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Can Social Media predict the winner of The Voice? [Infographic]

  • Robert111

    I thought i had this one pegged. I had her last on my list. Through my highly questionable secret mathematical formula. And the moment i put a bet on,suddenly Joel Madden His woman Nicole Richey. Started a huge Social media campaign to get overseas people to vote. And using their massive following to influence votes. Then the media was on board and giving her all the publicity. Dicko come out and said she is the best. And so on and then she put on good performances. And now she is tied at the top of my list to win. I think someone has offered her a contract and is paying big money for this publicity. Or they just did it to get people to vote for the others who were complacent their singer were going to win. Either way i could of done with out it and let my bet win. lol Oh well.. my fault for watching reality tv

  • grant

    I’m avoiding the punt on this one as all four finalists are unique and I feel having a bet on it would ruin my appreciation of the last two shows. This from a bloke who normally looks for two flies crawling up a o invest on :-)

  • Michelle

    Social media? No. iTunes downloads? Yes. Downloads (in this case “money spent” at two votes each) speak louder than words…. I’d bet my house on Karise.

    • Michelle

      And sincerely hope I’m not eating those words on Monday night! :)

      • Chris McWilliams

        Hi Michelle,

        Valid point with the Downloads. They might be interlinked, more followers might mean more leverage in iTunes…. but at the moment its Karise that is on top of that pile. It would suggest her fans are more loyal and willing to put their money where their mouth is. Like you, :).

        Enjoy the finals.

        Chris Mc

  • Trevor McCully

    It’s called “The Voice” & so the winner she voted because of such. If its “fair” dinkum & want someone in Australia to take it to the world it’s Karise by a country mile, she has something very special. I like many others was blown away from the very first time I heard her.