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Odds Shorten on Bill, What’s next for Kevin Rudd? [News]

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Jazz Hands?

Now he is no longer prime minister Kevin Rudd has a bit of time on his hands. But just what will he do next?

Making long and self-indulgent concession speeches is probably not the best career choice. Although we’ve got Kev at $1.50 to leave federal politics and force a by-election in his seat of Griffith.

Of course, releasing memoirs is a favourite of all departing pollies, while a move to China isn’t out of the question either at $9.00.

The former PM couldn’t make a federal MP out of Peter Beattie, but maybe Ruddy will move back to state politics? We’ve priced him at $26 to stand in the next Queensland state election to help bring down Campbell Newman, while starting his own party is considered a $31 chance and being an independent at the next federal election $41.

If he wants a career change, $51 has been priced for him to become the next host of Q&A, while being Tony Abbott’s Chinese translator is the outsider in the market at $101.

Considering he lost the election in convincing circumstances, we can hazard a guess where most Aussies want Kevin to go. Maybe he will take up a new occupation?

Kevin Rudd GIF

Could Kevin be a butcher?

Kevin Rudd GIF

Or maybe a traffic controller?

Kevin Rudd GIF

Wait, we got it! Kev can be a checkout chick! Beep.

Bill Shorten favourite for Labor leadership

In his vacancy, Bill Shorten continues to shorten (we promise we didn’t plan that) as favourite to become the next leader of the Labor Party.

With more than nine times the money bet on him than anyone else, Shorten has firmed in from $2.10 to $1.05.

Once the favourite, Anthony Albanese has drifted out from $2.50 to $7.00, while Jason Clare ($9.00 out to $21) and Tony Burke ($12 out to $21) have also failed to attract interest from punters.

Both Chris Bowen (scratched) and Peter Beattie (didn’t qualify) have been flicked from the market.

What will Kevin Rudd do next?
$1.50 Release his memoirs
$1.50 Quit and force a by-election
$9.00 Move to China
$21 Contest and lose a Labor Leadership ballot
$26 Stand in next Queensland state election
$31 Start his own political party
$41 Be the Labor leader at the next election
$51 Stand as an independent at next federal election
$51 Become next host of Q&A
$67 Become a professional Mime Artist
$81 Join the PUP
$101 Become Tony Abbott’s Chinese translator

Next Labor leader after Kevin Rudd
(Prices in brackets from Saturday 7 September)
$1.05 Bill Shorten (in from $2.10)
$7.00 Anthony Albanese (out from $2.50)
$16 Any other
$21 Jason Clare (out from $9.00)
$21 Tony Burke (out from $12)
$26 Mark Butler (out from $17)
$31 Tanya Plibersek (out from $21)
$41 Gary Gray (out from $26)
$51 Bob Carr (out from $41)
$51 Penny Wong (steady)