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Presenting the Dirty Dennis Soundboard! App-y Days!

Dirty Dennis SoundboardEver wanted to be a famous footy commentator? Don’t give up, but in the meantime, you can enjoy our brand new Dirty Dennis Commentary Soundboard, giving you all some hilarious calls to use at your pleasure. And leisure.

Fire some classic commentary moments to entertain your friends and foes down the pub, at the footy or if you’re just bored at home. It’s accessible on your phone – just like an App!!

Dirty Dennis is just getting warmed up! Let us know what you’ve always wanted that deep voice to say when the microphone is turned off!
The best lines will receive a $50 bonus bet and we will add them to the Soundboard!

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    well folks i have to tell you the crowd at this grand final today is nearly as big as my mother inlaws backside, and some of them referee decisions are just as similar.


    i would like to know since when have we had overseas referees doing our grand final, because that ref out there today just has to be bloody irish to come up with that penalty?


    that player faked that injury almost as well as my wife faked it last night, he must be in touch with his femanin side to much i guess.


    the only favourites around here is in the chocolate varierty today, but my wife thinks there are some sweet players out there, that she would like to chew on?


    the game is not over untill my mother inlaw starts to sing

  • http://sportsbet springa

    ”Speaking of Daniel talia from the crows, have you seen his sister Jenna talia?”

  • Cindy Ieraci

    Warney is in poor form tonight folks, he is looser then Liz Hurley at a cricket windup

  • John Hutchins

    Cox should’ve played alongside Ball at the Eagles!

  • John Hutchins

    Cox ran into the back of White-and came out Brown.

  • Brian

    BT : Big Cox goes up, all over his back and takes the ball!!!, Cox turns around and drills it hard and deap!!! ….whooo its gone straight down the throat of the defender. Oh no… its comming back, free kick to Goldsack for cox in the back.
    DC : Yea Goldsack shinning at the moment, even with big cox all over him he was able to draw the free!

    BT: Got that right Dennis…………., Cox not happy!!, and gets right up into umpires face and gives him a spray!
    DC: Gee, might have to see a replay of that one BT?

  • Andrew Roy

    A lot of credit must go to the doctors at the swans for getting Richards back on the ground, up here they’re called the quacks!

  • Pablo

    Ireland soccer team – “and up front the Irish have Long, Cox and will be hoping for balls in behind the Spanish”

  • Roo Boy

    We’ve been looking forward to this match up all night, Adcock and Swallow

  • Rob

    “Stiffys just going harder than Goldsack tonight, causing all sorts of problems for Sidebottom!”

  • adam

    ill have sex with anything that moves bruce,, if it dosnt move ill push it …

  • Bert

    “Ball in dispute. Lamb, now Yze are the meat in the sandwich. Really, Lamb should be in the sandwich.”
    “Cousins, runs away from Carr. Not the first time we’ve seen that this season.”
    That’s all I’ve got! Cheers!

  • Bert

    “So the Demons are eight goals down in the last quarter but you get the feeling they’re still in this match.”

  • Bert

    “Who the hell let Katut in the commentary box! And why is he stroking my thigh!”

  • Bert

    “Happy birthday to that young man. He’s the oldest he has ever been tonight.”

  • Bert

    “Forget what they say, Bruce. That goal was hard and fast, millimetre perfect! Size does matter!

  • Goshy1

    How about “He’s as nervous as a cucumber in a convent”

  • http://sportsbet springa

    ”The ball goes deep into the foward line to Cox,but Butcher cut’s cox off, ouch! that’s got to hurt!”

  • Dusty Nel

    You guys are sick what my babies we should be mates..aayyy up da mitey dragons, gee that sowards runs the ball up like no other. Browny you could be a good golfer if you learned just two words: I’m full.”

  • Mic Browny

    Ease up Adam the Dragons may be the closest thing to sex for both of us but gallen is mad like a cut snake, and plays with more heart than a two hearted snake.

  • Adam Causley

    Up The Mighty Dragons Ripped Off By The Refs All Season Again, How About This Patrick Lad I think like Gallen He “likes” Men

  • JB

    Ling’s running off the ground a little gingerly!

  • Brendan Stock

    Well, either side could win it, or it could be a draw!

  • springa

    ”wow look at him go folks,he’s running like he stole something”

  • Zak

    And that kick goes out to harmichael kun-whoops nearly freudian slip there fellas

  • Tristan

    “The Magpies ought to be kicking themselves right now, but with their luck, they’d probably miss.”

  • http://sportsbet springa

    ”And little dick passes it to big cox,welcome to genitalia day at subiaco oval folks”

  • Dylan Grey

    Like sand through an hour glass, So are his days at this club!

    Directed @ travis cloke.

  • Jason

    Dennis: “That kick left something to be desired, just like your wife in bed, hey Bruce”

    and just a little extra
    Bruce: ‘Delicious’

  • T

    He’s tackled him by the thruff of the scrote!

    • Patrick

      He’s gone in deep, but it’s just come out way too easily. Really average night out for this guy.