Sportsbet Blog just got even better

We turned off the Xbox. Banned The Big Bang Theory DVD’s from the rec room. And cancelled the Star Trek convention.

Then, we crammed all our techie guys into a room, read some of our customers great feedback and asked them to build something cool.

We’re happy reveal some cool new betting features this week. We hope you like them.
If you don’t believe us, check out this nifty video that explains everything in under 90 seconds!

Extra horse racing markets. More ways to win.
Betting Without Market
Think the favourite is unbeatable? In our new Betting Without Market, we remove a fancied horse from the field and offer betting odds to reflect the new race. You just ignore the fancied horse even if he finishes ahead of you.

Insurebet two and three places.
Everyone likes to have insurance. Especially holiday insurance when you’re visiting Bangkok. Itchy.
But even more so, if you want to have insurance while betting, can offer it to you.
Place a bet on a horse in our Insurebet two places market and we will give you your money back if your selection finishes second. We’ll reduce the odds slightly, but it’s a safety net bet.
With Insure bet three places, we do the same as above, but for second AND third place.

Odds v Evens.
In any given race, you can now bet on whether an odd or even numbered horse will win the race.
So whether it’s your favourite number or you’ve did your homework, Odds v Evens is another way to win with

Head to Head racing match betting.
We’ve added even more Head to Head betting within all horse racing markets. If they can be matched up, we’ll have them priced up!

Scorecast Betting.
Introducing Scorecast betting on Australian Rules, Rugby Union, Rugby League and Soccer!
Pick the first goalscorer and the correct score / margin and we’ll offer you massive odds on it happening.

What are your waiting for? Visit to try out these new features!!

  • Greg

    I agree with all. Get the Chinook over to East Timor ASAP and BRING BACK JACK!!!.
    This Daily Racing Special has turned into a farce. Bet on a runner to run 2nd
    to something that invariably runs down the track anyway. Bring back the real
    2nd chance offers that were in place like the Quaddie and 2 out of 3 Trifectas.

  • Chris McWilliams

    Hi lads,

    Jack is still around. Unfortunately he’s fighting Rebels in East Timor during the week and can only make it around to Sportsbet on a Saturday. You can still claim you bonus bet for Saturday Quaddies. We’ll tell Jack he’s being missed so maybe he can take some time out of his busy schedule to return.

    Besides, our new Daily Racing Specials are far more generous! The refunds are given back in cash up to $100 and are credited instantly.

    Thanks for the feedback though. It has been passed on.


  • John henderson

    Agree. BRING BACK JACK. I loved the quaddie deal that usually took place on the weekend.
    Now I don’t bother doing quaddies as I have a limited budget. Was great for the hacks like me.

  • Aaron Hearps

    I agree with Craig, Jack Da Punta was by far the best promotion of any corporate bookmaker and helped out the battling punters with a bonus bet. I don’t think I ever did any damage with the bonus bet but loved having a free shot at the stumps all the same. Bring back Jack……

  • craig

    what happened to jakdapunta i luv gettting bonus bet for three leg qauddies

  • jeff

    Love the without market especially if Black Cavier is racing.