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Seal the first to leave The Voice?

An audience of 2.3 million were kept on the edge of their seats on Monday whilst they waited the unsurprising announcement that Harrison Craig had secured the title of The Voice 2013. Harrison remained the steady favourite all season with his heartwarming story and singing talent.

Seal now has two wins under his belt; however with his recent twitter rant about Australian media and Joel Madden’s 5 gram ‘drug scandal’, who will be (if anyone) the first to leave the Voice judges panel?

Seal is picked to be the first to jump ship ($2.40), firmly stating his stance on how he feels about Australia at the moment tweeting “can’t wait to go home” just a week before the final live show for the Voice season. Despite his effort to clarify what he meant, at this stage, his fluorescent nails and overly affectionate gestures during Voice episodes are becoming less novel and more weird.

Joel comes in as second favourite ($2.50) to leave his fellow judges high and dry. After the weed scandal, many feel he shouldn’t be given a choice as to whether he continues on the show at all. Madden does still have his promotional deal with KFC Australia though, who provide him never ending snacks when he gets the munchies.

Ricky, the newest member to join the Voice team is likely to stay ($3.50). Australians, especially middle aged women, have rekindled love for his Spanish, hip thrusting ways. Will he still be Living La Vida Loca in Australia?

And Delta… Australia’s ‘sweet heart’ is almost a definite to stay ($6.00). Unless she miraculously revives her own music career.

The Voice could also pull an American Idol and undergo a complete re-vamp, wiping the slate clean before the judge’s panel loses appeal to the Australian public. But then what would Delta do with her time?