close to enough. the most rudd’s done in his current round is what, emissions trading policies? neither party’s actually been making any kind of deal over it.

            the greens? labor sort of started publicly denouncing the greens already. my memory might be a little shot here, but i thought they were prepared to preference abbott over the greens on the ballots. (the greens aren’t even our real fringe left wing party – they’re just a regular one, probably our only regular one. we’ve got a socialist party and communist party remember.)

            left wing loonies? i’ll need you to go on about that actually, i’m not clear what you mean about them (it might be more obvious if i lived somewhere like melbourne, but i don’t).

            and as for the debt – pink batts and school halls spending don’t add up to 300 billion, and there’s plenty of other policies that HAVE been actually generating revenue. debt figures at the moment for this year aren’t out yet, and even though the debt has risen since 2008, i’m not even slightly surprised that we’ve run up more debt since the financial crisis. again, it’s worth noting we still have a strong economy, low unemployment, AAA credit rating for the first time, and our level of debt is still low compared to other countries.

          • Chris

            hhh Some people dont learn from the past and are doomed to repeat it

          • hhh

            agree – that’s why it’s a shame that the conservative neoclassical style economics that caused the great depression are making a comeback (particularly in liberal party policies)

        • Darkgrace

          Chris, you don’t really think about the policies, do you?
          You’re just a diehard Liberal supporter.
          Diehard supporters of any party are the bane of our democracy.
          Use your head.

          • Chris

            Good Government always gets my vote!

          • hhh

            you might be interested to know then that malcolm fraser doesn’t think abbott’s gonna make good government

      • Jd

        Worst than Krudd – Gillard – Krudd ( not to mention Thomson, Oakshott, Windsor, Bowen, Slipper, Brown, Milne, Hanson, Albanese, Wong, Roxon, Plibersek, )?? You must be joking…right?

        • hhh

          read my other comments mate i think you might get the idea

          • Ric


            Just a quick response re pink batts: while the absolute number of deaths was higher than previously (and, yes – ANY death is a tragedy), CSIRO’s research on the “pink batts debacle” indicated that death rates were 25% of the rate per 100000 installations pre-stimulus; i.e. the massive insulation effort as part of the stimulus was actually a lot SAFER than the industry prior to that time.
            And as a by-product we not only had continued employment of tradies, but homes improved in value and reduced energy usage.

          • Ric
        • Darkgrace

          Wow, Krudd…such an intelligent and humurous name for Kevin. And so original. I’m laughing so hard one of my hairs is out of place….

      • phil hughes

        Hey triple h – undecided my left nut – well I’m not…
        I’ve just decided that you’re a fuck wit !!!

        • Darkgrace

          Again, Phil. look in the mirror. Fucktard.

        • hhh

          WOAH someone on the internet called me a FUCKWIT. that’s my life changed.

  • Ms V

    Tell ‘em they’re dreaming

  • Ms V

    Tell ‘em they’re dreaming !!

  • Conspiracy Buster

    Paddy Power owns Sportsbet. An Irish company listed on the London and Irish stock exchanges, Europe’s largest betting agency.

    • hhh

      oh, well that’s not the best possible news. even the shallowest research turns up that paddy power offered bets on “the first species to be driven to extinction by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; on an assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama; and on the potential extinction of the polar bear.”

      In fact, their wikipedia page only has 2 substantial headings: “history”, and “criticism”.

      worth noting that gambling industries in general have had an issue with the alp doing their stuff about gambling, and sportsbet has been under a bit of scrutiny back in the gillard government when they were talking about the sports gambling in general where the parliamentary committee didn’t think that voluntary measures being taken by the sports betting companies were enough.

      (also worth noting, however, is that paddy power is not owned by news corp, and has had bets on “will murdoch beat branson?” and that sort of thing)

      interesting sidenote: nick xenophon and gillard were on about election betting earlier this year

  • hhh

    you’re doing this with polls, right? whose? some of the polls out there only call landlines (meaning 5 million people are left out, including most of the Young People(TM)), and during certain hours so that people who are at work or just out of the house can’t answer – leaving the result biased in favour of older pensioners (which you probably already knew and accounted for, right?)

    • Raman Goraya

      This is the only poll we believe in, hhh!


      • hhh

        so does that mean you conduct your own polling?

        • rawnet

          yeh they do, right up the jaqsi by the sound of it…

      • hhh

        oh wait the image only just loaded for me now woops my follow up comment looks a bit dumb (but still sort of stands)

  • albert davies

    So tell me, if the reverse happens, will management be held resposnsible for the loss of revenue?

  • Joel

    This is disgusting. How dare you play with a Federal election like this? This is democracy, not a sport. I’ll be cancelling my Sportsbet account and moving to one of your many competitors.

    • Richo

      it’s disgusting when companies let you cash out on reality isn’t it joel….

    • Shane

      Attaboy, must be a lib voter then, refusing to take any free handouts, unlike most labour voters:)

      • jern

        lol forget about the 75 k millionaires will get for popping out a squealing brat them I guess

        • Shane

          Yep, that’s them, the ones paying $45,697 a year tax on that 150k to keep the great unwashed in pot!, what do u do for a quid comrade?

          • hhh

            just because a rich kid can afford high taxes doesn’t mean they’re working hard somewhere

    • John McCormack

      Chin up tiger

  • Harold Holt

    Oh Yeah,
    Of course SportsBet are paying out just to help the Coalition. I mean thats how they make money isnt it. Paying out millions they dont have to. Admit it. Your gooonnnneeeee. Bye Bye

  • proudsceptic

    What a hoot!! Lets see how long it is before Sportsbet is accused by the Ruddites of being part of the ‘wicked’ Murdoch conspiracy ….

    • Disgusted

      You are a small minded fool, just another peon, the same kind of fodder heartless right wing scum like to prey on, you make it all too easy for them. Do some research of you own and stop buying into all the bullshit you are fed; “Here comes the airplane”.

      • hhh

        when was the last time you changed your mind because someone called you a small minded fool

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  • BS

    I have to wonder if Sportsbet are doing this to feed into a narrative of a Coalition win as being inevitable. This is far from over. (who owns Sportsbet by the way? Some right-wing associations I’m sure)

    • Mr T

      Like you’re some radical fringe leftie I’m sure

  • Asheley

    An election based on money? What kind of society is this?!!!

  • Graham Huf

    If the Coalition to claim victory is at Black Caviar like odds, I don’t remember Sportsbet paying out BC backers before the horse actually won… Don’t be so confident, remember, it isn’t over till the fat lady sings.

    • Raman Goraya

      Actually we did pay out early on Black Caviar, Graham ;)


      • Aaron

        Then your methods are absolutely fucked. I’m surprised people are stupid enough to bet with you.

        • Harold Holt

          Well…….Your here Aaron. So I guess that confirms your statement.

          • Raman Goraya

            Where have you been all this time, Harold!?

        • Prince George

          Yes it is so wicked when these nasty bookies pay you out early. I don’t know what this world is coming to.

    • Tony fm Newcastle

      The fat lady is out of breath from singing mate!! As my dad always told me – follow the big money and you can’t go wrong.

  • FrankM

    I’d love to know who’s doing you private polling?

    • Harold Holt

      The same blokes who suggested getting rid of Rudd in favour of Gillard in the first place.

    • Stanklon Tarbush

      They dont do polling you dummy. The punters determine the odds FFS.