[UPDATE] Should this Sportsbet.com.au video be banned?

UPDATE September 12: Sportsbet.com.au have today challenged the Commonwealth Bank to settle the dispute around our parody ad by participating in a CANCAN dance off next Tuesday! View the ad below:

After kicking up a stink, the ads were removed from the social media platforms, but CAN they really do that?

We aren’t sure if they CAN, so the only way to settle this fairly is to have a winner takes all CANCAN dance off.

If the Commonwealth Bank win the fance off, sportsbet.com.au will agree to delete the parody ad, post the original ‘Ode to Can’ ad on its homepage for 24 hours and donate $50,000 to a charity of the Commonwealth Bank’s choice.

“We had a great response to our spoof ad and we think people should be able to see it online and have a laugh. A cancan dance off is a pretty fun way to settle our disagreement, but whether the Commonwealth Bank CAN step up to the challenge remains to be seen!” said sportsbet.com.au’s Shaun Anderson.

The challenge has been set to take place on Tuesday 18th September at a location of the choice of the Commonwealth Bank.

CAN the Commonwealth Bank find the courage to accept the CANCAN challenge?

To formalise the challenge, sportsbet.com.au have placed full page ads in several of Australia’s largest daily newspapers, and have organised for the sportsbet.com.au cancan dancers to perform in front of the Commonwealth Bank at 385 Bourke St, Melbourne at 10am Wednesday 12th September.

Your turn!
What do you think? Do you think our parody of the Commonwealth Bank ad should be banned?

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45 Responses to [UPDATE] Should this Sportsbet.com.au video be banned?

  1. Bill Coussens says:

    It’s just a humorous and slightly risque take off of the CBA advert and should be left for those with a sense of humour to enjoy.

  2. Matt says:

    What gives the CBA use of the word CANT, its not even similar, we are PUNT. Bloody banks, what was the profit those PRICKS just announced, get over it, this ad is brilliant

  3. Paul Shanahan says:

    I agree with Bill. Things must be going really well in bank world if this is all there got to worry about.

  4. Thomas P. Culver says:

    Great ad!!!

  5. Geoff says:

    It’s actually not even that similar to the CBA’s stupid CAN’T adverts anyway… It’s much better GO SPORTSBET!!! Tell the Bank to get stuffed..

  6. Neil says:

    They are kidding… If CBA think that its similar, and they think that most people will think its a take off, it will make people take more notice of the CBA ad when it comes on. They are getting a free hit from a Sportsbet ad. Maybe they should stick to something they are NOT that good at…. like banking.

  7. bernardo says:

    That’s the last straw with political correctness and this namby pamby world we live in at the moment………I think I’ll gravitate back to the 60′s & 70′s smoke dope and stop the world because I want to get off….Byron Bay sounds inviting!!

  8. tony says:

    I really think its clever, I love it, keep the humour coming in your adds.

  9. Ron says:

    Not a chance!!! PUNT on baby!!

  10. Fred says:

    I don’t see the issue. If you change the first letter in punt, you get Aunt. Cearly CBA are anti-family if they have a problem with Aunts. I know some aunts are post menopausal which makes them hairy but that’s still no reason to dislike them. Come on CBA, give hairy aunts a fair go

  11. Neil says:

    I love the Sportsbet ads – all of them, and this one takes the cake – sure it may offend a moral minority, but whats up with the Bank? I say go for it Sportsbet and “stick it CBA” – Stick your CAN up your…..whatever……:)

    • Peter says:

      Seems most people think the ad is being challenged because of its offensiveness. Its not. It also hasn’t been ‘banned’ despite what SB suggest. Its just that SB is using another companies intellectual property to try make money for itself. Little wonder they’ve been asked to remove it.

      • mark says:

        Since when is a poem that gives a “nod” to another’s work someone’s intellectual property. Reminds me very much of the way Cadbury went after Darrel Lee for having the temerity to use the color purple in the their advertising on the basis that Cadbury is synonymous with purple. Just as well Pura don’t want to advertise their product as being more than a glass and a half of milk I guess.
        On a more serious note, given the original poem is NOT owned by CBA but simply used by them in their advertising, I cannot see how they could possibly object to someone else making a parody of their ad by using a variation on that same poem. Could it simply be that they feel they CAN because they have more weight to throw around??

