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Olym-picks Closing Ceremony – We have a winner….

The judges spent their entire Saturday casting their votes, watching the footy, eating pizza and dreaming of Lolo Jones, but we finally have a winner!

After almost two weeks of our readers (now dubbed ‘Spbloggers’) uncovering the funniest images, tweets, video or whatever from the 2012 London Games, we have arrived at the closing ceremony of the games.

Many of you have already skipped down the table and seen Alex F has held on to his lead and won by the skin of his teeth.

Georgie K – who made 394 comments over 11 days – was grabbing at his coattails but just couldn’t reel him in.

On the final day, Cameron, Alex, Jack, Jason, Alex F and Georgie all won medals and in turn bonus bets!

We want to congratulate Alex F (we’ll be in touch about prize) on finding some epic sh*t and thank everyone for getting involved. There will be plenty more fun stuff coming up on the blog so stay tuned.

Remember we’re not just a betting company – we love sport and want it to be fun as possible.

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  • Alex F

    YEWW…great comp guys! Awesome time reading all the regulars (Cameron, Alex, Jack, Jason, Kathy and Georgie K) posts and original memes.

    • Ryan Smith

      Done very well Alex! Georgie K made a late charge, but its bad luck he couldn’t get across the line hey.. haha

  • Cameron

    Congrats Alex F! Very interesting couple of days! P.S I don’t remember winning Bronze
    Unless I never recieved the bonus bet?