Olym-picks Day 10

With only two days remaining in our hugely entertaining Olym-picks competition, we have a race on our hands. Feasibly, anyone could win the $500 top prize at this stage. There’s plenty of time for a dark horse to come out of the pack and take the lead. Will it be one of the regular Spbloggers or someone new?

Kathy L and Jason threw their hats into the ring yesterday with some excellent submission, both being awarded medals. The banter between the race leaders continued at pace also with Georgie K responding to the jibes from Ryan and Alex with a meme of his own. This sh*t is keeping us entertained and we love you for it.

Yesterday’s other winners were the persistent Domenic, the irrepressible Alex F and gold-seeking Georgie K.

Well done folks, keep up the good work. Keep sending us the GOLD!!

Full details of the competition, check out the Opening Ceremony blog post.

Your turn!

Submit your funny quotes, tweets, images or whatever in the comments section and try to win a medal!

If you’re going to take part everyday, be sure to use the same name and email address

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148 Responses to Olym-picks Day 10

  1. Ben says:

    could have been worse i guess..

  2. Ryan Smith says:

    Who’s the real winner?

  3. Alex F says:

    Creative advertising for the Olympics…

  4. Alex F says:

    Jesse Owens taking gold in the 1936 Olympics.

  5. Alex F says:

    Just watch the guy in the golf cap… seriously…

  6. Alex F says:

    North Korean Olympic Coverage

  7. Alex F says:

    My reaction when my girlfriend asked me to watch the women’s Olympic volleyball with her…

  8. Alex F says:

    Biggest asshole at the Olympics

  9. Alex F says:

    haha all in good fun

  10. Alex F says:

    Discontinued Olympic Events
    How cool would some of these be…tug-of-war, underwater swimming, etc

  11. Alex F says:

    Nothing like a wardrobe malfunction during a 1500 metre final

  12. Alex F says:

    haha…my face when wating women’s volleyball

  13. Alex F says:

    Had a chuckle when this showed up while I was watching the Olympics

  14. Kathy L says:

    question can you get more than 1 medal each day?

  15. Allan says:

    Just put this together, took a while so hope you like it.
    A simple overview of the OLYM-PICKS in a meme.


  16. Allan says:


    Not sure if a crab stance or a stance for volleyball…

  17. Alex F says:

    This guy was in the crowd during the swimming. Not bad.

  18. Allan says:

    Final meme. Shot-put style.


  19. Alex says:

    Dear god what have I begun …


    • Chris McWilliams says:

      No medal Alex – but you can take satisfaction in the fact you have made the Spblog team very happy in the last week.

      Good on you!

      Chris Mc

  20. Alex says:

    … theres a usa flag in the background … lol

  21. Alex says:

    whipped this up myself after stumbling across the event on tv


  22. Alex says:

    what started out as a simple idea became the highlight of the olympics. hats off to everyone involved


  23. Jack says:

    If we run out of olympic jokes we can always just start putting up pictures of puppies with hats on.

  24. Domenic says:

    skeptical third world kid

  25. Alex F says:

    My younger brother watching the olympics…

  26. Alex F says:

    There must only be one…

  27. Alex F says:

    What’s the capital of Thailand!!

  28. Domenic says:

    Just heard on the radio that in California they have named a strain of weed after usain bolt because of how fast it kicks in! I would link you an article but I heard it on the radio on the way to training and I still have dial up speed at home! Haha

  29. Domenic says:

    Don’t we all! Haha

  30. Allan says:

    watch the first minute of this\\
    very very funny early victory. or not.

  31. Alex F says:

    Surely this is illegal!!
    US olympic swimmer Soni caught using rear thruster underwater…

  32. Alex F says:

    Just give him a few years; olympic hopeful.

  33. Allan says:

    “keep sending us gold”
    you asked for it

    here it is. hhahaha

  34. Alex F says:

    Olympian’s mum trying to watch his race…I think she used more energy then he did!

