Olym-picks Day 8

Alex F has extended his lead at the top of the medal tally thanks to some Gold on day 7, while Allan and Jack collected some Silver. Ryan Smith and Georgie K snuck in with a Bronze to round off an entertaining day 7.

With just a few days remaining, the action will heat up with our leaders fighting to finish in top spot.

Remember even if you’re not high up in the medal tally, we’ll still give you a free bet if your submission is worthy of a gold, silver or bronze.

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Your turn!

Submit your funny quotes, tweets, images or whatever in the comments section and try to win a medal!

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139 Responses to Olym-picks Day 8

  1. Pat says:

    If the Australian Women step up to the plate and do what they are supposed to when yohan Blake and usain bolt come to Australia in September we could have a kick ass relay team in 20 years

  2. gold gold two gold for today thank you if not have good time

  3. Ryan Smith says:

    How good was Patty Mills’ 3 point buzzer beater to win the game! Go boomers.. Bring on USA!

  4. Alex F says:

    Olympic torches throughout the last few years…

  5. Ryan Smith says:

    Well that’s awkward

  6. Ryan Smith says:

    Some interesting topics discussed here!

  7. Alex F says:

    It’s good to see sportsmanship still has it’s place in the olympics (esp. that an Aussie showed it!)…

  8. Cameron says:

    Usain Bolt stops interview for US anthem


  9. Alex F says:

    Channel 9 set aside an entire page for “Gold Medal Moments”

  10. Cameron says:

    Found this through google, looks pretty awesome http://www.freeimagehosting.net/hedis

  11. Domenic says:

    olympic distance runner runs into pole! haha

  12. Domenic says:

    British runner Mo Farah almost rolls in competitors spit after his 3000m win

  13. Domenic says:

    Here’s a rap up of all the NBC broadcasting stuff ups of the olympics coverage!

    • Domenic says:

      That includes the fact they left the opening ceremony for the tribute to the london terror attacks to cut to an interview of micheal phelps by ryan seacrest

  14. Domenic says:

    dont mess with the olympic torch police!

  15. Alex says:

    Just something to tug at the heart strings

    Romance was in the air at the beach volleyball today.

    Between matches during the second session, Tom Holt risked having sand kicked in his face (literally, perhaps, as well as metaphorically) when he got down on bended knee on the court to propose to girlfriend Elfi Czinegeova.

    She said yes!

    A crowd of thousands witnessed the moment when the pair, who are amateur beach volleyball players, agreed to tie the knot.

  16. Domenic says:

    lucky this man didnt ring the bell at the pool…

  17. Allan says:

    “You wont win silver medals at the Olympics unless you’re the very, very best” -Pat Glenn. Weightlifting commentator.

    very interesting

  18. Allan says:

    Just did some research.
    Great Britain Olympic side consists of 18 players of an average of around 24.67 years: Take out good old ryan giggs and your average comes down by almost 1 and a half years.
    Classic, a 38 year old playing in a U23 competition.

  19. Allan says:

    Anna Meares- Broken Neck in 2008 due to a horrific cycling accident, Miraculously competed in Beijing olympics and has continued to race and now finds herself with a Bronze already in these games and on track for a gold in her final sprint. Truly Inspirational and truly amazing.
    The Country is behind her and lets hope she get take gold home for Australia.

  20. Alex says:

    Seems like being the fastest man on earth just isn’t enough for some people


  21. Cameron says:

    German diver in back flop disaster


  22. Cameron says:

    Felix Sanchez stormed to an emotion-fuelled victory in the Olympic men’s 400m hurdles on Monday as he finally made good on a promise to win a medal for his adored late grandmother. http://wwos.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8512029

  23. springa says:

    aussie female athletes stop reading 50 shades of grey its wearing you’s out.try 1 shade of gold instead.

  24. Hocings says:

    What a F..k of a dive! It’s Feck the German diver I’m referring to. What were you thinking ….?

  25. Allan says:


    Lets just hope we dont see anything like this in the olympics this year. Poor bloke. Hahahah

  26. Alex F says:

    Welcome to London…

  27. Alex F says:

    Correct, that is the location of your…

  28. Alex F says:

    FREAKISH – That’s one way to stick the landing!

