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Pressure off with Sally Pearson Payout!

It hasn’t been the best Olympics for Australia, but we’ve decided to chip in.

To take the pressure off Sally Pearson and our punters, we’re paying out early on her to win Gold in the womens 100m hurdles!

“That was like a training exercise. We truly believe she’ll blitz the final and we’d be paying on her tomorrow anyway, so punters may as well enjoy their winnings a day early,”’s Ben Hawes said.

As with all early payouts, the market remains open, meaning punters who have been paid out can take their cash or can reinvest if they wish.

The payout applies to all single wagers placed on Sally Pearson to win the Womens 100m Hurdles prior to7.05pm AEST Monday, 6 August, 2012.

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  • J-Money

    Something worth while for once. Had just about enough of these moronic “novelty markets”.

    Finally a promotion that means something. Well done.

    PS: Clean up the language on your facebook page Sportsbet, your better than that. The Tour De France photo was a disgrace. Don’t let it happen again or my account will be closed.