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Money back on Mark Webber in Malaysia [Justice Refund]

Justice Refund Red Bull

We’ve refunded all bets on Aussie Mark Webber to win the Malaysian Grand Prix last night after “team-mate” Sebastian Vettel defied team orders and hogged the glory for himself.

Webber was instructed to turn down his engine and coast to victory after emerging in first place from his final pit stop in the later stages of the race.

But a selfish and typically ignorant Vettel took matters into his own hands, performing a host of risky manoeuvres to overtake his fellow Red Bull driver (luckily it didn’t end up like Turkey 2010!) and claim the chequered flag.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” was Vettel’s lame explanation.

Guess what, Seb? We ain’t buying it buddy. And neither should our punters!

That’s why, unlike Vettel, is doing the right thing and offering our Justice Refund for anyone who backed Webber to win in Sepang*.

If we were @AussieGrit, we would have done a lot more than flip the bird at 250 km/hr!

After the race, the atmosphere in the Red Bull shed was as  frosty as a midnight walk through Moscow. And with speculation mounting around Webber’s future plans, we’ve opened a market on whether the Aussie will race for Red Bull next season:

Mark Webber to race for Red Bull next season?
$1.20 No
$4.00 Yes

For those punters who backed Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo, Pastor Maldanado, Adrian Sutil and/or Paul Di Resta to win, we’ve also refunded your bet after they failed to finish in the tough Malaysian conditions.

*Offer only includes single bets placed before the start of the race and does not include multi bets and live bets. For each way bets, the win portion will be refunded.

Mark Webber Sebastian Vettel

"You're damn right we'll talk about this when we get home."

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  • Andrew

    SportsBet…. great that your’e refunding these bets. Shows what a fantastic company you are.

    To the Webber haters above. If you don’t know about the sport, please refrain from commenting!!!!
    Vettel was only able to pass Webber because of a circumstance the team put them in. Webber was 5s up the road from Vettel at the time of the final pit stop. The guy ahead on the road gets to stop first. This would mean that with the gap and his outlap Webber would be 7-8 seconds ahead of Seb with about 10 laps to go. In normal racing circumstances, more than enough of a gap to secure the win.

    What actually happaned though? Hamilton was only 2 seconds behin Vettel and pitted first. Red Bull team knew they needed to pit Vettel or Hamilton would gain second spot by using the ‘undercut’ if the team pitted Webber and then Vettel. Thus it would be a Red Bull 1-3 and not 1-2. The team thought fast and pulled Vettel in ahead of Webber to ensure he could get out ahead of Hamilton, which he did. This then meant Webber lost his advantage on track. Because of this the team said to both drivers “that’s it, racing over.. come home in current positions.”. Webber then turned his engine down and started maintaining tyres. He lost at least 2-3 seconds with Vettel getting the undercut and probably another 2-3 seconds by pushing out a slow and steady lap or two during/after Sebs pit stop. The team advised Mark twice that the race was over and he had won, Vettel would come home in formation.

    Vettel on the other hand had other ideas. Even though he had gained a dishonest time advantage on Webber and even though Webber had turned his engine settings down he still took the overtake. This is not a competitive champion, it’s a c*** act and nothing short of it.

    So sure, Vettel is a champion… good on him. Have you folk any idea how many times Mark has been in second and been advised it’s time to shut up shop? Teams rarely let their drivers race on track after the final pit stop has happened because it’s too dangerous they will take each other out. Oh, and finally. Another reason the team told them to call it a race? Because the tyres would not have lasted much longer after they came in…. particularly if they had cliffed in the last couple laps. A 1-2 could have turned in to a 5-6 very easily.

    *undercut. When someone else pits before you do and they go fast in their ‘out lap’ and set a much faster lap time than you do on your older tyres. If their laptime on fresh tyres is 2 seconds faster than yours and you were 1 second ahead of them on track, guess what…. them pitting the lap before you just put you 1 second behind them on track. Ie… you just lost a spot on track. Undercut.

    *cliff. When your tyres are gone. As in, solid gone. Lap times go down about 5s a lap…. you’re a sitting duck!

  • James Caldwell

    Well done again Sportsbet. I wasn’t involved in this bet (as motor racing isn’t a real sport, I drive my car everyday FFS…) but you are to be commended for once again for doing the right thing, I remember getting refunded when Manchester United were duded in the CL match V Madrid.

    Well done.

    Furthermore, your loose description of “team – mates” is further proof that car racing is a MOTOR sport, not a REAL sport, which involves teamwork. Who are you whingers anyway? Webber is an Australian champion!

    • Pete

      I totally agree that “motor” sport is not a sport either! Sportsbet should put those bets under ‘Novelty Bets’!

  • tbrad

    Get over yourselves.. .that’s why Sebastian is a champion and Webber isn’t…yes it’s about the team but you are talking about reeling in racedrivers…he’s young and has a lot to learn,but along the way hes got three world championships…i am sure Nico would agree with him,that poor dude was chomping at the bit as well..let em race!!!!

  • UnboltTheBull

    Webber tried to do the same thing in 2010 at silverstone but failed. Like Christian Horner said, there racing drivers. They want to win, they wouldn’t be very good if they didn’t. So if they get a chance they are going to go for it. t i don’t think there should be team orders. If the driver thinks he can win why not go for it. And you can’t deny that when they were wheel to wheel on the 41st lap, that that was the most exciting part of yesterdays race and some brilliant driving.

  • Aussie Crybabies

    Vettel radioed to his team that they should get Mark out of his way. He attacked him already when Mark left the pit. Mark is number 2, get over it. If Vettel would have missed this years championship by 7 points, this pseudo-order would have been the dumbest thing ever. Great takeover, don’t listen to the jealous haters.

    • http://- gints

      I agree, team orders are annoying, and let them race. HOWEVER, I feel it should have been a fair race. Webber should have been told ‘Mark, Seb wants to race, turn engine back up and good luck’ instead of being suckerpunched when he’d already gone into conservation mode. Let them race, but let them race fairly.

      Can’t deny it was an awesome lap or two though :D

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