  35. Jason says:

    Oops sprinter runs into athlete, this is why you should look where youre going


  36. Alex F says:

    A bit late…but guide to the 2012 Olympic events

  37. Alex F says:

    She da man…
    “A New Zealand field hockey player takes a stick swing to the back of the head, comes up bleeding, comes back on with head bandaged”

  38. Alex F says:

    Yeah it’s alright I guess…

  39. Alex F says:

    Synchronised swimming anybody??

  40. The funniest part of the 10km women’s swim is where the swimmers get to get their power drink. Haha, so funny. What happens if they get someone else’s drink? Is there a fight. haha. Funny sport.

  41. Finally, the K4 gold medal win has put Australia just ahead of Kazakhstan. We couldn’t lose to them, surely.

  42. K4 win, slow motion replay is just awesome. Guy paddling second is smiling/laughing before the finish line. Brilliant stuff.

  43. Would it be wrong for a men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics? haha.

  44. Is there a reason why the girls have to walk off the stage on tip toes and walk on stage with so much attitude in the Gymnastics Rhythmic? Great sport to watch. Missing the ribbon apparatus. hoola hoops are great to watch though.

  45. Everyone likes to see a pussy cat doing gymnastics.

  46. Dylan says:

    Pretty sure with Alex F’s form the medal tally is going to look a little like this soon..

  47. Matt says:

    Handball is far better than I remember from school. And what a fun sport where you can legally do this!

  48. Jack says:

    Uh hey Channel Nine you might wanna teach your tele text guy how to spell ‘PERSEVERANCE’. Haha oh well it’s a tough job doing the live teletext, I’m sure his mind wasn’t wandering or anything….


  49. Alex F says:

    Bribed Referee and Judges at the 2012 Olympic Games

  50. Alex F says:

    Gymnastics… Like a boss

  51. Anyone else see the carnage in the men’s bmx heats. Wow 7 riders down on the first turn.

  52. What the beep! Wow, those parents are lucky that their daughter aren’t doing the 10 metre dive.

  53. Cameron says:

    Best anti channel 9 #Olympics rant.

  54. Cameron says:

    Kobe Bryant dominates Aussies on court, and if rumours are true…..off court as well……. #stephanierice

  55. Cameron says:

    Best quote of the olympics. Victoria Pendleton after sprit final “If I have half a glass of champagne tonight I’ll be anybody’s.”

  56. Domenic says:

    At the end of this competition, its going to be like the end of the breakfast club! After these twelve days, 5 complete strangers, Alex, alex f, cameron, georgie and myself, will walk away with a sense of friendship from this competition, but in the end there can only be one winner!
    -Enter picture of last scene of the breakfast club movie-

  57. Domenic says:

    How to use the Olympics to passive-aggressively scold your coworkers on their urinal usage.

  58. Domenic says:

    23 Olympic photos even more awkwardly erotic than the porn you just finished watching.

  59. Domenic says:

    The 13 best porn names you’ll see at the Olympics if you’re not too busy watching porn.

  60. Domenic says:

    Olympic rower makes us think way too hard about his possible boner.

  61. Domenic says:

    Olympic gymnast’s last name is unlikely to win her a Chick-Fil-A sponsorship.

  62. Domenic says:

    U.S. Olympic swim team uses their gold medals like Mardi Gras beads during London night out.

  63. Thomas says:

    Jamaica? Nah, she went of her own accord

  64. Chun-Lam Samuel Lo says:

    A little walk, a little wobble, a little jump, a great dive and then a silver medal to young 16 yr old Brittany Broben. Fantastic stuff Australia.

  65. Chun-Lam Samuel Lo says:

    Who else can’t get enough of Bolt? Lightning does strike more than once at the games. Sensational athlete and just awesome to watch him in action. So smooth and so fast.

  66. Glenn M says:

    They say Olympic gold spawns the next generation of budding athletes. Trust Australia to do well at sailing. My kids just asked me to buy them a bloody yacht ! Sheesh !