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Mark Webber isn’t bad for a number two driver

Can Mark Webber win another British Grand Prix?

Webber gives this blog post a thumbs up. Probably.

Mark Webber is lying second in the 2012 F1 Drivers’ World Championships. Even though he drives in the enforced shadow of Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel he finds himself two places ahead of him in the standings. In a fascinating season, with seven different drivers winning a Grand Prix, Webber goes to Silverstone with the chance to go to the top of the table.

We look back at his recent form at the British Grand Prix.

Webber has had a hit and miss time at the British Grand Prix

  • 2011: 3rd

It was a wet weekend in July (the British summer eh?) and Webber managed to qualify in pole position ahead of Vettel and Fernando Alonso. On race day, Vettel forced his way past Webber at the start. Later in the race, The Red Bull mechanics made a mistake with a Vettel pit stop, allowing Alonso to take a lead he never lost. In the final two laps of the race, Webber ignored ‘team orders’ and tried to overtake his teammate but failed and had to settle for third place.

  • 2010: 1st

Webber, the angel of F1, had his wings stolen from under his nose when team principal Christian Horner made the decision to remove them from Webber’s car and give them to Vettel. It prompted an angry outburst from Webber, but running on pure adrenaline he still wasn’t able to better Vettel’s time and ended up second on the grid. After Vettel received a puncture after an early tussle with Lewis Hamilton, Webber took the lead and never looked back. His first words after crossing the line were, “Not bad for a number two driver, eh?”

  • 2009: 2nd

It was always going to be Vettel’s weekend, but Webber managed to turn third place on the grid in to 8 points on the Sunday (this was back in the 10/8/6/5/4/3/2/1 days). During the race Webber was unable to pass Rubens Barrichello for second position until the Brazilian pitted on lap 20. Webber pitted a lap later but produced a good enough in-lap to emerge from the pits ahead of Barrichello.

  • 2008: 10th

Webber was second on the grid, but the rain came in for the race and despite all the drivers choosing to use the intermediate wet tyres the front three slipped all over the track allowing Hamilton to sneak past early on. During the first lap Webber spun coming into Hangar straight, falling from fourth to last place, but managed to climb back to tenth in the final standings.

  • 2007: Retired

2007 wasn’t Webber’s year. He qualified in 11th but was first out of the race when he was forced to retire during the 8th lap due to a full hydraulics failure.

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