  12. Nathan says:

    I think she’s hot and you guys should give me a $10 freebet cheers

  13. jason says:

    those bankers are a bunch of cant’s

  14. Mick Dawson says:

    Stick it to the man & stuff political correctness!!!! Clever ad, I always thought that Sportsbet had tacky commercials but this one is bloody good and bugger the Commonwealth bank and what they think. BTW, lets see more of the pretty woman, she is a sweetie!

  15. Jeff says:

    i wish the commonwealth bank were as quick to drop interest rates as they were to sulk over this commercial

  16. the waanderer says:

    haha love it, good work

  17. Peter McKay says:

    Not sure it was even one of their old ads but …….”tell em it’s your ad Ralph”

  18. Tony says:

    Stupid… how old are you guys… twelve???

  19. The world needs to take itself less seriously and learn to take a joke.

  20. Cian says:

    Mate Commonwealth bank should be banned not this ad. They made 7 billion profit of the aussie punter recently. Screw them !

  21. Harry says:

    This is a terrific ad! I love it.. i think people need to get over themselves and just have a laugh every now and then… Good on ya sportsbet!

  22. DunIda says:

    Stick up for yourselves Sportsbet. It’s a funny parody. Those who complain are just self-righteous whingers and wimps.

  23. Clay says:

    What a silly punt!

  24. Alex says:

    I dont think it should be banned but by the same token it isnt your best work (high standards to keep up) i still had a little chuckle.
    ps obviously if you get it through you have to make a whole series of ads perhaps taking off more com bank ads or even better try one about each of the big 4 (the old ANZ we live in your world not bank world and the NAB the other banks dont like us would be really easy dont know about wespac though.

  25. Matthew says:

    Love the ad. Surely Commbank CAN see the funny side….go on put it on the tele. If there’s a banklash we will all flood the Commbank call centre :) What about a bit of humour eh Commbank!

  26. ant says:

    How does it get you more punters? I don’t see it? Let me take over your advertising and product offerings…..you need some help gentlemen.


    is the girl in the advert a big time punter? i think the ad is just a funny copy of commonwealth ad and don’t understand how come it was banned, the people who banned this ad must be a bunch of runts hey,lol.

  28. Pete says:

    I’m not easily shocked or offended but I think this advertisement should not be shown. It’s not the “insinuation” that offends me but the really lazy ‘idea’ that they are using the Commonwealth Bank as a muse. NBG fellas!

  29. Doobz says:

    Isn’t there a law stating that one can use others material in parody. The dude who did all the angry alf vids has something about that in the description of one of his videos on youtube

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  33. Mark says:

    Perfect. Australian. Hilarious. If it wasn’t a scummy company preying on people with an addiction i would love it.

  34. Punter says:

    Hey Sportsbet.. you and The Sandringham Hotel in Newtown NSW should join forces and turn the tides on these CANcerous bankers! http://www.saveoursando.com

  35. Hareeba says:

    Damn Sportsbet.
    I’d prefer they ensure that all punters CAN bet with them rather than being permitted to tell us we CAN’T bet more than a peanuts and then spending so much money falsely pumping up their own tyres.

  36. lance yu says:

    Dear CBA, it’s called parody!

    This is from the bank that made an olympic CANT commercial about suicide bombers in London. Hello hypocrisy!

  37. Wayne Kerr says:

    You would think that the commonwealth bank has had enough publicity recently with the news on a current affair/today tonight.. and yet here we go again! Is this bank british? cause f**k me they whinge like poms! It’s pretty obviously these guys haven’t seen or even been near a four letter word starting with c and ending in UNT for a long time! The video in itself should be allowed, couldn’t see it on air tho.. maybe 6 hours before it was dropped haha! But nice work guys, and a message to the Commbank! Shut the F**K up and get a sense of humour u boring 70 year old pack of C**TS!

  38. nayfo says:

    screw comm bank they CANT do that, they need to lighten up what a….”bunch of CANT’s”

  39. Barbara says:

    It seems like Commonwealth Bank CAN’T after all!