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New Multi Bet Options!

Great news for punters today with launching our brand new Multi Bet Feature which enables you to combine win, place and each-way wagers in the one multi bet! We’ve listened to your feedback and implemented these changes to give our members more options when placing their multi bets. Check out the video below:

Previously – when a punter went to add a Win selection and a Place selection to the bet slip, they would not have had the option of combining the two in a multi bet:


Now – the multi bet option is enabled, even when combining any win, place and each-way bets:


You can also combine Sports and Racing bets, in the one Multi!

Racing + Sports!

Remember, you can pass on any feedback via the blog, or the suggestion box on the website.

We hope you enjoy the new multi bet feature on!

  • James

    Are you planning to take part in sports betting? But, are confused on what all the various terms mean? Remember to read all the terms of the bets you are placing as the result could be totally different from what you expected. So, always read the terms and conditions set by the betting site on different sport events..

  • Charles

    Still a little confused, if I do a parlay system win & Place it still does not couple all possibilities eg (1.00 E/W on 6 races sys 1 to 6 should be 715 combinations, but when I did it it is only 114 which means the win and the place are not coupled?

    Is this correct?

  • Albert Lee

    I have signed up but not open an account. I have become very disolutioned with your competitor sportingbet for not being able to get a bet on when it mattered.Confirm and finalise buttons are too dam slow etc etc. Will I be confronted with the same problems if I switched to sportsbet !!!!!!!

  • http://sportsbet josho

    please bring back the 5 point teaser on nba markets i have taken my money else where since this bet option was removed a real shame

  • Jax

    I think it’s good but greyhound payouts suck

  • Floyd

    Love the new Multi Bet feature. Keep up the great work. Only request is to add the odds for American sport like NBA, NHL, NFL & MLB earlier in the day.

  • Robert Ryan

    Great news. Can you introduce a multibet parlay because now if you place a parlay for 3 selections it requires placing 4 bets and is time consuming. I agree why not introduce best tote for exotics? It will make a good site great.

  • Ian Campbell

    Great move guys now you are the better site to go with

  • david nolan

    how about paying best price the place ie fixed place odds. best of three totes is use to pay best starting price place dividends.why not again????

  • Paul Munro

    A definite improvement, but not viable for place doubles with best of three totes place betting being currently unavailable. Sportsbet fixed odds place prices are (necessarily) only competitive in the last few minutes of betting, so the second or subsequent legs of any place combination would represent poor value.

  • http://sportsbet adam barclay

    would love to able to multi in the same sporting event

    • Bryan

      I agree. I’ve never gotten why multis cannot be combined within the one sport. I am super keen to outlay a fair bit of Johnny Cash on a multi bet with different MLB division winners. Funnily enough last year I was able to but not this year. Two other things. All ups and parlays without having to take fixed odds would be great. Another good option would be to have a combined flexi multi with racing and sports that works as a parlay where you can still receive a payout if you select four or five correct out of six. Other than that it’s a step in the right direction.

  • http://Sportsbet Matt

    Sportsbet, I am glad that this option is back but to be only able to use on the full site currently is a bit poor, you promote the mobi site on all over the place and this function is not available on this yet, please get the IT guys to put on mobi site sooner rather than later, its like a car with no steering wheel


      Hi Matt,
      We are working on adding this feature to our mobile sites as soon as possible – we will keep you updated!

  • Jamie

    very nice … can’t wait to use it lots and hopefully for your sake i don’t win often!!

  • marty

    fantastic guy’s. carn’t wait to use it.


    hi that is great news.
    can we also if possible have the best price of either the bookies and the 3 tabs if you put the bet on early before 11.00 am of the morning , including in multis .call it superodds.

  • Matthew

    clap clap clap!! about time…..thank you


    Thanks for all the feedback guys, we love the feature and we hope you enjoy it’s return! We’ve passed on the other suggestions as well.


  • Matt

    Glad to see this feature finally return, don’t know why you removed it

    Would like to see best tote for all exotics!

  • Fred

    Awesome news, it’s great to have it back again. I too was betting with other corporates out of necessity but now will be able to bet with my fav bookie again. Well done guys.

  • http://sportsbet marcus

    thats great news good stuff guys

  • Mendip

    This is welcoming news. Agree with Trevor, please remove the ill and non rewarding midi divi and put in the best of three totes for the Greys.

    Also, a superfecta bet would do no harm I would think………..

  • Colin

    It is about time you brought this feature back and now its time time to bring back the home tote for First Fours or better yet the best tote for First Fours instead of the Supertab odds because quite often the Supertab odds for a First Four a way lower than the home tote. If you truley want to be the best sports bet site in Oz then do this for the punters.

  • Trevor Salmoni

    Well done, please now can we have the best of three totes for poor old greyhound punters.

    • Michael

      I agree!!! its depressing that greyhounds only get the MD and rarely fixed odds.

    • Quiche

      Couldnt agree more. I used to assume we did until i saw my lower winnings paid. Pretty empty feeling.


    Congratulations, this is a great innovation ( even though you used to have it ) We had joined other online providers to get this feature. It has been the topic of conversation with my mates for some time. We are all pleased to have it back. Thank you