  29. Alex F says:

    haha…so that’s why he does it!

  30. Alex F says:

    Well…that’s one way to distract the opposition..

  31. Alex F says:

    haha…this was actually true back in the day

  32. German diver Stephan Feck should take his ribs to Hogs Breath Cafe and have them marinaded with extra bruising. $29.95 with chips and salad.

  33. Cameron says:

    This is another insanely funny Michael Buckley video commentary about what is going on in the 2012 Olympic gymnasticsin the women’s team finals. http://gymnasticszone.com/insanely-funny-2012-olympics-commentary-warning-definitely-pg-13

  34. Cameron says:

    Gold Trafford: Olympics star Usain Bolt fancies playing for United http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/manchester-united-fan-usain-bolt-1230097

  35. Cameron says:

    Aly Raismans Parents In Hilariously Awkward Moment At London Olympics 2012.


  36. Cameron says:

    “Call Me Maybe” Phelps Lochte Music Parody – Invade London


  37. Cameron says:

    Best moment in the 2012 London Olympics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v39BZx85-wU

  38. Alex F says:

    AMAZING – Gold medal vaults, 54 years apart (wait for it)

  39. Alex F says:

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something seems to be missing here…

  40. Alex F says:

    Only a small difference between Olympic swimmers and gymnasts!

  41. Alex F says:

    Did this come to anyone else when they saw this Olympic cyclist??

  42. Allan says:

    If this has been posted already, my apologies
    But i saw this and thought it was fantastic


  43. Alex says:

    The only thing cooler than watching Usain Bolt win 100m gold is watching him do it in Lego!


    Seriously the coolest thing you’ll see. Notable mention to Asafa Powell pulling up short they even put that in there. Fantastic Stuff

  44. Haha, just saw a 110m men’s hurdle heat and the Jamaican knocked or touched at least 7 of the hurdles. So funny =)

  45. Men’s heat three so funny. The guy in red knocked them all down, and the guy in blue did a funny dive. hahaha, so funny. Too bad there is no replay.

  46. Channel 9, 110m hurdles heats are so funny. Watching them knock down the hurdles shouldn’t be something funny, but it is really funny. hahhaha.

  47. Jason says:

    Olympic baskrtball analyst:he dribbles alot and the opposition doesnt lke it. In fact you can see it all over there faces.

  48. Alex F says:

    This wouldn’t actually surprise me… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzSpPaCIG0g

  49. Jason says:

    Why isnt sun tanning an olympic sport in london 2012? Becauase the best you can ever get is bronze.

  50. Alex F says:

    And the gold medal goes to…

  51. Jason says:

    Just watched heat of.mens hurdles and 4 people fell over

  52. Alex F says:

    Synchronised swimming? More like demon birthing 101.

  53. Jason says:


    Weve been lucky but couldve been interesting

  54. Alex F says:

    Pointless commentating from channel 9 could learn something from this…

  55. Jason says:


    Im not sure about you but I dont use expressions on the,toilet

  56. Jason says:


    This could make the 100m race interesting,maybe time for change,check it out

  57. sophie s says:

    … and the word of the week is ” hubris”. The most over-exploited word by the Olympic games’ pundits and media in describing the Oz performance in London. We clealry need a word “tax’….

    ( p.s. should I win the free bet, you will be responsible for my hubris)

  58. Takuma Abe says:

    Channel 9…”All Australian Gold medals broadcast in 3D……” sailing and swimming… how exciting….

  59. Jared cavalli says:
  60. Ryan says:

    An olympic story from Beijing but still one of the best – Tyson Homosexual


  61. Allan says:


    Not sure if playing shot put, or just severely constipated.

  62. Alex F says:

    The ‘happiest’ worker at the Olympics, pure British deadpan humor…

  63. Alex F says:

    HAHA – what happens when a man does women’s gymnastics…

  64. Jack says:

    haha I was completely thinking this when watching her perform last night, the gymnastics girls are so high strung!!

  65. Damin payne says:

    I don’t care if we font win medal tally but they wear the green and gold so I’m still proud to be an aussie !!!!! So I say go the green and gold !!!! Few mor medals be great bit still Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi !!!!

  66. Jack says:

    Although I was also thinking of this while watching gymnastics…

  67. Alex F says:

    London police surrounding Olympic Stadium give tribute to Usain Bolt

  68. Jack says:

    So they kicked out that US Judoka competitor because he tested positive for THC. He says it ate it unwittingly before he left for the Olympics. Seems a bit harsh from the Olympic committee, what were they afraid of? That he would eat the Brownee Brothers before the men’s triathlon?

    Damn, my jokes are losing form, too much pressure from the Australian media I guess.

  69. Fergz says:

    If you divide GBs medal count by the 4 countries it includes….Unfortunately they’re still kicking our arse!

  70. Stolzy says:

    Go Sally go. We need to get ahead of New Zealand.

  71. BrotherDodge says:

    Just heard a couple of asylum seekers swum ashore on the Cocos Islands. If they haven’t been granted citizenship already then no pissing and moaning about our 2016 team, Australia

  72. Cameron says:

    “Liu Xiang falls at the first hurdle & fails to make it into the top 3 qualifying places”

    ‘Liu Xiang’ is Chinese for ‘Tottenham’ yes?

  73. Pat says:

    Steve Solomon might be just 19 years old, but he’s got a better attitude than many older athletes. Steve came last in his 400m final last night and was THRILLED with his performance. “Someone has to come last in the race and unfortunately it was me today, but I ran my heart out the best I could so I am really happy,” he said. Great outlook Steve!

  74. Domenic says:

    Michael phelps’ mum being told he came second after she thought he won his 200m butterfly haha

  75. Domenic says:

    The Irish sailing commentary haha

  76. Domenic says:

    You sportsbet guys getting midnight munchies like us staying up watching the games?
    Why don’t you try the Michael phelps food challenge?

  77. Cameron says:

    To trot or not to trot. That is #Equestrian.

  78. Cameron says:

    Just imagine, Usain Bolt was your father and you were trying to run away from a beating.

  79. Domenic says:

    He actually wants to go play soccer for Manchester united! Haha

  80. Domenic says:

    When you aren’t winning what do you do? You punch your competition in the balls!

  81. Looks like his muscles are going to burst. haha. http://www.london2012.com/photos/day-by-day/todays-top.html#fullscreen-zhe-feng-china-competes-the-parrallel-bars. It’s just crazy the amount of strength in the muscles needed to perform these moves.

  82. haha, did anyone else see Ethan Warren’s balancing act after he got out of the pool? funny stuff

  83. Alexandre Despatie just did an upsidedown sitter in the diving. Heartbreaking stuff for Canada in the 3m springboard.

  84. Go Ethan Warren!!! Bring home a medal in the diving. Gold will be nice.

  85. big AL says:

    who has got bigger breasts in the 400m hurdle final ? answer Gold Sally Gold . I guess it pays to have big breasts

  86. Jason says:

    This wouldve caused some controversy

    “Read that bikinis are now optional in olympic womens beach volleyball. I got excited. Then I found out they meant shorts could be worn instead” GREG COTE Miami Herald.


  87. Domenic says:

    Good old Anna silences the crowd and stops the GB gold rush at the veledrome
    Another Aussie gold!

  88. Chris McWilliams says:

    That’s quality banter lads! :)

    Chris Mc

  89. Chris McWilliams says:

    Great stuff Alex!
    I have to say, you have made the blog team roll around the floor laughing with that. Equally, Georgie your submissions have kept us entertained and not doing much work.

    We’re going to give you a Gold medal for that Alex. We love originality.

    Great banter lads!! What are we going to do next week when the Olym-picks have finished!

    Chris Mc

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  91. springa says:

    at least anna and sally only saw 1 colour (gold) not 50 shades of grey.

  92. uncle AL says:

    if you don’t stop watching the games you will go to work like i did http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3qen3z/